HaruEru day is not over, yet!

And I still don’t have scanner! /kicked Next doujin! Once again, sorry for bad quality. I love my phone couchbrickedcough

Don’t repost this anywhere! And make sure to rated the artist work!

Title : Gunji keiyaku no rikou to shounen shouko no junjou (An act of military pact and the boy’s pure heart)

Author : あずまず (

Warning : R18! Well, you can see that from the cover…, i’m not going to translate the ‘voice’ when doing that, sorry

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[Doujin] HaruEru - R18!

It’s R18! And again, I must apologize for the bad quality! /bowdown
 Gimme scanner, gimme, gimme~~

Title : The beautiful ass of L-elf Gofun to gofun no Jishou (The event in five minutes and another five minutes)

Author : otyawanippai (pixivID : 3219771)

Warning : NO REPOST this anywhere!! Give stars to the real author. And beware of bad quality!

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Happy HaruEru day!

…Aaaand I want a scanner. Sorry for the bad quality. This is the unofficial HaruEru anthology. Posting and translate one of the doujin in here.

Title : Kisu shitara wakaru (We’ll understand after we kiss)

Author : そうめん (

Give her work rating, and don’t repost this anywhere! (It’s a really bad quality, so i doubt anyone will do it lol)

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