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Anon asked: Fitzsimmons + Life As We Know It AU

“No, that’s the thing. They become more and more chaotic until they reach some sort of chaotic critical mass. When that happens, they spontaneously reorganize themselves at a higher equilibrium level. It’s called self-organized criticality.” - Connie Willis, Bellweather


Fierce competitors since high school chem class, Fitz and Simmons don’t get along, despite the best efforts of their best friends. When two of those friends leave a young baby, Sophie, in their joint custody, these two brilliant minds decide to put aside their differences, move in together, and do their best. And it’s a mess. But from chaos, the world was born. One little romance shouldn’t be too hard.


AU challenge: Send me any character(s) and any other show/verse/AU and I will do a thing (askbox)