Pharrell Williams, a popular musician and rapper made a remix of Miku’s classic song, “Last Night Good Night” by Livetune to tie in with Takashi Murakami’s feature length film, “Jellyfish Eyes”.

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Other works from Pharrell:

“Drop It Like It’s Hot” feat. Snoop Dogg >>

“Happy” >>


BUMP OF CHICKEN and Hatsune Miku collaborate in a duet song, RAY, making it the first ever music video featuring Miku without any CG editing involved– that is to say, it was filmed in real time.

The Hatsune Miku module used here, named “14 Model” was created and manipulated entirely by Crypton engineers. You can watch an eight minute documentary on how this video was created here.

Her voice manipulation was done by kz from livetune. This song is available on the iTunes store!

the tachibana family

there’s a:

angel OP tachibana

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we need more tachibanas now

Idolish 7! Idol Group Rhythm Game Out in Summer 2015!

Idolish7 Official Site. Watch the 15sec MV here!

My Twitter TL exploded with the news this morning but I didn’t see any news at all in the English community so I suppose there’s a lack of information? :O I’m really really excited about it cause the character designs are by my mangaka bias Arina Tanemura(author of Full Moon wo sagashite and many other shoujo manga) and then… kz(livetune)!!! kz composed the game’s opening song titled ‘Monster Generation’! Though I’m not sure if he’ll be in charge of the rest of the songs too ahahaha….. for those who don’t know who he is, kz is a popular VocaloidP and his notable works include Tell Your World, Yellow, OPs for Oreimo, Nisekoi, the list is really long actually...  Anyway yea and I love both of them.

Screenshots from the Natalie page:

It’s going to be a rhythm game for the iOS and Android platform! You’re the manager who’s in charge of this unit and you are to make them national icons!

Characters’ introductions and Voice Actor List:  (I’m translating from Dengeki’s site, just a slight warning that it may not be very accurate bc I’m no certified translator lol)

Nanase Riku (Red)

  • VA: Ono Kensho 
  • Intro: “Just watch me! If I have the manager cheering me on, I can do anything!”

Izumi Mitsuki (Orange)

  • VA: Tsubasa Yonaga 
  • Intro: “You guys are no good without me! Manager, you’d better thank me too!”

Rokuya(?) Nagi (Yellow)

  • VA: Takuya Eguchi
  • Intro: “Manager’s forbidden love…! Don’t you think it sounds sweet? My Princess.”

Nikaido Yamato (Green) 

  • VA: Shirai Yusuke
  • Intro: “Since Manager is younger, I’m the big brother! I wonder if you should be more honored”

Yotsuba Tamaki (Light Blue)

  • VA: KENN
  • Intro: “Yama-san ate my pudding!! Urgh! I’ll beat him to death!!”

Izumi Ichiori (Inidgo)

  • VA: Masuda Toshiki
  • Intro: “You really an idiot for being so careless….. ahem. Since idiocy is contagious please stay away from me. ”

Ohsaka Sougo (Violet)

  • VA: Abe Atsushi
  • Intro: “For the sake of the company…. We must work even harder. I’m alright. Thank you.”

Manager(Heroine)’s canon name is Taganashi Tsugumi, she’s really cute ^p^bbbbb

And here’s a special artwork from Arina herself~:

Looking forward to the game! the character that Tsubasa Yonaga voices always ends up being my fav