its so sad because my favorite sanrio characters (besides pom pom purin, my melody, tuxedo sam, and kuromi) are chibimaru, pinkilili, pink no corisu, spottie dottie, pururun kyupi, nyago, and mashumaro mitaina. they’re so forgotten!! a lot of them aren’t even on the website’s timelilne!! they deserve love too!! :(


From Terashii’s Unison on August 17th.

Terashii’s 6th single, sunlight avenue, was released that very same day!

Terashii laughed so much yesterday! He was soooo cute I wanted to eat him up (♡´艸`)

He wore the shirt he got (won) from Kakki’s corner in Unison event several weeks ago XD
It was a black shirt with a picture of a mustached and bearded German version of him www

In Terashima gacha corner (actually, the name is Terashima kyupi, but I prefer to call it Terashima gacha, so…), he explained “cat”. He also said that he loves cats, but since he is allergic to them, he had to use eyedrop when they took pictures of him and the cat for sunlight avenue. But when the pictures had been taken, his eyes were still red, so they had to photoshop his eyes to whiten them (´;ω;`)

By the way, the name of the cat is ロイドくん!
How do you spell ロイド? Roid? Loid? Lloyd? I’m seriously confused here ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

Also, next week’s Unison will have guests! Terashii’s guest will be the karaage lover Shimono Hiro! (/^▽^)/
Prepare yourselves for the same feel as the third episode of Tobidase! QuiPri www

All screenshots are mine.

kyupie-blog  asked:

I've just spent about 2 hours just reading the poetry, quotes and musings of yours on your blog and I have to say I've had a perfect evening. You have such a talent with words. Could you please recommend some poetry books that you find particularly enticing? I love to read but I can't afford many books myself so I was wondering if you could give me a shortlist of those you like most. Probably love/heartbreak themed if that is any help. Sorry to ask a question you most likely get asked regularly!

Aw, aren’t you just a doll? Thank you.

Pablo Neruda’s Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Love Poems, 100 Love Sonnets and The Captain’s Verses: Love Poems would all be perfect selections. Of course, there are poems that are repeated in each edition but to me it’s worth having all of them. He’ll knock you right out of the park, I promise. Though, I will forever recommend Anne Sexton’s Love PoemsThe Love Poems of Rumi by Deepak Chopra is an absolute gem of a book as well, but if you’re just getting started with poetry, an excellent choice would be the Everyman’s Library Love Poems. Amazon sells it for around ten dollars or so? (P.S. Their Love Letters volume is wonderful, too.) x