Hey TF2 Fangirls! I’ll issue a Soldier x Medic Fanbook on HARU COMIC CITY 19(MARCH 16)! If you are in Japan you should get this. I think Japanese TF2 fanbook is this only. I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Yeahhhhhhh! You can buy this book →[]

atlamilliageorama  asked:

Would your human AU papyrus and sans look any different if they weren't underfell? I'm just curious. I really love their designs but I wonder if they'd still have the same features if Papyrus was a goof and not a...whatever he is in underfell.

Thank you~~ Actually, I had already draw human AU Papyrus and Sans. Here it is! but… “the same features” you said is almost nothing. I’ll draw them again. soon.