l 7 weenie

I imagine dean doing this to cas, not me. Oh my god! Fluff time!

Movie Night

“Alright Cas, movie night!” Dean walked into the den. Since they stopped the end of times (again, for the last time), the boys moved into Bobby’s house, after working hard to rebuild it to its original condition. Every friday night Dean and Castiel would watch at least one movie. Movies that, over the years, Dean referenced to while interacting with the angel. “Alright Dean, what are we watching tonight?” Cas looked up from the coffee table where the bowl of chips and onion rings sat. Dean smiled and said, “Thelma and Louise.” He popped the video in to the DVD player. Towards the end of the movie, Cas looks back to say that he finally understands the reference he used on him years ago, only to find Dean digging into the large bowl of less chips and less onion rings. Dean lifts a chip out of the bowl satisfied, and pops it into his mouth. Cas rolls his eyes and then notices an onion ring stuck on Dean’s ring finger. Dean sees it too and reaches into the bowl again. He takes out the last onion ring, and smirks at Cas. “Give me your left hand Cas.” Dean smilled mischievously. “Why?” Cas asked, raising an eyebrow. “Just give me it.” Dean said as he grabbed the confused dark haired man’s hand. Castiel let his hand be controlled by Dean, as he watched him put the last onion ring on his finger. “There, now we’re married.” Dean beamed at Cas. Cas looked off to the movie blushing. “You’re such an L-7 weenie, Dean Winchester.” Dean laughed, “I don’t think you used that right Cas.” “No?” Cas turned back to dean, still blushing. “No, BUT I am glad you referenced your first movie!” Dean smiled. Cas then looked serious for a minute, “Hey Dean, remember when you said we were Thelma and Louise, years ago?” Cas asked cautiously. Dean nodded, “Vaguely, yes.” “Well,” Cas began, as he gestured to the movie, “in the end, right before they drive off the cliff, they um, kiss…?” Cas ended that sentence like a question, even though he was really just stating it. Dean looked toward the tv, the credits were almost over, and he nodded. “Yes Cas, they do.” He confirmed, getting a little closer to the angel. “Well, uh,” Cas stammered, keeping his eyes in the now looping screen of the DVD’s main menu, “do you, uh, um think that we-” His sentence was interrupted, by Dean’s onion ring-less hand, drawing his face toward Dean’s. Dean nodded once, before bringing their lips together, sharing their first kiss.