INFINITE REACTION: Where the members are cheating on you and you catch them and then they try to get you back after you move out


Being used to be the leader, as soon as he realized he was about to lose the love of his life, because of his own mistake, Sunggyu’d try to act as fast as possible, solve it as fast as possible. He wouldn’t try to lie or justify, in fact he’d trip in his own words while he asks you to never leave him.


I don’t believe he would be able to do something like this, but in this case, he’d be the one that would tell to you, before you find out. First of all he would ask for forgiveness so that he could forgive himself, and then he’d try in every way to prove that he would never commit such a mistake again and that you could trust him.


He would be desperate when he realizes the size of his mistake, so Woohyun’d run to you, without even giving you time to calm down. Making you hear him even if you didn’t want to, because he’d feel like he was being destroyed just thinking how would be his life without you. And if you forgive him, he’d pamper you all the time to show how much he was sorry.


He’d need some time to put his head on the right place, after everything, he was so confused and he knows that everything turned into a really big shit. And when he went to talk to you, he would listen you and all your feelings before anything.

“I don’t have any excuse. I really messed up, this doesn’t have an explication. I just wanna say to you I’m really sorry and I need you back.


He would get desperate when realizes how much he loved you and missed you. So he would run to talk with you and try to explain in every possible way, even if there wasn’t an excuse even for him, he would just want your forgiveness.


Myungsoo would understand you before anything else and would let you have time to think as much you wanted. He wouldn’t seek or call you. After that, he’d look for you, saying he wanted to talk. However when you were together he’d hear you more than say anything. And when he spoke he was very sincere.

“I won’t say I don’t wanna you back, because I want. But I don’t think it’s fair to you if I ask you to come back to me… So… I only ask your forgiveness. ”


Sungjong would take some time so he could look into your eyes. And when he finally had the courage, he’d try to convince you to come back to him just once, trying to be strong when in fact would be destroyed inside, but for loving you so much, if you wanted he would let you go away.

~ADM Misso

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KAI, HYUNGWON, L and N REACTION: Where their fiancee is going through depression and thinks about doing the unthinkable but doesn't want to tell them


Hakyeon has his “natural” motherly side, a side that would come out when he discovers what his fiancee is planning. He’d have his ways of making her/him what she/he’s thinking. It just broke his heart to imagine that the person he loves so much is going through such rought times and he wasn’t able to do much more than being by her/his side.


Myungsoo is more tricky than appears to be, he would realize quickly that something was happening, but he’d have serious problems in expressing his feelings and help his fiancee. He’d find a way to stay more and more time with her and show all the good things that happened when the two were together until the matter arise naturally.
“ Jagi, I love you and I’ll stay with you and take care of you forever…”


Jongin would try to remain calm and strong, but he was so torn up inside that he couldn’t contain his tears. This would lead him to talk to you as soon as possible, showing as soon as possible how much he loves you and how important you are to him.


Hyungwon would notice the change in the air when he’s finally back from his busy schedule. His precious sleep would be bothered cuz something felt wrong. He noticed her loneliness and would casually aproach her to ask if something was wrong. If she didn’t answer him a good excuse he’d be more incisive until he gets what he wants.

“Please jagi.. be honest with me. I know I’ve been busy but please tell me now that I’m here”

He’d be heartbroken when he hears what she was thinking.

~ADM Pandacchi and Misso

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tf2 is a largely community-driven free to play game has been going strong for nine (9) years now like what kind of immortal playerbase …… to this day im still finding new tf2 fan blogs and we all still waitin for the next comic and youtubers r uploading tf2-centric sfms and gmods everyday and the only money valve gets from the game is from the fuckign hats bought in the mann co store like what kind of loyalty, what kind of Anti Capitalism

Dear L,

I have a huge crush on you.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time together recently and that has made me happy. I’ve had the worst couple days of my life recently but seeing you and thinking about you made me a little less sad (and that’s a big thing so thank you).

I really hope our flirting and your comments isn’t just a joke to you and there is a something more than just two friends joking around behind them.

I hope there’s a part of you that feels the same way.

From E.

P.S. break up with him please and date me thanks