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swellingseas  asked:

Dunno if this is out of your expertise or anything, but I was curious about your opinion on the current Kenya Ivory burn going on. I find it incredibly frustrating that they're trying to send this idealistic message when the economics of destroying ivory means that this will only drive up the cost for ivory and hence drive up poaching, but do you know if there's a strong counter-argument against that?

I’m not an expert, but I can tell you my opinion based on the research I’ve read.

The short answer: there’s no strong evidence that ivory burns either increase or decrease demand for ivory. Focusing on the effectiveness of the burns is a bit of a conservation red herring.

The longer answer: there’s a shit ton to unpack here, unfortunately. But the main thing to understand is that the ivory being burned comes from government stockpiles. This is ivory that is already off the market, because the government isn’t selling it, and hopefully won’t ever sell it. To suggest that destroying the stockpiles is akin to increase demand by decreasing supply is almost to suggest that the right thing for the government to do would be to put the ivory back onto the market.

In theory, that almost sounds okay. Supply up - demand down, right? And if there’s a way to buy ivory legally, that should drive down prices on the black market- in theory. Here is the issue: there is practically no way to identify whether or not ivory has been obtained legally or illegally. (Legal ivory comes from products taken before bans were enacted or other such loopholes.) Essentially, anyone can slap a sticker on an ivory product that says “100% totally not poached!” In fact, many huge ivory shops in China do just this, despite the arguments of experts who say there’s no fucking way the sheer volume of ivory moving through these places is all certifiably legal.

(The U.S. isn’t exactly clean either, though; our people tend to just claim they inherited their ivory from their grandparents.)

If there was some way to sustainably harvest wild animals with 22-month pregnancies (in case you were wondering: there is not), perhaps arguments of keeping supply somewhat high would have more merit. However, even then, there are major problems. First, again, differentiating between legal and illegal ivory would still be a huge issue. Second, there’s the fact that supply is not the only factor driving up the price of ivory. In fact, it probably isn’t even the largest one- and in fact, there’s the possibility that increasing supply could also increase demand.

This becomes apparent when you look at the illegal tiger trade in China. To sum up another very complicated issue, trade in most tiger products such as tiger bone wine has been illegal in China since 1992. This greatly reduced supply, and the vast majority of medicine shops stopped carrying tiger products. However, almost immediately after the ban was put in place, several large, government-backed tiger farms were opened in China, ostensibly for conservation purposes. (Not a single tiger from these farms has been successfully released into the wild, by the way.)

In recent years, China has eased parts of the ban, allowing some farms to sell tiger bone wine so long as they don’t explicitly sell it as medicine. Now some members of the Chinese government are saying that the ban should be lifted so that trade in domestic tiger parts can reduce the pressure on wild tigers. But the evidence suggests that the effect would be the opposite. Demand for tiger products dropped following the initial ban, but has been ticking back up. And so has poaching of wild tigers, in spite of the use of captive populations- with 90% of all confiscated products destined for Chinese markets. Putting tiger products back on the market increased demand. And like ivory, there is no way to tell legal tiger bone from poached tiger bone. From an EIA report:

A lack of clarity over the use of captive-bred tiger bones has created an environment of confusion in which tiger bone wine is being produced and marketed. With 5,000-6,000 tigers in captivity there is a growing ‘bank’ of bones stockpiled by private tiger breeders and owners. Instead of being destroyed, skin and bone stockpiles are being registered and labelled, further fuelling speculation of future trade…

Contrary to pro-trade lobby assertions running a legal trade in the skins of captive-bred tigers for nearly 10 years has not stopped the poaching of wild tigers and other Asian big cats.

So: elephants. What the lessons from tigers suggest is that the most effective way to decrease poaching doesn’t necessarily lie in increasing supply of the animal parts, and in fact this can cause a net harm. Indeed, part of the rise of elephant poaching may actually have been prompted by attempts to ease the ban on ivory trade by such reputable organizations as CITES by allowing certain countries to sell their confiscated stockpiles and even legally sell some newly-acquired ivory. There’s no evidence that this worked to decrease the rising demand for elephant tusks.

Of course, again, this is a massive simplification of only one factor that drives the demand for ivory and other animal parts (and I don’t mean to imply that China is the only country driving demand, either). The point I’m trying to make is that the best way to stop animal poaching is to destroy things from the demand side. If we can convince people that ivory is worthless- because the only value it has is the one we attach to it- we should.

Sources and further reading below the cut- I highly recommend reading up on China’s captive tiger trade, it’s fascinating and horrifying.

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George A. Romero : les cinq grands films à l'origine de son mythe
DÉCRYPTAGE - De la construction d'un genre entier dans ses trois premiers films, à l'audace d'un commentaire politique au milieu d'une œuvre peuplée de morts-vivants, retour sur les contributions au septième art les plus importantes du pape des zombies.

Le maître et inventeur du film de zombie s'en est allé rejoindre ses créatures à l'âge de 77 ans. Bien avant sa mort, une question hante les esprits de nombreux cinéphiles et amateurs de genre: comment expliquer que cet homme a autant inspiré la pop culture? Sans lui, c'est vrai, point de Walking Dead , la série américaine à succès, qui s'inspire énormément de l'œuvre du réalisateur de La Nuit des morts-vivants. Celui qui avait pris sa retraite depuis son dernier film en 2008, avait d'ailleurs décliné les propositions de la chaîne HBO, de participer à ce grand show.

Se replonger dans sa filmographie, c'est comprendre comment se construit un mythe. Entre son premier film en 1968, et son troisième datant de 1985, ses zombies ont changé énormément. Ils se perfectionnent. Apparaissent comme bien plus sophistiqués. Le cinéaste affine la formule et pose les jalons d'un genre entier. Jalons qui ne seront pas contredits avant 28 jours plus tard de Danny Boyle, où les zombies ressemblent davantage à des surhommes qu'à des cadavres ambulants.

Le pape des morts-vivants laisse derrière lui une œuvre inégale, mais surtout inégalée, portée par quelques grands films avec pour trait d'union le frisson, l'effroi, mais aussi une systématique recherche de l'analogie politique.

● The Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Réalisé avec un budget d'un peu moins de 114.000 dollars, le premier film de George A. Romero possède déjà toutes les caractéristiques qui feront le succès du genre. Premier code et première nouveauté: les zombies, autrefois simples humains hypnotisés, y deviennent des morts sortis de la tombe. C'est aussi là qu'apparaît la seule manière de se (…) Lire la suite sur Figaro.fr

George A. Romero, réalisateur de La nuit des morts-vivants, est mort 
David Fincher sera bien aux manettes de la suite de World War Z  
Pour George A. Romero, Brad Pitt a anéanti les films de zombies 
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EXO Chatting Relay Event - Xiumin

1. Hello~~~~~~~
2. I’m sorry that I am late

3. Yes I have eaten kk
4. Eat dinner at this hour??
5. Everyone, it’s just the beginning, my eyes are already hurting kk
6. The comments are going too fast kk
7. Recently I listen to ‘Devil’ (Note: Most probably Super Junior’s ‘Devil’)
8. Chicken
9. Ahhhhhhhh kkkkkkk I’m going crazy
10. If I call everyone’s name one by one, it will be ended by that time kk
11. As for bread, of course I would choose mocha bread kk
12. Everyone please be patient!! After finish movie filming, I will change my hairstyle!!
13. Eventhough I am shocked of everyone’s (questions), I will still coolly reply each one of you
14. Actually Gyeonnie is 16 years old
15. kkk So he’s not able to lose weight now kk
16. If he loses weight, he might look older
17. Are you calling me Liz??? After my movie filming ends, I will show you Legends kk
18. Everyone, to be honest for me to reply all of you one by one is somehow impossible kk
19. I’m getting closer with Seung Ho!!
20. I’m right here~~
21. Hanbok is nice… But it’s hot to wear it during  summer…
22. How to chill down during summer…. Think of Xiumin
23. Please be anticipated on Dome tour
24. I will never forget Xiu-fish this character
25. Tomorrow I am throwing the first pitch….. I’m nervous… k
26. Eventhough after several trials, I still can’t balance both of my hands
27. Would it be great if we hold an encore convert???
28. I also want to hold an encore concert…
29. To all the SAT students!!! Hope you can do well in SAT~~~~~~~~ Hwaiting!!
30. Kyakyakyaa I like Hulk kk
31. When it’s gag, it’s Byun Baekhyun k

32. I like ChabSsalDdok (Daifuku/찹쌀떡)
33. Way to release stress… is to work out like a crazy person kk
34. I like to work out with Jung Seok hyung kk
35. I tie the apple hair myself It’s my preference kk
36. SoMaekPa!! (Note: Beef+Beer Party)
37. My nickname back then when I was young was Last in Second Class (2반뚱띠)
38. When I act, I’m Kim Minseok
39. I’m 25 years and 5 months old
40. Reggae hair is difficult (to tie)…. It took a long time kk
41. My young sister won kk
42. I heard a lot of people said that I looked like my mother when I was young and now I look like my father
43. Among all EXO songs, I like Love Me Right the most!
44. My 2nd finger and 4th finger’s length are almost the same???
45. I might be changing my signature next year kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

46. Next time when I am born again, I will just become EXO-L
47. I’m Last in Second Class (2반뚱띠)
48. I like (something) hot (Note: I don’t know what’s the question :[)
49. On the plane, I put on lip balm and sleep
50. Please make a three-line poem with EXO-L (엑소엘)
51. I want to try white hair, mint hair and orange hair
52. I’m chatting right now while drinking coffee

53. I like spicy food!!
54. I tried Yeobddok before
55. 라뽀낑 (Note: A restaurant name)
56. Mapo Tofu
57. I also like Sichuan cuisine extra spicy hotpot
58. I like Elsa
56. Gyeonnie is just a kid
57. I am watching Bleach recently (Note: it’s an anime)
58. Recently Baekhyun is working very hard on working out!!! So I work out with him together
59. I can’t play baseball kk
60. I’m a typical 이과생 (science and professional majors like medical, math, IT, engineering etc. )
61. ChoPa!!!!!!! (Note: Chocolate Party)
62. As for webtoon, Noblesse(노블레스) only is the real thing
63. I want to go Barcelona to watch football match
64. EXiu-L (Note: When he was asked to give EXO-L a cute nickname)
65. I’m here

66. Composing music is a composer’s work kkk Creating lyrics is a lyricist’s work kkk
67. I have greed on songs
68. (Q: Do you have the intention to appear on 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’?) Very much
69. I work out when I have rest time
70. I like carrot cake
71. Way to keep holiness… You just have to like and love endlessly kk
72. Changminnie-hyung~~~~~~~~

73. I like the song 'Oh! My Goddess’ kk (Edit: It’s by Sung Si Kyung)
74. I’m here
75. Sung Si Kyung kk
76. Ah!!! I will set a cute nickname for EXO-L!!!
77. EXO-Elsa kkkk
78. My handphone background is EXO logo
79. I like Bingsu, milk bingsu
80. I’m not good in taking selca
81. 돔 북 기 (Note: It’s acronym of something, some fans assume it as 돔콘 복82. 근 기대해주세요: Please anticipate abs on Dome concert)
83. I like blueberries!!
84. I’m right here!!
85. kkkkk My eyes are turning into it round and round
86. Please help me EXO-Elsa
87. I’m here kkk
88. Ah… I hope I can just talk in words kk
89. Eye-ting (Note: instead of chatting)
90. EXO-L look the prettiest when they hold the silver light stick
91. Ah pretty~~
92. Half seasoning sauce, half fried
93. I’m not sick~ Please don’t worry~~
94. My footsteps will always calling for you k
95. I just like them all ^^
96. Chen listens my words very well
97. Who’s the most mischievious member…???
98. Baekhyun!!!!!!!!!!!
99. Everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
100. What should I say right now???
101. Bba~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
102. Yeom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~???
103. Everyone, thank you for making this chatting enjoyable for me ^^
104. This is fun kkk Even though my eyes hurt but it’s fun kkk
105. Me too, will always cheer for you!!
106. Everyone, you have worked hard today~
107. I love all of you, my EXO-Elsa ^^
108. So…. now everyone together!!
109. Bbayeom~~~~~~~~(Note: Cute way of saying Bye)

Translation cr. to ludeerbambi

Some of the luckiest bomber crewmen of the entire war!

Returning from a Nickeling mission over Warsaw the night of October 15th-16th, 1939, the AW Whitley “L-Love” of 77 Squadron was running low on fuel and, thinking they had reached the French border, put down in a field. Although an AA gun had fired a single shot at them, turning on their navigation lights and putting the wheels down had ended further fire, and they assumed nothing was amiss.

Exiting the plane and walking out, they were greeted by a group of curious villagers who, after a stilted conversation in some poor quality French, informed them they were actually in Germany. Realizing their mistake, the crew bolted for the plane some 200 yards behind them, and had the engines started before the German military patrol reached them and opened fire. There was enough fuel left to make it the remaining dozen miles to France.

(Imperial War Museum)