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Wish List

I will only be happy with Season 19 if…

* Someone other than Liv has a character arc
* There is a beard on either Rafael or Sonny
* Fin is a Sargent, for crying out loud, and more screen time
* Ken returns
* and/or Munch guest appears
* Rollins and Carisi build their friendship (because men and women can be JUST friends)
* Carisi actually gets to be a lawyer
* Carisi family drama
* A new squad member who we like
* Dr. Huang (B.D. Wong) returns and/or guest stars
* Can we get some Elliot and Olivia closure before Season 20???
* Let Olivia be happy for more than half a season
* AND the first episode of the season must start with Rafael and Sonny in bed (and they are married by the end of the season)
* OR the first episode starts with Barba getting ready in the morning, picking his tie, getting dressed, making his coffee, etc.

Not the most refined wish list but we all have wants!!


The Flash 3x19 “The Once and Future Flash” Sneak Peek #2 - Barry travels to 2024 to find out Savitar’s still unknown identity in the hopes of saving Iris. He encounters future versions of his Team Flash friends, who, following the death of Iris, have become very different people. Meanwhile, back in the present, the hunt for Killer Frost continues.

Angel’s Supernatural Writing

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Heyyy guys. I’m just making this post real quick to warn everyone not to make “don’t ship this bcs minors w/ adults is gross” posts, at the very least IN THE SHIPPING TAGS. We do NOT need the VRAINS fandom becoming the next v/olt/ron fandom PLEASE. As someone who was in the v/o/lt/ron fandom from the very beginning, this makes me very concerned and I do not want to have to deal with this shit again.

Besides, first of all, people have different views on what’s considered “right” or “wrong,” so please don’t force your own views on others, it’s really disgusting. Example, teenagers dating teenagers, despite the age difference, is very normal where I live??? You may find it gross for… whatever reason I don’t understand, but I see nothing wrong with it. I understand there’s a mental gap between teenagers, like a 16 year old or a 19 year old for example, but it’s not that big of a deal in the long run. For either party. There’s a major difference between a 19 year old and a 25 year old, anyway. So it is NOT up to you to decide what’s right or wrong for everyone.

This isn’t me trying or wanting to start shit, this is me making sure none of you make the mistake of becoming another fandom self destructing into nothing but hatred and constant panic attacks because you can’t keep it together. Keep it to yourselves, keep it out of the respective tags. Thanks. –Mac

Snk Actor Au

•Loses his voice so much
•He voiced Nemo and Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh as a kid
•ALWAYS the victim of pranks
•Has to wear a green morph suit for Erens Titan form and he literally never takes it off its hilarious

•Hasn’t acted before this
•Known for her singing and modelling
•Best friends with Jess (Annie)
•Was so bad at using 3dmg even though Mikasa’s meant to be amazing at it

•John (Erwin) is his dad
•Everyone ships him and Jean’s actor
•Also known for playing Mello in Death Note and Juuzou Suzuya in Tokyo Ghoul
•The youngest on set

•Fangirls favourite
•He managed to mess up his lines so much people wonder if he ever actually looked at the script
•Was allowed to direct an episode but he ended up getting told off because he brought Marco back and turned Levi into a Titan
•When he’s doing press Leslie would imitate the fangirls screaming and act like a teenage girl while taking a bunch of selfies with him

•Most of the freckles were fake i’m sorry
•Still shows up on set every day even though he’s dead
•Laughs 24/7

•This was her first acting role
•Always snuck food on to set and got told off a lot
•Going out with Junior (Connie)
•Most of her lines were improvised
•Actually hated potatoes

•Brings donuts for everyone
•Remembers what donut everyone likes
•Known for his lead role in The Last Airbender (I hate myself too lmao)
•Best friends with Christian (Reiner)

•Swears so much
•But is actually so sweet
•Known as her role in Frozen and Elsa
•Can play the guitar and the piano

•They had to spay him with water between scenes because he definitely didn’t sweat THAT much
•Is actually that tall
•His first big role

•His little brother played younger Armin
•Loved smashing through the miniature version of Wall Maria so much that he purposely messed up to do it again
•His laugh is like one of those loud dad laughs it so nice and comforting
•Also auditioned for Erwin

•Has two kids, one of them played young Bertholdt
•The opposite of Levi
•Known John since they were kids
•Couldn’t do any scenes with Alex without laughing

•The eyebrows weren’t real I’m sry
•Only auditioned because Leslie made him but he ended up loving it
•Makes so many dad jokes it not funny
•Also known for his role as Captian America (yes b)

•Has two kids with Ian
•Sophie is her niece
•Speaks really quickly and messes up her lines
•Would make funny faces behind the cameras and make everyone laugh

•Never acted before
•Leslie’s older twin but they haven’t spoken since they were kids because their parents split up
•Irl relationship with Yvonne (Ymir)
•Her and Leslie have switched roles for two scenes and no one knows which ones so they can’t re-shoot them

•She was disappointed when she saw Ymirs Titan because she wanted to look like Annie or Eren but ended up looking like a troll
•Plays all the pranks with Junior
•Her freckles were real


“Il povero figliuolo, col pensiero sempre fisso al Campo dei miracoli, aveva preso un’indigestione anticipata di monete d’oro.

Quand’ebbero cenato, la Volpe disse all’oste:

— Datemi due buone camere, una per il signor Pinocchio e un’altra per me e per il mio compagno. Prima di ripartire stiacceremo un sonnellino. Ricordatevi, però, che a mezzanotte vogliamo essere svegliati per continuare il nostro viaggio.

— Sissignore — rispose l’oste, e strizzò l’occhio alla Volpe e al Gatto, come dire: « Ho mangiato la foglia e ci siamo intesi!… » —

Appena che Pinocchio fu entrato nel letto, si addormentò a colpo, e principiò a sognare. E sognando gli pareva di essere in mezzo a un campo, e questo campo era pieno di arboscelli carichi di grappoli, e questi grappoli erano carichi di zecchini d’oro che, dondolandosi mossi dal vento, facevano zin, zin, zin, quasi volessero dire: « Chi ci vuole, venga a prenderci. » Ma quando Pinocchio fu sul più bello, quando cioe allungò la mano per prendere a manciate tutte quelle belle monete e mettersele in tasca, si trovò svegliato all’improvviso da tre violentissimi colpi dati nella porta di camera.

Era l’oste che veniva a dirgli che la mezzanotte era sonata. “

 L’osteria del «Gambero Rosso» in Le avventure di Pinocchio

Just The Girl Next Door

Jungkook x Reader One Shot

Word Count ~ 3,200

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Loss of Virginity, Masturbation and Under Aged Drinking.

Excuse mistakes please.

Plot: My whole love life is centered around one man, Jeon Jungkook, and to him l’m “Just The Girl Next Door”.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

In his eyes l’m just the girl next door. In my eyes he’s the prince charming l love. 

But, it wasn’t always like this, there was a time when he loved me. 


We were friends because our families were friends, we both learned to like each other. Then we learned to love each other, it turned out that we had pretty messed up families who didn’t take care of their children properly, so we loved each other in order to make up for the love we lacked from our parents.

And like that we spent our lives together in the same neighborhood in the same town, 

Until high school. 

This is were everything broke apart. Jungkook and l were close, we talked all the time, we’d walk to and from school together, and we ate lunch together, everybody called us “the not actually but kinda siblings”. 

We loved that neck name. Lovers for short. 

But the day came when Jungkook found a girl he loved, her name was Nana. I didn’t know Nana well but l knew l wasn’t going to like her. She wanted Jungkook for her self, all for her self. He was so blinded by love that he followed her every command. Every one of them. 

“Leave her,” She said, and he did, with out a second though. 

Even after spending 17 years together he just left. Shortly after wards he got a tattoo or severely, and started not coming to school as often. Now when he passed by me l could smell alcohol and tobacco in his breath. 

He wasn’t the Jeon Jungkook l knew anymore. 

… … 

Knock knock’ 

lt was 3 am on a Friday night, Jungkook and l are both 19 and there was someone banging on the door. 

“W-who’s the-ere?” 

“1 2 3, it me” 

My eyes widened from shock, he still remembered that? When we were little that was our code way of say “Help, l feel like dying” I opened the door to a drunk Jungkook, 


"Hey," He chuckled at me, with depression in his eyes.

"Wanna talk?" 


I showed him the way into my house, which was only occupied by me, my parent don’t come home anymore. I got him to the couch and he flipped on to it besides me. 

"So-o, what did you want to talk about?" 



"First l want to say sorry, and for everything, l’m sorry for leaving you for some thot, l’m sorry for hurting you the way l did, l’m even more sorry for taking away your best friend, me" 

I smiled, only a little, and mumbled "It’s too late…" 

"What? Huh, not surprised… l mean l am two years too late” He chuckled at the end,

“Do you remember what you said to me when you left, do you remember how much l begged you not to go,” l hadn’t noticed but my tears were falling so quickly, “Do you remember l told you she was no good. Do you?” My voice was rising, “Do you remember, what you said to be as you coldly walked away?”


“Your just the girl next door,” l cried the hardest at line.

“l’m soo sorry,” He grabbed my hand and intertwined his own it to it, it had been two years since the last time l felt his hands like this, and l forgot just how big they were. “Please, let me help you forget,” He inched closer, so close l could smell the tobacco under his breathe, l wanted to puck.

“Ju-jungkook…” l whimpered,

His kiss was a response to my whimper. This wasn’t my first kiss only because in the 7th grade at a class trip he had kissed me, he was still my first kiss. As his tongue started to lick the opening to my mouth l grew sick of the tobacco that was slipping in with him. l pushed him off of me only to realized he had pinned me on to the couch. 

“Wh-what’s wrong?” He asks as l spit the confines of our kiss to the floor.

“l-l can’t with the taste of tobacco, ahh”

“O-oh, l’m sorry, actually now that you brought it up, l’m wanting to start a new, that means l’m taking out all the bad and l’m going to put in good. So… will you take me back as a friend, l can’t ask for any other position but that,” He says looking down at our hands intertwined, at the tobacco stuck between his finger nails.

“Jungkook, l don’t hate you so, being your friend is something l want to do too, but first you can’t smoke anymore other wise l can’t spend much time with you, okay?”

“O-okay,” He says handing me a packet of cigarettes followed by “Please throw this a way for me,”

“B-but, there is only on cigarette that was used,”

“That was the one l used before l came here, l got nervous,” He says scratching the back of his head shyly, it starting to feel like old times, l’m happy.

“Then l should be going, it is pretty late after all.”

“O-oh, aren’t you locked out of your house at this time?”

“Y-yeah, but l don’t want to impose on you..”

“Well it’ll be just like old times,” l say while remembering in those times.

“Only we won’t stay in the same bed, hehe” Then l remember this isn’t like old times,


l woke up after Jungkook to the smell of food in the kitchen, l sneak in to the kitchen hoping to scare him when l see his lose tang top that reveals his “F**K it” Tattoo, then l remember this isn’t like the old day, the days where we used to be in love. Ever since he came back l want to rush things and make it just like how it was, but l know theses things take time.

Jungkook and l had a meaningful conversation, he told me everything, every detail of his life with out me, he told me that he was blinded not by love but by Nana’s sex, he said “lt was like a spell”. He also told me that what made him want to change was because he realized after spending so much time away from me he wanted to see me again, so he came back.

l told him the details of why my parents left and how the rest of my life was, not as interesting as his but, he cared enough to listen, just like the old days.

… (Four months later, the two of us have been dating now for four months)

Jungkook stopped smoking now for four months, he even got some of his tattoos removed, he also made it to gradation and now were going on to university, looks like we’d made it this far and now Jungkook and l have returned to be best friends or lovers as my classmates call us, only…

Every time l look at Jungkook a reflect of “l’m sorry” is what stares back at me, he hates him self.

“Love me,” Jungkook said one lazy afternoon,

“Wha… Jungkook are you sick again,” l say jokingly as l walk up towards him to feel his forehead,

“No, make love to me,” He says grabbing my wrist and pulling my body to sit perfectly on top of his erection.

“J-Jung-gkook-ok” l was so tooken back by this, l couldn’t even say his name correctly.

“You can feel it, right, this how much l want you, please…”

“Uhhh, Jungkook, l-l well, right now, l’m not ready…”

“l know your virgin but trust me you’ll like this,”

“Jungkook are you saying this out of love or lust?”

“What kinda of a question is that, both.”

“So, are you gonna force me?”



“Then, jack me off.”


“Do it and i’ll wait how ever long you want me too,”

“Even til marriage?”

“Yes, even til marriage”


l heard him unzip his pants as he gently pulled my hand towards his erection which was now out and in the open, throbbing, to embarrassed to see it face to face l looked a way, this very same thing is gonna rip me apart in years to come.

“Hey.. don’t be so embarrassed, trust me l want hurt you with this thing if your worried about that, okay?”

Shortly after that he placed my hand of it. lt was so hard, and my finger couldn’t wrap around the whole thing so l can’t even say it’s width, it’s texture was very veiny, it was throbbing so much and it was slimy. He was so big! he guided my hand to go up and down slowly, then he started to whine how l’m going to slow, so l sped up.

“Ah! Fuck!”

“O-oh l’m sorry, l didn’t mean to hurt you, l’m really no good at this…”

“Hurt? Are you kidding me, that felt soooo good! Keep going, you tiny soft hands are driving me crazy!”


He was twitching so much, and he was still going harder. Seriously how will this go inside of me? He still kept telling me to speed up and to squeeze him harder, he was moaning so much! There was so much slim!

“l’m so close baby, just a little more! Fuck!”

l started to feel wet too, his moans and the simple fact that l had this affect on him, it was making me want to touch my self. So Jungkook did it for me.

“Aww, your horny too aren’t ya, come here.”

He placed me on his thigh riding me, he thighs are so big and firm. l’ve sat on them before but never have l rode them. The clothes om my counter part to what l was jacking of in my hand, was getting in the way so he ripped my under wear off. As l was reaching my high, so was he. His large hands grabbed my waist pushing up and down, side to side, left to right, up and down, l really loved bouncing on him the most. When l wasn’t reaching my high fast enough Jungkook inserted a finger then placed another hand on my clit, still thigh riding me to my very limit.

“Baby, ahh, l can tell, your close, ahh, too!” His panting getting in the way of his speech.


Just as l said that Jungkook finished all over my hand, there was so much sperm, l felt like we wasted it just letting it spell on my hands. Shortly after Jungkook climax my came hard on me, l felt Jungkook’s hands grab my waist again and forceful riding me, it felt good rough, finishing on his lab and riding the rest of my high with quiet moans which he loved. 

“…l love you..” l panted out quietly,

“love ya too y/n”

… …

l spent the next two and a half years with Jungkook fixing his “broken” life. He ended up wanting me to marry as l did for him, but on our wedding night she showed up, Nana.

And like a flood, all of the forgotten insecurities come in at once.

Still not sure as to who invited her, Jungkook swears on his life he did, and l believe him, she must have just found her way here.

We rushed to the honeymoon hotel that was rented for this night, the “happiest” night of our lives, but now it just sad. 

“l’m sorry,” Here he goes again with the apologizes.

“Jungkook, l’ve told you before l forgive you”

“l’m sorry…” l Could hear him sniffle.

“Stop it already!” l shot at him, my anger wasn’t really at him, but her.

“l’m-” l interrupted him from saying “l’m sorry” again.

“I don’t have any ideal why that fuck she’s here for, but! Stop saying your sorry…” l broke down crying, l just wanted to forget his past, the years he abandoned me, the times l found my self crying, alone, when he was the only one l always turned too. l just wanted to forget, but here, that she took his virginity and not me, that he loved her, or was “blinded” by “love”, as he says. l just wanted to forget.

“l’m sorry…”

“Prove it, make me forget.”


“l don’t know. Do what ever, l just want to wake up and forget the name “Nana”, okay?”

“Okay” He says huskily walking towards me.

“One thing, i’ll be gentle the first round, but when l’m down, you won’t be able to walk straight.” 

With his overly muscular hands he picked me up and placed me on the bed, this was the beginning of  the “first round” or what ever he called it. First he stripped me of my cloths, then him self. l saw it again, our first meeting l wasn’t quite ready to see it, then we met a couple of times of pure accident, but now l want it, no l need it, l need it to help me forget this pain.

“Please relax, place your head on the pillow and spread your legs,” l follow his every word.

Since l was wearing no cloths l felt so exposed, Jungkook and l have seen each other naked before, but we both had a understanding of no touching, now that doesn’t exist. He placed a cold hand on my clit, earning a squeak out of me. His other hand fondling my breasts. His mouth was on my lips, kissing my tears away, placing his tongue inside of my mouth, he trailed down towards my neck, leaving marks on his way down. After a while of fondling with his hand, he started with his tongue, making me moan his name.

“Jungkook~” l whined, not getting much attention towards my aching core, which wanted him, more like “it”. Ignoring my request he placed his mouth on my breasts and started to suck violently,

“Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!” l moaned again, his mouth felt so good, my now wet core really showed it. Sucking my breast til l screamed was his cue to move lower, much lower, leaving cute wet kiss on his way down. Placing his tongue on my clit, treating the same way he treated my breasts, sucking hard, the louder sucks the high patch my voice got for him,

“Ahhh, Jungkook!” l grabbed his hair, my back arcing at his touch now.

“Hummm, babe..” He mumbled, but since was at my core his deep voice just echoed it’s way throw me, shaking me, l was coming close because of it.

He then placed his pinkie in to my core, licking up and down starting form my clit and down to where his finger was pushed into.

“Your fucking pussy is so wet!” He teased, mocking the slurp sounds that my vagina gave when he moved his finger in and out. “Aww, look your trying to come off this one itty bitty finger, aren’t you.” l nodded my head as my hips thrusts match his pinkie fingers, desperately trying to reach my climax. “Here, let me give you this,” He slipped his pinkie out, taking it towards his mouth, taking his time with the licking, “Mmmumm, so sweet, ahh” Tease me, locking eye contact with his words. He then slips in his middle finger, filling me up as he goes, reaching a dead end. “Damnnnn, your so tight, fuck I’ma really have to be gently later since your this tight on just my middle finger.”

His finger starts to pound faster, and faster, harder and harder, most of the time he’d hit my g-spot, “AAHhhh, J-jungggkoo-ok” l stuttered out, this felt too good! 

“Wow! So you can get tighter, shit, your close aren’t you.”

l nod as my response, my throat to dry for words anymore, all the panting also left my lips dry, l wanted to kiss. Like he read my mind we kissed, and l squirted on him. And he loved it, it felt like pee at first but the longer his was fingering me l just didn’t care anymore. Any bits that spill out of me he saw he drank. Panting and trembling underneath him he looked at me and said. “Round two”

He placed him self on top, placing his you-know-what at my entrances, after moving his tip around my clit, teasing me again. Moving around the inside of my labia he final finds my vagina and then with one big thrust he enters. 

“Ah! Ow..” 


“No! Don’t say that, please move, move!”

Not wanting to hear me complain he moved his massive counter part inside of me, slowly at first. Because of his size he had to be gentle other wise he’d actually break me, so l told him to move faster, in between the pants l whined for him to move, 


“A-are you sure, l haven’t been in you longer than a minute?”

“Just do it!” He was right, l started to tear up a little, but l knew that the pain wouldn’t hurt for long. 

“Ahh, ahh! So fucking TIGHT!” 

Yeah… lt’s didn’t take long before his worry of me faded to pure lust. His pace sped up so quickly, he was so hot, l he was melting my insides to my outsides, l wanted to slow down my body because l was coming too quickly. He was still growing inside of me, l could feel how he was gonna blow and quick. My wall’s were squeezing him so quickly, l knew this because every five seconds he’s say something about it, meanwhile l’m at a lose of words because l can say is, “Jungkook!”

He gripped my clit with his plump thumb and index finger, that was what made me come in the end.

“l’m COMING!” l screamed as he followed soon afterwards. He pulled out right before he exploded, then his sperm on my stomach. 

“Round three” He muttered tiredly, he wanted to sleep, we both felt like jelly but he was determent to… to.., wait what did l ask him to do this for me for again?

Oh yeah… it was to forget, and l forgot.

He placed me in the doggy position, at least that was what he called it, he then placed his face in between to my core, forcing me to forget what l had forgotten with every swallow.

“Ahhh, Jungkook, let me ride you thigh,” l requested seeing who l have done this is such a while.

l hopped on to him, we when slow, l moved on my own as he firmed parts of his thigh making me go insane with pleasure, ah! l hopped up and down not being able to carry my self, Jungkook started to bounce his leg, l was loving every second, he hopped me towards another ending, he flipped me laying on my back and whispered “Round four”

“No, l-l can’t go anymore”


“No, please l can’t even get up, no more, let sleep”

Rolling his eyes he said, “Gladly” a plopped on the bed next to me, cuddling as we both said our “l love you”s off to dream land.

Keke, like if you couldn’t tell l was really trying to make the smut good, sorry if you ended up find some unfixed errors or didn’t like something else.

As always hoped you enjoyed =))



I love you. (HR Wells x reader)

Hi there! First HR imagine ever! Hope you like it!

Prompt: Imagine being the only one that’s truly nice to HR wells & when someone becomes rude towards him U literally fight them/stick up for him. You invite him to live at your house you being completely oblivious to your feelings towards him. Maybe he’s the one to make the first move one night at your house or lab things get heated from there & admit each other’s feelings. Something like that really fluffy & cute :) maybe even from his point of view how he sees you or something up to you. Thank you :)

Requested by Anonymous,

“Greetings Earthlings” Said the new Harrison Cisco, Caitlin and Harry chose (well Harry rejected him, but he got chosen anyway). Everyone looked at him weirdly.

“I don’t talk like that, heh. I was joking.” He said, you found his joke funny and snorted. Making your friends look at you, HR looked at you too and smiled at you charmingly. Harry looked at the two of you and glared.

Jesse and Harry said their goodbyes, and before going Harry hugged you, whispering in your ear.

“I don’t trust him, (y/n). Keep an eye on him for me, okay?”

“Okay. Goodbye Harry, I’m going to miss you. Even if you are an asshole sometimes.”

“I’ll miss you too. You know how to reach me, if something goes horribly wrong.”

You hugged Jesse and the two took off. But before being suctioned by the portal, Harry tried to say something but nobody hear what he said. HR joked about what he was trying to say. But no one thought it was funny.

“So, do you have a Big belly burger on earth 1?” HR asked.

“Some things never change…”


“Where will he stay?” You asked.

“Harry stayed here.” Cisco said. “ But I’m not sure of letting him alone here….”

“And what do you suggest?” Wally asked.

“He can come with me.” You said “ I can keep an eye on him”

“You’re sure, (y/n)? “ Barry asked.

“Yes don’t worry”


Everyone had already leaved when HR approached you with a charming smile.

“How come you are still here, Miss (y/n)?”

“I volunteered myself to take you in. You can stay with me in my home or stay here alone.”

“I would never deny a beautiful girl” He kissed your hand and smiled cheekily.

You laughed, he was cute.

“What are we waiting for! LET’S GO!”

“Okay, okay” You laughed as HR started pulling you towards the exit.


Days passed and the team found out that this Harrison Wells knew nothing about science.  Cisco refused to trust HR, and Wally called him a conman. He tried to persuade the team that he can be of some use to them, suggesting ideas, acting as their “muse”, and taking part in the adventures so that he could later write a book about them.

You were disappointed. All of you were. After HR pleaded for them to let him stay and help, Barry allowed HR to stay for some time and try to prove his worth as a teammate, before going back to Earth Nineteen.

You were the most disappointed of all, you even felt a bit betrayed even.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. I-I didn’t want to disappoint you… But I assure you I can be useful!”

“I …I know you are useful, HR. You may not be as good in science as the other Harrison, but you have charisma and you are a skilled trainer and leader. You don’t have to prove it to me. It doesn’t matter what the other say, HR. I trust you”

HR smiled at you and your heart fluttered. A warm feeling pooled in your belly.


(Y/n) was really nice. She was the only one who really made me feel welcomed. I think I’m in love with her.

But really,

Who wouldn’t?

With her beautiful (e/c) eyes, those luscious pink lips, her silky (h/c) locks and that sexy body.


She turned me on so much.

It’s hell on earth since I’ve been living with her. Seeing her in pajamas, and bumping with her in the bathroom, only a towel covering her body.

Gotta say, I needed to “ take care of a problem”  after the incident.

If you know what I mean.

Also, seeing her panties and bras in the hamper… I t made warm pool in my tummy.

God, (y/n) what are you doing to me?


“So, what  movie you want to see?”

“This one! I haven’t seen this on earth 19” sais HR, Titanic in hand.

“Titanic? You’ve never seen Titanic?!”

“No, what’s it’s plot?”´

“You don’t have a Titanic in earth 19??”


“L-let’s just see the movie” You played the movie.

2 hours later and you were sobbing in HR’s neck as he sobbed in your hair, in the TV, Rose was talking with Jack as he died of hypothermia.

“IN THAT TABLE IS ENOUGH SPACE FOR TWO!!!!!” You sobbed as Jack sank in the blue freezing waters.

“Shhh,(y/n). It’s just a movie.”




Sob after sob the two of you fell asleep, your head on his chest and his over yours. His arm made its way toward your waist and yours hugged him.


As I waked up a sweet aroma overpowered my nose, a warm body was hugging me. As I looked down I saw the prettiest sight of my life, (y/n) was sleeping in my chest, her warm breath tickled me and her hair made a beautiful (h/c) halo around her adorable face. Her rosy cheeks and her half open lips looked glossy.

I had the need to kiss her.


Okay, okay

Do more than just kiss her.

“HR?” She said with her adorable i-just-wake-up voice. Her eyes half opened and sleepy giving her a childish look.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Make me breakfast”  She rubbed her cute little eyes.” Please.”

“Alright, dear. Just let me hug you a bit more”


Somethings wrong with you.

You keep having these weird reactions toward HR, like blushing, sweating, butterflies in your tummy…

You talked with Caitlin and Iris about it, they said that you probably were in love with that person.


YOU in love with HR??

HA! That’s not possible.



Today is the day!

I’m going to tell (y/n) how I feel.

I think she loves me too.

I hope she loves me too.

Today I leaved our house before her and went to local florist, obviously with Randolf Morgan’s appearance. I don’t want to get shot.

I bought (f/f) and in the way towards the lab I stopped at (y/n)’s favorite coffee shop and bought a (f/d) for her and a coffee for me.

Ahh I just hope this will go well!


“Where is HR?” Cisco asked you and you raised an eyebrow.

“I thought he was already here. He left before I did.”

“Well, It doesn’t matter. We need to do a quick visit to Star city. Do you wanna come?” Barry asked

“No, don’t worry. I’ll stay here, I got a lot of work.”

“You don’t want to see Roy.”

“NO, it’s not that! What we had is long over. He knows it as I do. I just don’t feel like going to Star city today.”

“Okay, (n/n).  We will be back Wednesday morning.” Barry said.

“Bye, (n/n)! Stay safe!” Cisco said and in a moment they were gone.

As you sat down HR entered the lab, flowers and coffee in hand.

“(y/n)!!! I got a present for youuu!” HR said happily, he gave you the (f/f).

“F-For me? HR you shouldn’t have!” The silly smile made its way to your lips. You kissed  HR’s cheek and he blushed, smiling from ear to ear.

HR gave you the (f/d) and you sipped it happily. HR smiling at you, a twinkle in his eyes. The two of you finished your drinks.

As you sighed happily a moustache of cream from your (f/d), HR looked at you a lustful gleam in his eyes, tongue licking his lips.

“What’s wrong HR?” You asked adorably and HR’s self-control snapped.

Moist lips clashed against yours and HR hands cupped your face, you after coming down from your surprise raised your hands until they hugged HR’s neck.

His tongue licked the cream from your face and you let a breath escape, HR took advantage of this and his tongue explored your mouth, making it HR’s. Your hands went down until you could pinch HR’s butt. He let a moan escape surprised.

Your eyes didn’t leave each other, he smiled lovingly and caressed your cheek.

“I love you,(y/N). I’m in love with you. You’re the only one nice to me and I fell for your adorable self. “

“I love you too, HR” Now you smashed your lips together. Your tongue exploring now HR’s mouth and making it your own.

“The team won’t be back until Wednesday morning.” You smirked and took your shirt off. “ Wanna be bad?” You winked.

“F*CK YEAH!” HR took his own shirt off and kissed you desperately. Clothes flied and fell to the ground meanwhile you two love each other with your hands, mouths and souls.

Since that passionate night the two became a couple, to the surprise of everyone. HR was the most loving boyfriend you ever had. Every day you would wake up with breakfast in bed and after that you two would love each other like the first time.

One morning you waked up to a note in your bedside table, you smiled at HR’s antics and read the note.


Riddles? What is HR thinking?

You saw the bathroom door ajar and went there. In the mirror your reflection looked at you and in the center of the mirror a note was glued.


The living room! You got dressed in a moment and went towards the living room, where a note was stuck on the TV with the most famous scene of Titanic frozen on the tv. You smiled at his cheekiness.

Man, you loved him so much.

You grabbed the note and turned the TV off.


Is he referring to your wild night in the Lab? Where you confessed and made love? Did he want you to go to the Lab?

You grabbed your keys and your car and went to the lab.

“Hello?” You yelled but no one answered. You saw a rose petal path and a note that said.


You followed the path that leads you toward the Lab. When you entered the Lab you saw the rose petal path end and there saw HR knelt in front of you, a note in his forehead and a velvet box in his hands. Your eyes flood with tears of happiness and you grabbed the note first.

“I love you, (y/n). You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I want to get older beside you, start a family with you, I want to live my life with you. Without you I am not complete.


Will you marry me?”

HR opened the box and a beautiful ring was inside he smiled at you and said

“Will you make me the happiest Harrison of all the alternative earths?”

You kissed him passionately as the two fell to the ground, kissing and laughing.

HR put the ring on your finger and kissed your hand then your neck until his lips sealed with yours.

All your team came out of their secrets hiding places and cheered making you two laughing at their antics.

You two shared a loving kiss.

“I love you HR Wells”

“I love you (y/n) Wells”

The end?

(Promps still open!!)

anonymous asked:

name your top 20 friends on tumblr :)

oh god this is mean and hard but

1) @phalangine : this girl right fuckin here is like my spirit animal, we basically send each other ridiculous memes to see who can out gross one another, also she’s just an awesome human being in general with an amazing sense of humor, go follow!!!

2) @jim-kirk i text this kid like, every frickin day, ben is hysterical and a great gif maker, 10/10 recommend you follow ben and he too, great sense of humor.

3) @idriselbas: LARA!!!!! i dont think a day goes by where i don’t text them. like lara is fucking hysterical, has an A+ choice in men, and like, is just a good person to talk too, follow them right now!!!!

4) @samerulesapply: my mcavoy guru, like, seriously, i got all my knowledge about james through them, and like, her sense of humor is wicked amazing, posts amazing things about james, and is just a great mcavoy fan to follow if you want a normal stan to follow, 10000/10 recommend. 

5) @xavviers: dis binch right here is amazing mkaaaaay, like, i text her ALL DA TIME!!!! also, we low-key met james mcavoy together and like, that was hella dope, also she’s wicked smart in terms of history, and her fan fics (From the little amount i’ve read) are hella great, follow her she’s just dope as hell.

6) @panslabyrinth: i’ve only been following vilu for a short period of time, but i think i found my soulmate in her, like, we are film hoes who have extremely similar tastes, and she’s super nice and makes like THE BEST gifs, her coloring is on fucking point, FOLLOW!!!!

7) @aliciavikander: MEERA IS THE QUEEN OF PRETTY FUCKING GIF SETS!!! like, seriously, i want to someday be as good as meera when it comes to coloring and choosing scenes to make gif sets out of, plus, she fucking loves james and just has an amazing blog and is a total sweetheart, go follow now!!!

8) @greysummers: MY CHILD ™ !!! Saey is adorable, way too funny, like girl, become a stand up comedian pls. like she may be young but her sense of humor is fuckin on point, also, just a great human.

9) @undomiel: BIA IS THE SWEETEST!!! like, i fucking love bia!!!!! her pastel gifs might be the only ones you’ll ever see me reblog because, a)i subject her to my screaming about how much i love james and b) they are very pretty!, if you like aesthetics go follow

10) @alcmaeonids: syd, what an amazing human!!!, like her cherik gif sets crush my soul and i live for it, super unique blogger who is definitely worth a follow, also a total sweetheart!!!

11) @silverjohn: HEND!!!!! if we aren’t screaming over black sails, its probably screaming over just life in general, if you love anything related to black sails, or want a sweet new friend, check hend out, you won’t be disappointed.

12) @eggogorgon: blake!!!!, i just recently started talking to them and like, wowee what a great blog/blogger, gifs are on point, and like, stranger things fans, NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG! JUST DO IT!!!

13) @alfonso-herrera: vinny underneath all the layers of sarcasm and bitterness, is an awesome person, and a really just overall great blogger, i really enjoy talking to him and his taste in men is like A++

14) @mcavoys: me and marcelo are url twins essentially, which in turn means he runs an amazing blog, his up to date photo sets of celebs and red carpet events makes me feel like i’m there in the moment, plus he is just a great gif maker as well!!! worth checking out!

15) @delzinrowe: STEFF IS AWESOME OK!!, like, she’s so sweet and so kind and is always checking up on me, which is rare to find in a tumblr user, she’s one of the first friends i made when i came back to tumblr after a hiatus, and she’s just super cool, go follow her right now!

16) @dundermifflinscranton: if you really want a nice blogger and a good friend look no further than kristian, he’s not only the BEST OFFICE BLOG ON TUMBLR, but an amazing friend, also he’s australian meaning he’s cool as hell and that deserves a follow on its own.

17) @rachelmcadamses: robin is super sweet, also her movie score gifts are to die for???? like, flawless for real. i love how much effort she puts into her gifs and how just generally nice she is, its rare to see someone so genuine on this hell site, go follow!

18) @stexvebucky: I LOVE SCREAMING ABOUT JAMES WITH YOU!!!!, like, isabella is so sweet, and so nice, and she loves all the same things as me for the most part!!!, and just a great friendly blogger!!!, go follow!!

19) @l-p-r-o-c-k: rocio is a total sweetheart, like, legit sweetheart, i love her and her blog is amazing, she’s a great mcavoy fanblog if you are in need of following one! the best!!!

20) @miliebobbybrown: yo, me and this girl just started talking recently but i love her blog, like tatjana runs an awesome blog especially about stranger things and films, and is super nice so like…..go follow? do it now!!!

(if i left anyone out I’m sorry but yeah this is the list off the top of my head!!!)