kyungsoo what

  • Sehun: Johnny said he's afraid to come over because you didn't make him feel welcome.
  • Kyungsoo: His hands were all over you and he wouldn't stop touching your butt.
  • Jongin: Why do you care though?
  • Kyungsoo: I don't, it's just-
  • Jongin: It sounds like you care, so like, why do you care?
  • Yixing: What do you guys want for dinner? I want pizza. Who wants pizza?

                                                             I just hit the lotto

Exo as Classic songs

Yixing:   Pretty Little Rave Girl - DJ S3RL

Chanyeol:   Get Crunk -  Brokencyde

Baekhyun:  Candyland - Blood On The Dance Floor

Kyungsoo:  Talk Shit -  Millionaires

Sehun:  Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives -  Jeffree Star

Kai:  I Move It -  Millionaires

Xiumin:  Fer Sure -  The Medic Droid

Chen:  DAMN -  Scene Kidz ft Brokencyde

Suho:   Bewitched -  Blood On The Dance Floor