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cat-pun  asked:

ok so i got this shimmery lotion bar at lush that pretty much just distributes an absolute metric ton of glitter on your skin that stays on for a very long time while hydrating and i was like... you know who would appreciate this? that lovely sparkleboy over at terrifyingjellyfish. ive never been more sparkly and content in my life

looks like I need to transcend cheek glitter, and go for 

F U L L  B O D Y  G L I T T E R 

thank you for informing me of this method of glitter distribution!!

the reason yuri on ice keeps surprising us is because they actually do the stuff we jokingly make jokes about and wish for but never actually expect to happen and it is causing so much chaos its fantastic

this is what happens when you give people what they want but never expected

they dont know what to fucking do anymore

yuri on ice is a gift that keeps on giving

How to tell groups apart

infinite - synchronised as fuck

got7 - crazy af

block b - controversial as fuck

Nct - big as fuck

shinhwa - old as fuck jk

mamamoo - vocally gifted as fuck

9muses - tall as fuck

seventeen - gay af jk

exo - fucking everywhere

bts - what the fuck

You know what’s beautiful?

It’s the fact that Viktor always always forgets the promises he makes to almost everyone. But the one drunken request from Yuuri during last year’s GPF banquet? He remembers. And Yuuri has no fucking idea about it.

This probably won’t happen, but I truly hope that both Army and Exo l, and every other fandom that has beef with each other will finally be able to find peace with each other and stop fighting and arguing over the littlest most immature matters in 2017. Fighting and arguing over things like which group is better than the other or pointing out each other’s flaws is going to do nothing but hurt people. You shouldn’t be fighting over such little things, and you shouldn’t let the negativity and hate take over you. It’s not healthy, especially when it’s because of something as immature as fandom wars. There are way more important things in life than spending hours trying to prove that your fave is better, and honestly bringing someone down to make someone else look better just brings you down lower, so I hope you all let go of all the hate and negativity from 2016, and move on with a clean slate in 2017. I promise you that you will feel so much more happiness.