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As a fellow Exo-L (who's name is also Becky;) do you have any gifs from the night where Kyungsoo and Jongin were being very touchy? Like when Kyungsoo rubbed Jongins finger or when Jongin was playing footsie with Kyungsoo? I'm searchin 4 some thirst

Hi Becky anon!! I’m happy you messaged me about this night, since it’s one of my fave kaisoo days ;) they were on fire that day, all the way from the morning at the airport until later at night! 

(credits to gif owners!!) 

-I’ll do this in order of the day-

They kept close at the airport that morning, nini was following soo (as always xD) 

nini kept on circling around soo during the rehearsal, he wouldn’t leave him alone

at one point he even pushed lulu away (who just wanted to hang) but nini wanted some alone time with soo xD

so then nini started “fixing soo’s mic” (which I think was more smth along the line of “ey hyung, imma caress your face a little bit but ppl will think i’m fixing your mic”) soo bit nini’s finger (as you can see above as nini jumps back) which I think is hilarious and sassy hahah

he touched his face once again. there was actually a fanacc that day, that said that nini DID use excuses to be able to touch soo for a little bit longer than “necessary”

nini had his arm around soo, so then soo decided to give nini’s D a squeeze lol (they were so playful that day T___T) 

holding hands even though no one else was ;-; 

they were facing each other during wolf and were sending smiles at each other ;)

a lot of eye contact, funny faces and more secret smiles :—-) 

both moving closer to each other ;) 

whispering and flirting :—)

silently making a move

playing with each others hair T____T idk what psychology says about that but to me it’s intimate af

nini checking his bae out and being flirty

idek what this look means O___O 

cuz that’s the appropriate way you should react when your “bro” gives you a finger massage handjob

at one point they just had their legs entangled with each other.. ;-;

jealousy.. jealousy.. jealousy..

nini was not feeling jong-dae’s hand on soo’s leg, but soo could probably feel that nini was being jelly so he removed the hand.. and then nini touched his bae’s thigh instead, soo let him ;) (which shows that nini can touch as much as he wants, but not jong-dae xD lol) look at the look that nini sends jong-dae xD he’s not having it!! I wonder if jong-dae wanted to tease nini maybe?? 

I hope you liked this spam anon!!! :) 

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The worst part is, when I meet a fellow V/L/D fan and they ask 'Do you ship Kl@nce?' And I don't know them well enough to feel safe saying no? Which is sad, because people should be able feel safe around their fandom. Maybe I just have fluffy fandom feelings because of the past fandom I was in was pretty peaceful about ships, but the V/L/D fandom is just.. not a safe place to anounce your ships or non-hateful opinions if they aren't the popular ship. Which sucks. Fandoms shouldn't be stressful.

I FEEL U ANON….trust me when i was in wondercon at the voltron panel, i was waiting in line to ask questions to the crew and the k//s cosplayer standing next to me was going to ask about kl@nce and then they ask me if i ship kl@nce and gOD I HAD TO LIE IT WAS TERRIBLE

Normal Night

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Dean Winchester x Reader

Length: 554 words

Warnings; Age of Ultron spoilers and slightly suggestive language

He was a mess, a complete and utter mess.

Dean Winchester hadn’t done ‘dinner and a movie’ since he was in high school. And back then, he’d had the confidence of a teenager, but now he was getting on in years and that teen confidence was gone. Damn, it felt like his first ever date all over again, with the butterflies in his stomach, and the thumping of his heart.

Why was he doing this again?

“Do you like it?”

Oh yeah, Y/N L/N, his fellow hunter, and his significant other. The two had been together for over a year now, the two ‘hooking up’ after an emotional hunt, and never truly parting since then.

Y/N was all dressed up, looking better than they’d looked in months (not that Dean would dare say that in front of them, he values his life somewhat), and not a monster, demon, or angel, or even Sammy was in sight. It was just the two of them for the first time in months. They were being ‘normal’ and were doing a ‘date night’, at Y/N’s request.

“Holy crap.” Dean was definitely smoother when he was younger, too. “You look… hot.” He pulled Y/N closer, feeling their body against his, revelling in this moment. He had no idea when they’d have the next chance to just be themselves, with no fear of others walking in, or having to put themselves on the line, in the name of supernatural justice. “So, uh, dinner and movie?” The two began to walk towards where the car was parked.

Nodding, Y/N casually informed him that the new Marvel movie was rumoured to be an excellent. “And I heard that there’s a lot of sexual tension between Black Widow, and the Hulk, which is weird, especially when they put some kind of tension between her and Clint Barton in the last one.” It was well known in the hunting community that all hunters were a bit off, weird in ways that distinguished them from the rest of the world. However, some hunters had obsessions or quirks that made them stand out from other hunters, Garth was a good example, and so was Y/N. Y/N was a giant movie nerd, and their recent obsession was centred around the Marvel movies. When not hunting the latest monster to anguish the planet, they were constantly talking about Captain America, the Spiderman movies, the Avengers, the X-Men, anything really. “Hey, you look good.” It was said casually, as the two sat in the Impala, both bathed in the moonlight of the night. “This low lighting really reminds me of how gorgeous you are, too.” It was slightly teasing, and a little flirty – but that was their relationship.

“Oh, so I’m only pretty in next-to-no light?” He was being sarcastic, well aware that they’d met at night, under the moonlight, and Y/N had commented back then that they thought him handsome under said lighting. “You look so beautiful tonight.”

Y/N blushed a little, it wasn’t often that the two of them could talk like this. “You know, if I didn’t want to see this movie so badly, I’d say we should take advantage of the empty house… But, I really want to see Tony Stark, my other love.”

“Why are you such a dork?”

“Oh, you wound me, babe.”

BapFic launched!

Hi! @bapofficial / Admin S from @bapnet here. Because of a lack of active b.a.p fic rec blogs (from what I’ve seen anyway), and because personal rec pages tend to only have older fics, I thought it’d be nice to start an active fic rec blog that (hopefully!!) somewhat regularly reviews/recommends both older and newer fics.  This way, I hope I can help readers find things that I enjoyed or thought were well-written, as well as bring more readers and recognition to the talented and hard-working writers out there.

So far, I’ve got quite a few fics that I’ve read in the last year lined up, just waiting for a review before I make a rec post for each. However, because i’m a hoe for daejae most of them are centred around Youngjae and Daehyun, so if you have read any quality fics (or written any!) about other characters/pairings, feel free to submit them - but please make sure you read the submission guidelines first. I’ll try to read some myself too, when I can find the time. Please be patient though, because I will be starting university next week, and my co-admin @jiminew / fellow Admin L and founder of @bapnet also has uni and important life commitments. We’ll try our best though!

I really hope you’ll like and support this blog and the fics/writers, and enjoy reading. Thanks!

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EXO!! FIVE!! YEAR!! ANNIVERSARY!! 🎉🎉 just wanted to drop by another fellow exo-l's page and fangirl since nobody else in my life likes them as much as I do~!!! AHHHHHH


Exo'rdium in L.A.

Today is a new day.

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So, now for a serious question…

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Our Angels will soon be killing L.A. Exo-L’s with all of their magic.

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Who is going to be the next MVP and livestream these Gods on FB from The Forum?

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Come on…

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You know YOU want to!

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Anyone? Anyone?

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I promise, your fellow Exo-L’s will be eternally grateful and forever in your debt.

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Please and thank you. 제발 고마워. jebal gomawo.
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I will following you guys on here if you say that you retweeted <3

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Hi! I would really love to vote for Nu'est for P101, but because i don't have twitter, i don't know where to go to find more info. Can you either mention or link some fan accounts that may help me? Thank you! From a fellow L.O.V.E.~

I don’t know if they have tumblr acc or not but you can go check @LSupportnuest twitter acc. I saw some fellow ㄴㅇㅅㅌs can vote with help by them, so maybe you can find voting info from them! >w

Okay this “NCT vs. EXO” bullshit needs to stop, both EXO-L’s and NCT stans who are initiating this kind of behavior are the ones at fault. Those who have not participated in this kind of childish behavior are not who this message is for. 

There is no reason for those who are fans of NCT to trash talk the boys’s senior, there is no reason to say “Move over EXO” “EXO is dead” “NCT is better than EXO” etc etc, these kinds of words are not needed. They do no good for anyone and only cause trouble. Yes, you may have a personal bias towards NCT and that is fine. But do not be a jerk about it, if you praise NCT then do so without bringing down EXO.

And for the EXO-L who happen to be talking the boys of NCT, as a fellow EXO-L, I will say I am ashamed. As the seniors to this new fandom, we should be setting an example and welcoming these boys and their fans with open arms. We should not repeat the situation that occurred between E.L.F’s and EXO-L’s during EXO’s own debut. You do not have to like NCT, you do not even have to even like their music or anything of the like. Just please refrain from insulting them. Yes I understand you may feel EXO’s placement is threatened but do not think that way, our boys have always done well. They have always picked themselves up, being the best they can be. So lets have faith in the boys, cheer them on in the best way possible. 


Hey I’m Aidan! I’ve submitted a couple times before but I really wanted to share my comparison with some fellow brothers.
L: 1 Month on T
R: 5.5 months on T
I’ve never felt so good about my body! Also, I’m super lonely and looking to make more friends so please say hi.


I’d somehow managed to wake up at 9am on a Saturday… which never happens. But my mind would not stay inactive long enough for me to get sleep. I was having weird dreams again to make it all worse. All I could think about was him & who he was. My brain was clogged with thoughts about our conversations & the hints I’d gotten leading to his identity. I’d made a diagram of my collected data & I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was driving me crazy. I needed more clues or hints or tips or alcohol… anything to help with my obsessively sanity ruining thoughts. What had I become? I was losing my mind.

I went on my computer to do research… & by “do research” I mean watch Exo videos because I didn’t have anything else to do. I logged on to the chat site to talk to my fellow Exo-L friends, because I did actually use the site to talk to people other than him when it was the wrong time of day. I never told any of my friends what was going on though. They’d never believe me even if I did. They’d just think I was creating some strange fanfic in real life or something. I didn’t want more people to assume I was going crazy, I was doing fine thinking that about myself. I couldn’t bring myself to even look at his username in the corner of the chat rooms. He was offline but that stupid little blinking light next to his name told me I had a message from him, which was odd. He hadn’t been on since we talked the night before. It was almost midnight for him. The messages were time stamped an hour after I logged off… 

ByunFanboy: My mind likes to think of us together. 

ByunFanboy: I can’t stop the thoughts either, they’re so vivid. Like movies in my head. We’re usually together, alone, talking or laughing. 

ByunFanboy: It kind of annoys me because it feels so real & when I reach out… you’re not actually there. 

ByunFanboy: I want so badly to tell you who I am. 

I couldn’t close my mouth, it felt like I had rocks weighing my bottom jaw down. I wasn’t prepared to read that. We’d only been talking for… almost two weeks now. But he knew so much about me from our random conversations back before he told me his secret. I knew a bit about him too, but I never thought that any of that would matter until now. I couldn’t get the image of us holding hands out of my head, but the picture was torn apart as soon as I realized he was so far away & that I didn’t have a face to put to the hand. Not that it mattered, but I really wanted to know which face I was starting to - dare I say - fall in love with. But that’s even more crazy than anything else! I can’t be in love with someone that I don’t even know, or who I’ve never met! I used to joke about being in love with Exo because as a fan you feel connected to them, but now I was actually connected to one of them. Personally. 

I slid myself off my bed & stood up, looking out my window. It was still so early… I didn’t know if I should send him a message for when he got on or if I should wait & pretend I didn’t see the ones he’d sent. I didn’t know why I’d need to do that but I felt like they were so intimate… I was almost embarrassed to read them again. They were about me, which didn’t suck, but they were so emotional. I could have just let myself turn into a ball of goo right there but I chose to stay strong & not give into my own emotions. I started to walk out of my room when that little pop echoed from my computer’s speakers. I looked at the time & it was definitely midnight for him right now. He wouldn’t be on so late. He came on during the day. I checked anyway, not wanting to be rude if it was one of my friends, & the username was one I didn’t recognize. In the private room that he & I were using. You couldn’t get in without an invite.

Kangasoo: Hello (: 

ToothyChanyeol: Hi, how did you get into this room?

Kangasoo: I was invited. 

ToothyChanyeol: By who?

Kangasoo: A mutual friend. 

ToothyChanyeol: ByunFanboy?

Kangasoo: Yes ma’am. 

ToothyChanyeol: Oh… okay. Hi. I didn’t mean to be rude.

Kangasoo: It’s okay. (: 

ToothyChanyeol: Are… you one of THEM too?

Kangasoo: Maybe. 

ByunFanboy: WTF are you doing in here? I said no talking to her. 

Kangasoo: SHUSH. We’re talking. 

ToothyChanyeol: O_O


Kangasoo: You told me I could talk to her! 

ByunFanboy: No I didn’t! I said you could say hi. 

ByunFanboy: There’s a difference. 

Kangasoo: Fine >:(

Kangasoo: But I’m going to watch the rest of the conversation


ToothyChanyeol: Would you two like to be alone?

ByunFanboy: No, stay! I’m sorry he’s being an ass…

Kangasoo: I’m sorry HE’S being an ass. 

ToothyChanyeol: Excuse me for a moment…

I had to step away from my computer. I couldn’t look at the screen without going cross-eyed. Was I just in a chat with TWO of them? Where did the other one come from? Who was it? Well… I mean, I kind of knew that. But I was so confused. Since when were there more of them one there. I couldn’t wrap my head around it but I went back to my computer to take a peak at what was going on without me. Surely that would reveal something…

ByunFanboy: You scared her away, you’re such an asshole.

Kangasoo: No I didn’t. You did. What are you two even doing?

Kangasoo: You’re going to get in so much trouble. 

ByunFanboy: No we’re not, if you keep your mouth shut.

Kangasoo: You like her, huh? 

ByunFanboy: I mean… yeah. 

Kangasoo: Then I won’t say anything. But what if she does?

ByunFanboy: She won’t. I trust her. 

Kangasoo: Yeah, plus she’s probably so excited at the thought of talking to you that she’s too scared to tell anyone

ByunFanboy: Yeah… maybe

Kangasoo: Okay, I’ll leave you two alone. But please don’t start having Skype sex once she’s figures it all out. 

ByunFanboy: I can’t promise anything. You know how the ladies love my sexy, sexy body~

Kangasoo: I’m leaving now. 

That was it. They both left They didn’t even wait for me to come back. Although, I was kind of happy about not having to talk to two of them at the moment. As crazy as that sounds. I just couldn’t do it. Talking to one was so intimate & personal. But talking to two… that would be chaos. I didn’t let myself log back into the chat room for the rest of the day. I was afraid, I guess. I couldn’t bring myself to face him alone after the messages he’d sent me. All I could think was… Is he falling for me more than I’m falling for him? What if he’s one of the members that I see more as a brother? I couldn’t break his heart like that. I couldn’t be responsible for their next hit ballad about having his heart stepped on by someone he loved but she didn’t return his feelings. It was all too much pressure for me. I turned off my computer & didn’t look at it for the rest of the day. I actually went to bed without itching to check it even once. 

A/N: OMG THERE ARE TWO NOW. Though, the second one should be obvious haha I hope you all still love me after this. I don’t know how you’ll handle there being more than one member :P xo 

it’s weird how this kissing picture is everywhere and people go like “stay strong pcy stans” and “omg i’m so sorry for all his fans/stans” and i’m sitting here grinning like a 10 year old whenever that pic pops up as if i’m waiting for ice cream