Acid Town aka Epic Tragedy

This is one of my fav couple (Rei is probably my favourite character) and they look so hot kissing

Every time I reread Acid Town I am so so so impressed by hand Kyuugo sensei weaves everything together, but it’s all so tragic.  I hope at least Jun comes out of it unscathed.

Acid Town

I didn’t expect to read something brimming with angst, tragedy and bittersweet feelings in yaoi, but colour me surprised. 

I think the greatest, most memorable moment for me wasn’t a moment of tension or ‘boys love’, but when Yuki, that little kid asked Rei,

“When will you come back?”

which Rei claimed saved him from his misery, from his feeling of being forgotten, from distrusting others, is what I garner. 

The words and smiles of a child can mean the world to an individual. 

Stalker Danshi anthology cover by Kyuugou.

Picking through garbage, wiretapping, hidden cameras, stalking, threats etc.

Features Matsumoto Noda, Miyoshi Ayato, Satomaru Mami, Hasumi Shiro, Katou Muu, Sachimo, Romu, Komatsu Butai, Azumi Tsuna, Ichiko, Umino Rena, Komotomi Yuuma, Nanako, Ne Sugi, Bunkawa Jimi.