kyuu photos

Some pretty cool wttm for your Otayuri needs 😎

• Otabek by (me) Convallaria Cosplay
(convallaria_cosolay on IG)
• Yuri by Anae Cosplay
(anae_cosplay on IG)
• Photo by Kyuu Eturautti

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Well léFuq~
Me and my darling Elli-chan were at Cosvision, Turku 10.-11.5.14 and we didn’t intend to go, buuut then we ended up there xD So our “new” cosses that were ment to be ready only month later are like hanging on ducktape~

So yeah, Saturday at Cosvision as Hisoka and Illumi (me) from Hunter x Hunter 2011, York New arc 😁

Funny things:
1) We met amazing Kuroro and Hisoka and had photoshoot with them~
2) Met Killua (aka “my lil-bro”) there and we had epic rock-paper-scissors tournament xD 3) Went in those cosses to pick some takeaway dinner and ended up pose for tourists that recognized our characters xD

Photos by Kyuu Eturautti