kyuujyu amagiri

Hakuouki 30 Day Challenge

Day 21. Character most like you in personality

I had to think long and hard about this one. I’ve decided that Shinpachi is most like me personality wise! He loves to drink, eat, and have fun, but he’s not afraid to speak his mind when he doesn’t like something. And the part where he gets jealous of Sano about his popularity sounds like me with Jeana(TenkaiStar) and Tumblr. XD

Sano: “I’m not popular."                             Jeana: "I’m not popular.”
Shinpachi: “No you’re popular!"                     Me: "No you’re popular!”
Sano: “What are you basing this on?"           Jeana: "Why do you say that?”
*Geiko stops in to say hi to Sano*     *Jeana recieves 10 messages in 10 minutes*
Shinpachi: “That’s what I meant!"                 Me: "That’s why!”
Sano:  “That’s just a Geiko saying hello."        Jeana:"That’s just some of my
                                                                         followers saying hello." 
Shinpachi:"Gah! You say that like it’s no big deal!Just what am I lacking?!” Me:“Gah! You say that like it’s no big deal! Just what am I lacking?!”

Day 22. Favorite minor character

Kyuujuu Amagiri! I just think he’s awesome. He does what he has to do, but he’s not a jerk. He acts in a way he deems necessary and nothing more. He’s just a great character! Plus he fights with nothing but his fist, so that is pretty boss!