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Hello alison, may i req more of jikook with flight attendant!jimin au? Cos i swear they are so kyuuuut i imagine jimin angrily bristles everytme jungkook teases him (but jimin looks more like an angry puppy) lol thank youuuu

(omfg i can’t believe someone even remembers this au but yeah sure thing)

it’s that customer again. “he keeps asking for you,” his coworker teases and jimin scowls. 

“only to make fun of me,” he pouts. 

“he keeps telling you you’re cute, i’d call that a compliment,” she grins and jimin glares at her. 

“i’m a guy.”

that he thinks is cute,” she says. “see? compliment. now go see what he wants.”

jimin grudgingly makes his way over to first class. and there he is, jeon jungkook, in all of his first-class, businessman, sexy-ass motherfucker glory. not that jimin would ever say it to his face because he doesn’t like jeon jungkook one bit. not. at. all. definitely not his stupid sexy shoulders or his stupid cute smile or his stupid stupid self. 

oh you’re here,” jungkook grins and jimin rolls his eyes. 

“so what would you like, sir?” jimin says. 

“just water,” jungkook says. “you could get yourself some milk too while you’re at it. maybe you’ll grow.”

compliments his ass, jimin thinks. “i’m of perfectly average height,” he hisses and jungkook laughs. he’s so attractive it’s annoying. 

“you’re so cute when you’re angry. you’re like a puppy,” jungkook grins and jimin huffs.

“i’ll be back with your order,” he says and stomps off. 

“when you’re done come back and sit with me!” he hears jungkook call. 

as if, jimin thinks even as his heart gives a traitorous thump. 

“you gonna sit with him?” his coworker asks as he fills a glass with water. 

“gotta please the customer,” jimin grumbles and she laughs. 

“it’s okay if you like him and want to sit next to him,” she says knowingly