kyuu woes

oh whoa ladystuck reveals went up at some point so

i wrote to be shore of it for vintar, a short but sweet little thing about meenah becoming gradually disappointed with the beforan throne. originally, i had something bigger planned out (about 20k words sobs), but after several computer problems and bouts of staring at my computer whispering i don’t like this oh no, it ended up as it is now. oops!

maybe one day i’ll refurbish those 20k words into something i’m happy with and give my giftee the fill that awesome prompt deserves. but for now, i hope everyone had fun working on their fill and that everyone enjoyed what they received!

(i know i did on both accounts ehehe)


kawaii voice meme

  • Say your username and your name with the proper honorific. 
  • Where are you from? 
  • What is your favourite anime?
  • Pronounce the following words: Kawaii, Sugoi, Desu, Kakkoi, Bakemonogatari, Konnichiwa, Ohayou, Onigiri, Sushi, Onegai, Arigatou, Neko, Nyan, Hasubando/Waifu, Ochinchin, Manko, Gomennasai, Sayonara, Naruto, Onii-chan, Musume, Zetsubou shita, Meido, Mahou Shoujo, Hajimemashite
  • What do you call an attractive male
  • Who is your waifu for laifu?
  • What are you watching this season?
  • Who’s your favourite touhou?
  • Why aren’t you kawaii?

i will regret posting this later /)(\


Does anyone know how to make those images where you drag it, and when you drag it you suddenly see something that was transparent/not visible in the image normally? Like there’s a “ghost image” hidden inside the real image or something? I’m really bad at explaining this…