kyutie-ful  asked:

when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you! (also CHANGE YOUR FONT COLOUR, I CAN'T READ SHIT)

rude. i’m too lazy to find a new theme. deal with it. :p i’ll probs go looking for one soon. & i like being your ‘lil shit ♥ (and i wouldn’t let you go. you try to leave and i’m coming over there because you must be mad/crazy)

kyushii - i don’t know if you remember, it happened last year, a couple months ago. i got really upset about my weight and you comforted me despite the fact we never talk and it meant a lot. it was really sweet of you and thank you♥ i love your blog too. like in love with the things you post.

thatpixie - i consider you one of this silent friendships on tumblr and despite the fact we don’t talk i know you’re super nice & cool from the things you reblog and sometimes post about. you’re adorable af and don’t doubt it. i love the stuff you post and the diversity (especially because you like marvel and not a lot of people w ho follow me do)

proudelfbana - you actually pay attention to my random personal posts and it makes me smile every time you reply to something. you’re an amazing person and i like your blog a lot.

kikusui - you helped me out with my german a little bit before and we haven’t spoken since which sucks, but it was really nice of you and i liked our conversations. you were super nice and really helpful. TALK TO HER PEOPLE. SHE’S A REALLY SWEET PERSON.

ichigyus - tbh, i was super surprised totally did not squeak whenever you followed me (and that you still folow me) because you have such a nice blog and i’m plffffff. i really really really like your blog. really. lmao.