As mentioned in the spoilers, it’s been confirmed that Magi will enter its final Arc starting on October 28th. Note that this is the start of an arc, so for now we don’t know how long it will last - it can go on for months, or even years. Furthermore, I wonder if this will mean we might get a KZB set soon?

Sinbad no Bouken, on the other hand, has no planned end date as of now.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this TV special and the information it will discuss… a third season maybe?

Everyone, let’s stay together until the end!!

Updated Shaman King Master Post!

This time I included alternate links for everything, just in case my recommended websites (the first link in every section) isn’t your favorite. 

As always, feel free to add links of your own!


Shaman King - KZB version included. This is the first, main story, dealing with the Shaman Fight that happened right before and through 2000. (Alternate links: #, #, #)

Mappa Douji - A short and important excerpt of Hao’s first childhood. Read it before getting to chapter 299 in KZB! (#, #)

Funbari no Uta - Hana Asakura’s life before he meets his parents. The gathering of the five warriors. (#, #)

SK Mentalite: Snakes Legs - A Bonus chapter from the fanbook that takes place shortly after the last chapter in KZB. (Note: Some of the websites place this chapter alongside KZB.) (#, #, #, #)

Shaman King Zero - The childhood of several important characters. Chapters 6 and 7 are the continuation of Mappa Douji. (#, #)

RELAX - Short story retelling how Hao recruits his team. (#)

SK Remix Track - A collection of sixteen manga shorts, taking place before Flowers. (#, #, #, #, #)

Hana’s Epoch - Technically the first published chapter of SK Flowers, but I’ll link it separately because it was originally a one-shot published in the Mentalite book alongside Snakes Legs. (#)

Shaman King Flowers - The sequel to Shaman King, focusing on Yoh and Anna’s son, Hana Asakura.  (#, #, #)

Anna the Itako - In case you were wondering why all the talk of “Anna the Third” in Flowers. Anna Kyoyama is technically the second, and Alumi would be the third. This is the first.

Death Zero - A Takei one-shot that later becomes relevant in Flowers.

Yahabe - A one-shot quite relevant to Flowers, focusing on Yosuke and YVS. (#)


Japanese with English subtitles: #, #, #

English dubbed: #, #, #, #

Both versions available: ##

Shaman King Omake -  Five short stories that don’t particularly go anywhere in the anime, but somewhere in between. I don’t think there’s a dubbed version; subs only. 

The Documents of the Shaman Fight - A New Year’s Special episode. Watch some of the fights, with comments from the characters. It’s funny. Subs only. (#, #, #) (Note)

Original Soundtrack - This account has the most complete soundtrack I’ve seen so far.


Mankin Trad - They are the people you have to thank for bringing you the English translation for the KZB chapters and the latest Flowers volumes, as well as many other wonderful extra chapters that otherwise would have not been available in English.

Patch Cafe - “Sitting around talking about Shaman King.” This forum keeps you updated on any new chapters, volume releases, and available merchandise.

Shaman King Nation - Not only keeps you updated on all things Shaman King, but focuses on Takei’s other works as well.

Shaman King Wiki - A wikipedia specifically dedicated to Shaman King!

The Legendary Warriors - A fansite here in dedicated to bringing Shaman King fans together in activities. They include a list of other Shaman King blogs/fans.


Support Shaman King by buying official merchandise!!

Shaman King in print (Volumes 1 - 32) or Digital


Anime DVDs (Vol. 1 , Vol. 2)


Hiroyuki Takei:

On Twitter

Jumbor - “Baru Craw was effectively killed when the ‘Jumbors’ started destroying and rebuilding the world. Now he is reborn as a Jumbor and must travel this new world to find his friends and save the world from injustice.” (#, #, #, #)

Ultimo - Ultimo and Vice are the incarnations of pure good and pure evil, respectively. Will one finally conquer over the other? (#)

Butsu Zone - Sennju, an emissary of the buddha Kannon, appears in the human world to find and protect the reincarnation of the buddha Mirokou. The emissary arrives on Earth just in time to save a young girl from being bullied by some rough looking men. Just who is this girl and will she believe that he’s a buddha who was sent by Kannon? (#, #)