Um yikes Ragan, was it really necessary to throw the bit about Gabby in there? I’m really hoping that it was just an editing hack job and she’s not that bitter.

Also, does anyone get the feeling that kzb no nothing about Ragan? We talk all the time about coaches having favorites and I really feel like Kim’s is Ballie. She’s just so lackluster about everything she says about Ragan.

anonymous asked:

To continue the discussion of your opinion on coaches...what about KZB?

I have pretty mixed feelings on Kim. I have no doubt that she cares deeply for her gymnasts, but based just on social media she doesn’t exactly try to hide who her favorites are. 

I’m also not a fan of the fact that they’ve reportedly pulled girls from meets when they weren’t performing to a high enough standard. I can understand the thought process behind “if you aren’t ready, you don’t perform”, but at the same time that isn’t going to make anyone any better. Especially when they are pulling people from Classics/Nationals.. it’s like chill out.

I do think they have a bit of an injury problem, but what gym doesn’t nowadays. My bigger concern is their pacing problems. She has had so many elites fall through the cracks. I don’t think it’s necessarily that they are pushed too far, too fast, but that some girls just shouldn’t be going elite in the first place. Hopefully this does mean Kim has a “shoot for the stars” kind of mentality, but it seems like a waste of time and energy to be bringing so many girls into the elite rank. Then I have to wonder if someone like Peyton Ernst could be having a more prosperous NCAA career if she hadn’t expended herself doing elite. She was lucky enough to get some international experience at least.

I know it’s not the most reliable resource, but based on what I’ve seen in BTRs, Kim and Chris seem to have great attitudes in the gym. I think Kim is a little more serious and focused, but not at all in an angry, abusive way. She also seems to be very supportive of their personal lives. I love seeing her continue to cheer on her NCAA girls and truly follow along with their lives.


My other treasures from my trip to Japan.
They were so hard to find! My feet hurts so much!
It is very difficult to find Shaman King stuff there :’(
I couldn’t buy all KZB… And the worst thing… NO REMIXES!

Then… my back hurts for carried them all the way to the hostel! But it was worth it!

As mentioned in the spoilers, it’s been confirmed that Magi will enter its final Arc starting on October 28th. Note that this is the start of an arc, so for now we don’t know how long it will last - it can go on for months, or even years. Furthermore, I wonder if this will mean we might get a KZB set soon?

Sinbad no Bouken, on the other hand, has no planned end date as of now.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this TV special and the information it will discuss… a third season maybe?

Everyone, let’s stay together until the end!!

US Classic Seniors

as of 5/26

  1. Alyssa Baumann, WOGA Gymnastics
  2. Simone Biles, World Champions Centre
  3. Leah Clappe, Gym America
  4. Kaitlin DeGuzman, Metroplex Gymnastics
  5. Christina Desiderio, Parkettes
  6. Gabrielle Douglas, Buckeye
  7. Brenna Dowell, GAGE
  8. Jazmyn Foberg, MG Elite
  9. Marz Frazier, Parkettes
  10. Emily Gaskins, Palm Beach Gymnastics
  11. Rachel Gowey, Chow’s
  12. Lauren Hernandez, MG Elite
  13. Amelia Hundley, Cincinnati Gymnastics
  14. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics
  15. Madison Kocian, WOGA Gymnastics
  16. Ashton Locklear, Everest Gymnastics
  17. Maggie Musselman, Hill’s Gymnastics
  18. Lauren Navarro, Gliders Charter Oak Gymnastics
  19. Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
  20. Alexandra Raisman, Brestyan’s
  21. Lexy Ramler, KidSport LLC
  22. Emily Schild, Everest Gymnastics
  23. MyKayla Skinner, Desert Lights Gymnastics
  24. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams Gymnastics
  25. Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters

Possibly: Bailie Key, Texas Dreams Gymnastics- According to KZB

Texas Dreams BTR Recap: Episode 3

This episode is all about Peyton Ernst and some of the breakthrough moments of her gymnastics career. She was always one of those in the shadow kids, until recently, when she really started believing that she could make her dreams a reality.

Peyton starts out with talking about how intimidating it was when she first moved to Texas Dreams and was put on the dream team. A lot of the other girls had some pretty high level skills, specifically Chelsea Davis and Kennedy Baker. 

“I never realized that I could do elite, but it was probably about half a year to a year later that Kim knew I could do it if I really just believed and push all my effort because I have great potential, so she said I just have to put my mind to it and I can achieve it.” -Peyton Ernst

Kim spoke about Peyton’s potential and was very honest in saying that she didn’t see the same potential in her as some of the other girls, at first. She was a really flexible kid, but wouldn’t even stay in a split, so it really wasn’t clear where Peyton would end up or how far she would even go.

“I went into the first season with the mindset of, oh kinda cool, she’s putting some things together - she legitimately should be able to qualify to Championships and that’s literally how it started.” -KZB

“When Peyton came in, she was with three other sisters - there were four of them at the time and they were all doing gymnastics and Peyton was at a point where she was a level 10ish. I remember her not having a bar release, she had kind of a shootover, she had a laid out yurchenko maybe, so she kinda came into the gym and had potential and was an aspiring elite in that she had a vision and some raw talent and where we were gonna go from there - we didn’t know.” -Chris Burdette

Kim talks about how much of a breakout year it was for Peyton. She went from competing at Championships three times with the National team getting smaller and smaller each year, largely due to the number of juniors, so Peyton continued to rise a little bit each year, but for three years, she was just the next kid in line.

“I remember having a conversation with her by the stereo - I mean I’m almost in tears of like I need you to believe that you can do this. I feel like you’re just taking turns to try to finish these routines. There’s not the thing behind it that it has to be. This isn’t just I’ll do it again and I’ll likely not make it, but I’ll stay here and do whatever you tell me. Like this has to be I’m doing this, I’m getting this because I’m going to this camp and this is what’s gonna happen and whether or not she believed it then or she just ended up proving herself into thinking this would happen - well she goes the next month, March, and is added to the National team.” -KZB

“When I got selected for the National team, I was just so excited and I was so happy to go to Italy and stuff because it was my first time out of the country.” -Peyton Ernst

Chris talked about Peyton going from Jesolo to Germany with the team to compete, but then flying straight to Japan to compete in the World Cup. Kim and Chris thought it was a great opportunity, and although it seemed like it was gonna be really hard, it was just trial by fire and they would figure it out. 

Peyton said she expected the competitions to be a much bigger production than they actually were. She thought the equipment would be on podium, but she was sort of relieved and calmed once she was in the atmosphere of everything. In Germany, she tied for second with Simone Biles right behind Kyla Ross and that was a huge confidence booster.

“When you take an athlete to one international competition, the next one they’re generally a little more confident, but going back to back to back was something we hadn’t seen, but we were able to watch her grow, you know, in the course of a few days.” -Chris Burdette

“Bailie and Peyton have gotten closer over the last year, which has been really fun for all of us to watch, including their parents. They complement each other very well and they’re both very sweet girls and it’s been really nice for both of them to get to experience a lot of these competitions together because it’s like bringing a little piece of home with them wherever.” -KZB

Bailie and Peyton told a funny story about something that happened last year in Italy. Peyton sleepwalks, but she didn’t tell anyone. One night, she ended up in the hallway of their hotel at 2am and started banging on Marta’s door. Bailie said Peyton was so embarrassed, but looking back, it was really funny. Now she sleeps with a room key whenever they travel, so she can get back in the room if she ends up elsewhere haha.

Right before Pac Rims this year, Peyton was having some ankle problems. She went and had it x-rayed on Monday, but they didn’t really see anything, so they scheduled an MRI for Tuesday. Little did Peyton know, she was leaving on Tuesday for Canada, so they couldn’t do the MRI. She competed at Pac Rims and had the MRI once she got home, only to find a clear fracture in her foot.

“I just knew I had to push through it because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” -Peyton Ernst 

She rested her foot completely - non weight bearing for four weeks once they got home from Pac Rims. There’s some footage of her on the elliptical and Kim says they’re just taking it slowly for now so she can be ready for September and that portion of the year,

“Our goal for Peyton is World Championships. That is what we feel like is a viable goal that I don’t think is too far out there for her and her gymnastics. She’s starting to intuitively become a contender. Right now it’s just a matter of making sure she can execute gymnastics that is consistent, that is confident, and is something that international judges will reward and past that we have to see what the field looks like, but I certainly think that’s a possibility for her." -Chris Burdette 

"If anyone told me three years ago that I could be considered making a World team, I don’t think I would’ve believed them, but now being here and knowing that it is possible, it feels amazing and it makes me go into the gym and work harder and harder everyday.” -Peyton Ernst

Would’ve loved to hear a little bit about Peyton’s verbal commitment to the University of Florida, but overall, another good episode. Can’t wait to see Peyton and the rest of the Texas Dreams athletes compete this year!