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KZB translation: she's secretly pissed that aly has already had one olympics and yet came back in such good shape and lessened her athletes' chances of making this year's olympic team, especially since ragan and aly are so similar in their gymnastics strengths. that is COMPLETELY what she's getting at there.

Basically lmao

Pokemon SPARK!

Why I think this video has viral SPARK…

Sharing- This video is highly shareable because it is entertaining and relevant to the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation. People will share because they either use the app, know somebody who uses the app, or has seen people playing on the app.

Participate- I believe part of the reason people participate in viewing and sharing this content is because it is funny. We like seeing people getting playfully abused by pop culture and want our friends to enjoy the video as well.

Authentic- You can tell by the first guy who was knocked into the water that the video is authentic. He was literally chasing after the van with an anger on his face that most actors can’t even achieve. You also see the authenticity based on the varied reactions from other victims; some ran, some just shrugged it off.

Reach- This ties back to the reason it is so shareable. It reaches so many viewers due to the popularity of the app. If the Pokemon Go app hadn’t started such a movement of people following their phones like zombies it would not reach so many people.

Kick- I believe the “kick” is in the commitment to their characters. The culprits dressing up like Pikachu (probably the most famous of all Pokemon) and the attention to detail on their Pokeballs (I don’t know if they’re called that… I make fun of these Pokemon Go people) gives the video extra oomph.