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I totally agree with your post about NR and that the fact us, he's been problematic for basically every ship he's associated with lol. That said, to say that Kzp & MMB are unaware of the social media effect is disingenuous imo. They're both fully aware and KP himself commented about how fans were being extra about shipping his character & Carol's after 1 ep. To say neither would be aware of the effect of the video & photo posts & they're just having fun...I just have to disagree. They knew.

They knew what? That fandom would be insane with something that was clearly just them having fun? Because I’m sorry, this is all bullshit. Being upset about this video is bullshit. The same way being upset about Norman posting the video/pic of him kissing Danai is bullshit. Because there is absolutely no relation to the characters. Y'all want to compare Melissa having fun with khary with Norman supporting a ship that involves a teenager or being disrespectful about Caryl multiple times, sorry, I can’t relate to this non sense. I never had a problem saying when Melissa did something I personally didn’t like or thought it was not so cool, the fact is that she rarely does it and this is definitely NOT one of the times she did anything.