EXO’luXion Concert Photobook: Kyungsoo interview + mentions


Are you the type to get nervous before going on stage?

Hardly ever. I do get nervous when I have to stand on stage alone. I feel safe being with the EXO members, but I’d be nervous about solo stages. How wouldn’t I feel anxious without the members nearby, watching out for me?

What do you do in the waiting room to get ready for the stage?

Warm up my body, and my voice too. And eat. Haha.

You had concerts and filmed for Unforgettable simultaneously. Was it hard making the switch between being on set and stepping on stage?

I haven’t felt that acting has made the concerts harder. We prepare and practice for concerts, and with forty-four shows, the repetition helps my confidence. The more we have, the more familiar they become, so going on stage isn’t a burden. On the other hand, acting honestly wasn’t easy with the concerts. Every shoot we have for a movie is different. It was hard to prepare all over again for every scene between each concert.

Was acting helpful for being on stage?

It was very helpful. I think it enriched my emotions, gestures, ability to express.

You have a lot of interest in the gourmet. We’re curious about the foods you like from different countries.

I mostly stick to Korean food in Korea. Home food like cheonggukjang, jeon. With Japanese food, I like home food like nukazuke, ochazuke. Ramyun or sushi is tasty too, but I think home food is tastier. With Chinese food, I like huo guo and spicy stir-fried pork. I don’t know a lot about Thai food yet, but som dam is really delicious.

Do you feel awkward about being called cute? What compliment do you like to hear the most?

Isn’t cute relative? The people who I’m close with don’t often call me cute. I think that’s why it feels awkward to me. I like to be told “good job.” It’s also relative, but it feels like recognition to me. I feel very happy to be told “good job.” 

I think we felt anew the strengths of each member with EXO’luXion. What are the strengths of each EXO member that you envy?

Xiumin hyung always keeps his composure. It isn’t easy to be unchanging, but he is constant. He gives off the feeling of a deep-rooted tree? Suho hyung’s biggest strength is his moral character. He’s really nice. He’s the hyung so nice that it can make him silly. I think of Lay hyung’s passion as his strength. He’s gifted musically, but he really gives his absolute best in singing and dancing practice. It’s really good to watch how he always works hard. Baekhyun, he has a great personality. He always sends positive energy to the people around him. That energy is what secures EXO as a team. Sometimes I feel like he protects EXO’s core. Chen is really deeply considerate of others. It’s really nice seeing him take care of the people he holds dear. Chanyeol is always bright. His overflowing energy gives strength to people. It is one thing I envy very much about him. Kai is called cold, but if you get to know him, he is a tender friend. But his charisma on stage is really the best. He is a deeply thoughtful member who treasures EXO and its members. I think that’s why he worries about our stages the most of anybody. Sehun is, ah… that clown has a very powerful ability to concentrate. Usually he acts cute as the youngest, but once we start on concerts or promotions, he shows great concentration. All the EXO members aim to show complete stages, but Sehun also has a lot of ambition.


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160727 @sunghopark0531: Uploading at last. Kyungsoo’s doenjangjjigae and fried rice.. Kyungsoo who is gradually improving his recipes. It was genuinely good… I’ve failed at doenjangjjigae a few times, this is how it should taste. Haha, the doenjanjjigae was hot and refreshing, really tasty. Fried rice also good!! #dailylife #dailystagram #cooking #daily #food #recipe #photo #delicious

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EXO Teaching You Korean

That’s so flattering, I’m so happy you like our blog <3 This is a fun request because I’m pretty decent at Korean and I’m trying to learn more! Gifs aren’t mine. -Admin Amanda
Xiumin: When you ask him in slightly broken Korean to teach you more he would be happy to. However, when you start learning he spends the lesson trying not to laugh at your terrible pronunciations.
“Um… it’s actually more of an ‘uh’ sound… mUHk-ko shee-pUH”

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Luhan: He’d be a little surprised and flattered you would come to him for help on Korean considering his own Korean language skills aren’t amazing but he would try his best for you.
“This word sounds a bit off… I think?”

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Kris: Despite being confident when you originally asked him to teach you Korean, he would soon realize that a few years of not communicating in the language has severely hurt his ability to speak it.
“I’m sorry is that even a word?”

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Suho: He would try his best to teach you through positive reenforcement, always complimenting you even if the pronunciation or wording in your sentences was off.
“Wow, that sounds really good!!”

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Lay: Agreeing to teach you he would try his best even though Korean is not his first language and he wouldn’t have any issues asking the other members for help, also seeing it as a chance for him to study the language more.
“How do you say this again? Right… Y/N, follow what he said.”

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Baekhyun: Although he would try to teach you, Baek wouldn’t be able to stop cooing over how cute your broken Korean is, thinking it is absolutely adorable and finding it too distracting to actually teach you anything.
“Oh my god the way you said that is so cute!!”

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Chen: Probably one of the best teachers, Chen would throughly explaining things is simple Korean so you understand and refusing to sugarcoat anything so you know exactly when you’re right or wrong.
“Try to add more emphasis on the second syllable, that word still doesn’t sound right.”

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Chanyeol: He would both giggle at your incorrect pronunciation of ‘pepper’ and then laugh more at the confused, innocent expression on your face before correcting you, still a fit of giggles.
“No, jagi, just no, please don’t say that.”

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D.O: At first he would lose his patience a lot when you don’t pick up the grammar concepts as quickly as he would like you too but the more you study and the more you improve, the more fun he has with you.
“That was perfect, I’m really proud.”

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Tao: Wanting to impress you this poor boy would try his best to recall this knowledge on the language, but after a while of not speaking it he would find he doesn’t really know it well enough to teach you.
“So… I don’t know what this means… are you sure you don’t want to learn Chinese instead?”

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Kai: Kai would be so patient with you, understanding that it is hard to pick up a new language, especially one with a different alphabet, and try everything he can to make it as simple of a process as it could possibly be.
“Let’s just focus on conjugating first, ok? Don’t worry about that yet.”

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Sehun: He would be a surprisingly good teacher, praising you when you do well and correcting you immediately if you’re wrong. However, after an hour of teaching you he would start to get restless and his attention would waver.
“Yes, very good. Now can we get food?”

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EXO Reaction when you go to a very strict school and relationships aren't allowed in the campus

My Elementary school was like that… living hell -.- Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Always forgets and hugs you in the middle of the classroom* “Oh it’s just a friendly hug… yes… she wasn’t feeling okay…”


“Who cares… she is my girl.. rules are made to be broken!”


*Always stealing glances “You know.. they say that the more you wait, the better it becomes…” *Not sure he is talking about holding hands….*


*Runs every time you two are in the same room* “Damn I want to kiss her! I hate this school, gotta go!”


*In the library, holding hands under the table* “You know.. I love how we always manage to hide and sneak around, going our way…”


*Teasing you… or probably in his own mind he is actually… touching you* “This is driving me insane… she belongs next to me…”


*Always looks at you like that. Everyone starts to wonder why the popular boy is so interested in you, but what no one knows is that you and him always head home holding hands, after school*


*Always getting in problems. Just because it’s forbidden, doesn’t stop boys from hitting on you* “Mine okay? Everyone know… you should too. She is mine”


*Always blowing you kisses* “Even if there’s distance between us… I’m still going to kiss you”


*Really annoyed* “So I finally find ‘the girl’ and they don’t let me be with her…. what’s this?” *Probably trying to find a solution*


*Didn’t pay attention the first day, when they told you the rules* “Wait… we can’t kiss? Since when? that’s no fun! Then why do we come to school?”


“No jagi… we can’t break the rules… what if someone sees us hm? Okay fine.. just one quick kiss”

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Exo React to When you Have to Perform A Sexy Dance Live

This wasn’t a request but since I didn’t post anything yesterday and I really want to have more stuff on my blog, so I’m doing little drabbles and posting them. I only have two requests at the moment which I’m working on so please send your requests if you have any, thank you ~

Xiumin : I know what I’m doing when we get home.

Luhan : *sees the other members staring* OH NO NO NO

Kris : that’s my style…

Suho :

Lay : *as he sees everyone in the audience looking shocked* you really do have a talent, jagi *proud*

Baekhyun : *extremely protective*

Chen : gosh, did you really have to wear those clothes though? *unhappy but doesn’t say anything*

Chanyeol : stay calm, Chanyeol, stay calm

D.O : *doesn’t like the looks you’re getting* Y/N is mine.

Tao : are you being serious right now? not that I don’t like it but are you for real? *protective yet supportive ;)*

Kai : *wasn’t happy that everyone saw that but is proud of you anyway*

Sehun : Y/N you better get ready for later because I’m not letting you walk away that easily after this

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-xxx, Bambi 💕

EXO reaction when their girlfriend spontaneously says “Kkaepsong!”

I do this sometimes and my mom is like….What?!?! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Beginning for each:  *You shout out Kkaebsong all of a sudden*


Yeol: “I see that Baekhyun has now accepted you as a best friend too!”

You: “Whoa! So, when he says you can say this word you’re his best friend? But What about Jongdae?” (You will see in Jongdae’s reaction)

Yeol: “He does that just to get on his nerves. But really Jongdae is also his best friend.”


Fan: “What the hell?”

You: “What?”

Fan: “I know I miss some of the members but I don’t need a reminder babe.”

You: “You say it in your sleep.” -_-

Fan: *Realizes that he has been caught and starts to laugh a little*


Hun: “You are not allowed to say that around me.”

You: “Why not?”

Hun: “Because…well….you’re only supposed to say Yehet and Ohorat!”

You: “But those are your words.”

Hun: “Exactly.”


Tao: “Are you trying to be Baekhyun?”

You: “Yo, he is killer with the phrase.”

Tao: “Please stop trying to be hipster too. Only Baekhyun can say that. 

You: “But you’ve said it a couple of times too.”

Tao: “Touche” 


Nini: “So, you also agree that he needs to have a song with that word in it?”


Nini: “The title song can be called Kkaebsong.”

You: “And like, all of the songs on there should have at least the word in it or talking bout it!”

(I really would buy it though. What about you guys?)


Minnie: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yeah Why?”

Minnie: “You are to not hang with him”

You: “WHAT!?!?! WHY!”

Minnie: “Because he is turning you into him.” *Whispers this part* –> “He let you say it and not me.”


Baek: “I was wandering how I could love you even more and you just gave me a reason.”

You: “Is this a good thing.”

Baek: *Serious look* “YES!”


Han: “Have you been watching Showtime again?”

You: “Nooooooo…..”

Han: “Says the one who started back with Kkaebsong again.”

You: “IT’S CATCHY!!!”


Dae: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yes he did.”

Dae: *Calls Baek* “Why teach her and let her say the word but not me?”


Soo: “You’ve been hanging with Baek too much.”

You: “It is a catchy word.”

Soo: “I know it is. Why do you think I stay away from him. I might catch the Kkaebsong Disease.” 


Xing: “Are you sure your not Baekhyun in disguise?”

You: “I think I hung out with him too much while we were there for the Monster and Lucky One comeback.”

Xing: “It’s okay! I like it!”


Myeon: “I see that Baekhyun has taught you his special word.”

You: “Yes he has!”

Myeon: “That’s good. That means you have officially gotten into his friendship heart! In other words, you are his best friend.”

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