Um yikes Ragan, was it really necessary to throw the bit about Gabby in there? I’m really hoping that it was just an editing hack job and she’s not that bitter.

Also, does anyone get the feeling that kzb no nothing about Ragan? We talk all the time about coaches having favorites and I really feel like Kim’s is Ballie. She’s just so lackluster about everything she says about Ragan.


Have you seen this routine!?!? Her legs and toe point are gorgeous and her releve and work on pointe (? Is that correct?) is amazing. The only thing I don’t like is the purposefully flexed foot at the beginning, but that’s KZB for you.
Does anyone know if she is continuing level 10 or is she going to try elite again?

As mentioned in the spoilers, it’s been confirmed that Magi will enter its final Arc starting on October 28th. Note that this is the start of an arc, so for now we don’t know how long it will last - it can go on for months, or even years. Furthermore, I wonder if this will mean we might get a KZB set soon?

Sinbad no Bouken, on the other hand, has no planned end date as of now.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this TV special and the information it will discuss… a third season maybe?

Everyone, let’s stay together until the end!!