Terry Pratchett: here’s this funny incompetent cowardly wizard who keeps getting into trouble, not much depth to his character b–

me: my son and also me, he’s acespec, he’s arospec, he’s bi, he’s trans, probably autistic, also those traits you meant to be funny? symptoms of mental illness, I have an intricate web of headcanons for his backstory and his future, my city now

let me just say…as both excited and terrified I am for this new season of voltron, no matter if I trust the hype or not, I’m really looking forward to having a full dash again. I love seeing everyone’s interpretations of different episodes, lots of meta, fanart, writing based on sweet scenes. Seeing everyone come together again to share their favourite clips and emotional moments, how a character development scene really meant something to someone, all of us grouping together to just get hype about a show that means something to everyone in different ways. regardless of how happy we are with the outcome, this short after-season bliss - the burst of creative fan content, and just generally each other - is something we can all look forward to, even if the creators let us down.