Ryeowook : When we were in hotel. Kyuhyun and I were stay together(in one room). Because (we were) scared. Actually they told us to stay one person per room but we left the other room empty for all 3 days because we were very scared. Kyuhyun said that he felt like there was something in his room… I can’t tell which country. “Ryeowooka~ sleep with me” he begged me like that. I had a weird dream too so we slept in the same room for all 3 days trip.

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i was tagged by rainbowfootsteps to list 15 things that make me happy!

1. cuddling

2. piggyback rides

3. when people engage in a conversation with me (about anything really)

4. being used as a pillow/using someone as a pillow

5. learning/speaking different languages

6. playing my piano

7. playing pokemon

8. reading (i will read just about anything just hand it to me)

9. being praised/complimented (ik it’s weird but it means a lot to me when someone actually stops what they are doing and gives thought to what you are doing and idk)

10. when people make things/draw things for me or anything that YOU put your time and effort in doing for me i will treasure it forever

11. creating fanfics or stories in my head when im bored or going to sleep

12. when people sing to/for me

13. when people read to me

14. peanut butter jelly sandwiches

15. pasta

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