kyungsoo what

When you hear that Lay will not be promoting with exo for their comeback but then you also hear that he’s coming back to Seoul to shoot and perform with them so now you’re all confused and are in need of some answers

  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: Fine
  • Me Internally: It's been six days since exo dropped the eclipse teaser and announced their repack but there hasn't been any more news after that. What are they planning? Is Yixing gonna be in repack? Why did they leave for us for dead? How come Chanyeol dyed his hair sliver even though his hair has already been thinned out by dying it too many times? Why does Sehun keep on posting vague spoiler pics on his insta? Why are they in The War, who are they fighting. WHAT THE HECK DOES AN ECLIPSE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS. How come both Minseok and Yixing both decided to take their shirts off and attack me. When was the last time Baekhyun updated us about his dog. When are EXO gonna drop the date for their repack. Why do I hear my wallet crying.

                                                             I just hit the lotto