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Quick fact. Ready?
Green tea contains special compounds that can help reduce anxiety.

How? An amino acid that it contains called L-Theanine is able to cross the blood brain barrier and inhibit neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety.
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Choices - Part 1: Never Can Fill the Void

Characters: Y/N Singer (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mick Davis, Bobby Singer, John Winchester,

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: self blame, self loathing, canon typical violence, mention of character deaths (only as in canon), implied smut

Word Count: 3400ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Polaroid

It is also gonna part one of a three part story - the two first fics are entries for the same challenge and the third is gonna be an entry for @plaidstiel-wormstache’s Push yourself challenge. The song I am writing for, for her challenge is also an Imagine Dragons song so their music is gonna be a theme throughout this series.

Thanks so much to my amazing friend and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.


Dean stared at the road in front of him as he took himself and Sam closer and closer to their destination. He hadn’t said a word to Sam since they had received the phone call. He hadn’t believed Mick at first. It couldn’t be her. She couldn’t have done any of the things he accused her of. He had know that girl all of her life. She would never kill another human being in cold blood. The picture Mick had sent Sam, dispelled his doubts. They didn’t have the wrong person. It was her. He would know her anywhere, even after three years, a different hair color, and shorter hair. It was his Y/N the men of letters had captured. Dean still didn’t believe she had killed anyone though. He didn’t believe she had done anything to cause the power outage in the Bunker or the one in the British Men of Letter’s headquarter either. She wasn’t a witch like the Brits believed her to be. She was just Y/N.

“Do you ever wish things were different?” Y/N sat on one of her dad’s old cars when Dean walked up behind her. It was like she knew it was him. She always did, and Dean couldn’t help but smile.

“Different like Sam hadn’t left last month?” Dean answered her, hopping up on the car next to her, the smile gone from his face as he thought about his little brother and how much he missed him.

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Spread The Love with EXO

EXOGLOBAL in collaboration with various intl fanbases (EXO-L Starglow, Aeriverse, EXO Planet Mexico, INTEXOLTEAM, WEAREXO and EXOBRProjects) have teamed up to produce a 5th year anniversary project for EXO from YOU.

The ‘Spread Love with EXO’ project is meant to showcase EXO’s achievements for five years through a worldwide platform - Twitter. EXO was the only musical artist to get on the Top 10 on Twitter without having a Twitter account, and Twitter is where we will show our appreciation for their hard work and achievements!

Our project goal is to show the world exactly who EXO is and why EXO is timeless, unbeatable and legendary. With the help of many amazing individuals, we will create a video that will include everything that defines EXO from the period of 12.04.08 to 17.04.08. To celebrate EXO’s fifth year anniversary, our tweet will be promoted WORLDWIDE on 170408, the most special date for EXO and EXO-L! People will be able to view this on their timeline regardless of whether they follow our page or not! EXO fan or not. Our EXO will truly be worldwide for 17.04.08
'Spread Love with EXO’ will be completely run by international fans because it is time we come together and give back. We have watched EXO from the sidelines and Twitter is our way of communicating with each other. Now, let’s truly become one and show EXO our love.

We can only succeed with the help of all international fans. To promote a tweet and spread it worldwide will be costly, but we will open up donations so every one of you can contribute. Donations over a certain amount will be rewarded with gifts from EXOGLOBAL, Exo-L StarGlow, and EXO PH!

The success is down to you! Are you ready to Spread Love with EXO? 

Dangerous Woman- Part 6

A/N: This one was hard to write. I’m not quite sure why. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing/Nightmares/Fluff

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader

Part 5

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

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I have people I follow who do this and if you read this. I don’t reblog those gifsets because I don’t agree with it but if I hated you or am personally calling you out I would have unfollowed you so pls don’t feel attacked

i honestly might sound like a grumpy person but ya’ll are honestly so careless. Like i see so many fancams giffed without a logo or from a site that doesn’t allow editing. Maybe not even a link back to the video and with that also to the fansite. And i might sound really salty but I am? I’ve been in other fandoms were people did things like this too. When fansites found out they were so upset and they honestly have the right to be?? they spend so much money on the group to get into fansigns, to have a nice camera and so on. You don’t have to pay them to see the pictures or footage they take. The only way they make money is if they make a photobook or smth. And those aren’t even that expensive. 

When I posted gifs once and i lost the link to the fansite i just posted them and went looking for the link to add later. I immediately got a msg like ‘you didn’t credit the fansite!’ and thats tru i didn’t. I did add it when i found it but I could’ve just put it in drafts ((but back then i wanted to post gifs fast so i was the first to gif something)) it was stupid of me and I should’ve waited until i could link. That was also one of the reason i stopped giffing fancams. I didn’t want to accidentally gif something i wasn’t allowed to and bother with keeping logos in. I’m better at giffing now so I can do things a lot faster so i started doing it again. I wasn’t mad at the person. I was kinda upset cause I was looking it up to add it in. But the person was good on calling me out on it. They protected the fansite. 

But like i’ve seen people being called out on it now and they’re like oh i forgot or something a long those lines. But when I go through the replies on that ask it’s like ‘OMG so salty” & “stop getting your nips twisted”. People are allowed to call blogs out on it. They probably want to protect a fansite from having their content basically stolen (cause taking out their logo and not putting a link. Is basically removing all links back to that fansite. You’re taking away their name from the content) Honestly how do you ‘forget’ to not cut a logo out while you gif (if it really placed that badly for what you’re giffing… just cut it out and move it to a place where you can see it and you can crop it to your liking? i’ve done that before and it honestly really easy to do) when you upload the gifs… It’s also really obvious its from a fansite… which should make it obvious you should add a link? Like i’m not trying to say ya’ll are bad people or that you can’t forget to add a link considering i did that once. ((but if you forget to add a link more then once…))

im saying this because if monsta x keeps getting bigger like this. Do you really want fansites to have to start threatening with ‘ill put the logo on his face’ cause they will at some point if ya’ll keep it up. Call me fuckin salty or annoying but stop taking fansites for granted :/ they work the hardest, they provide a lot of content. And ya’ll should know that if they stop our dashes will be extremely empty.

Writing this, I don’t feel comforble. Because I’ve never really seen big rants like this. Idk if people will either agree or hate me for this. Or ignore this post all together. But I wish monbebe would be more open about things. And less hateful when people talk about something they thing is wrong. 

Story Time!

Story time with Wesley. This is a client I have worked with for roughly 6-ish months, we’ll call them L - a now 14 month old neutered male lab/mastiff mix - and A - L’s owner who wants what’s best for her puppy.

L and A came to me as a referral around six months ago. A adopted L from a shelter, was told he was a two year old pit bull mix, and has never had a dog before. A lived with a roommate, and L was about 65-70lb. She came to me because L was extremely reactive to people and other dogs, and was cowering away from her roommate and any people who came close to him. She specifically stated she wanted no harsh corrections, no prong collars, no shock collars. I invited her in for an evaluation so I could see what L was doing in person; upon arrival, L was very clearly NOT two years old and not a pit bull. He was very likely somewhere in the 8 month old range, mostly labrador, possibly some mastiff/molosser type mixed in, no bull breed I could discern. He was also extremely underconfident. He shook as he came into my ring, refused all but the stinkiest of cheeses, and peed if I came within about five feet of him. A was almost in tears and told me she hated seeing L so terrified. When I brought Rogue out as a test dog, L erupted into barking and lunging, but could be redirected if he was on the other side of the store. I told A that we could work with him, but it would be a long journey and she would need to go at his pace. She agreed and we started.

The first week I didn’t bother touching on his reactivity. We did confidence building games, engagement games with A, and I even got a tail wag out of him after our first hour. L was a very curious puppy and we were able to get that curiosity to override his fear through small games and easy choices. I learned at this time that A’s roommate was shoving L in his crate and banging on the sides of it when he was in it, and that A had made plans to move back in with her parents when she learned of this. I agreed it was best for both of them. I sent her home with games to play, reintroduction to the crate, and some basic recall/focus/loose leash walking (we found turning around and Premack’s worked best with L for loose leash training).

L recovered quickly once at A’s parents’ house and began to slowly accept his crate. We added in a front clip harness because of L’s size and reactivity - A had a hard time controlling him and I was worried of him injuring her. We started on BAT and LAT for his reactivity toward dogs using Rogue and Remy as decoy dogs. Associates were brought in from the store with stinky cheese and junk food treats to reward when L chose to interact with them - something he picked up on quickly! After a few weeks we were able to do entire classes on foundation work with Rogue on her mat about eight feet from L without him stressing (sometimes Rogue would even get a wiggle and play bow from him). A reported only a few incidents on walks, and all involving dogs rushing straight up to L, but she was able to redirect and get him a safe distance away.

After several months of building up L’s confidence, the once-timid lab mix puppy found his stride. We ditched the front clip harness as A no longer needed it and L now walks on a flat collar and 6ft leash. Recently, A reported that L’s jumping and biting/mouthing was increasing as he grew more confident. We did impulse control games (It’s Your Choice) and implemented 5 second time outs as well as more redirection, but L persisted and A was starting to bear the brunt of his enthusiasm. When she came in with bruises and cuts down her legs, I decided it was time to add in a correction. L would only latch onto her when he would get over excited on his walks - and he would bite her boots and not let go. We continued to work on an out command, impulse control, and A’s ability to recognize when L was going to have a tantrum, but we also added in a basket muzzle (to which he took to wonderfully after the adding of string cheese) for safety and a light leash correction. He responded well to the correction and didn’t display signs of stress. He would refocus better and finish his walk more or less peacefully. 

We have since removed the muzzle and A is now recognizing L’s excitement limits better. She still employs the leash correction if appropriate, but has reported that walks have gone well. We are continuing to work with him on impulse control and channeling his exuberance into good life choices, but I’m really, really happy where A and L have come. In L’s training, A and I have both compromised and found solutions that fit L the best and have created a happy, loved family member. All four quadrants of operant conditioning have been used with L, along with counter-conditioning, Premack’s Principle, 300 Peck, and BAT. We also are working on some focused heeling and tricks for fun! 

It’s been a long journey for L and A, but clients like them are why I do what I do, and why I keep an open mind and train the dog in front of me. 

  • Light: Ryuzaki, it appears that Kira left another clue during the most recent batch of killings.
  • L: Oh? What did you find, Light-kun?
  • Light: If you look at the lettering in these suicide notes, there appears to be a message.
  • L: Are you able to decipher the message?
  • Light: It's tricky. I can't make sense of it. If you take the first letter from each line, it looks like a phrase. What could it mean, Ryuzaki?
  • L: What is the phrase, Light-kun?
  • Light: "H-E-R-E-C-O-M-E-D-A-T-B-O-I"
  • L: o shit waddup!