kyyhky's adventures in baires

Finally back at home! ! !

Gaaaaaaaaahhhhh this weekend was so much fun!!! We were outside almost the whole day so I barely could touch the pc;;;

First, my friends Hi, Nao and Maty went to Buenos Aires on Saturday. We were going to a gakuen themed convention in la Plata, not only to rock our Tumblr uniforms but to meet and watch Sayounara John Takeda perform there 8D It was a small but very fun convention, and people took us a lot of photos!!

[Naoku-, Aninyan, Hi-Ban and me;;; Ani helped us a lot with the cosplays and posing for photos!! *3* ♥] 

We went back to Buenos Aires pretty late at night, so we stayed at my apartment, had a very quick dinner and out to sleep;;;

On Sunday morning actually at midday lolololol we headed to China Town. We didn’t know, but it was a celebration day! Something Buddhism related, so there were different shows and activities and music and dragons;;


Very beautiful to see! So we had lunch there in a restaurant IT WAS AHFDARDA DELICIOUS and then… theeeeeeen…. WE MET SHIUKA. YES, Shiu went to Buenos Aires yaaaaaaaaaaaay! So we took a photo to remember this glorious moment


We are so beautiful (????

After a little, she had to go D: And then we went to a tea house ‘cause we wanted to eat more delicious things~



Finally we went back home, I finished packing everything and we headed back to Rosario at night Q^Q Poor Maty, during the 4 hours trip he had to listen to me talking about One Piece, and showing him my doujins [he asked], and fangirling;;;; But it was fun, so I don’t regret it xD

ALSO!! In China Town there was a shop with a lot of figures and anime things, and I couldn’t resist and bought an Ace 8DDDD I didn’t take a photo yet, buyfsytdsgds he’s there in my room and aghdartsa let me fangirl in peace;;;;

Okay, that’s all ^q^ I have to come back in a month and half but I don’t think it’ll be as fun as this experience was n.n

Kyyhky’s Adventures in Baires are over for now ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ