Hi~ Okay so I guess it’s time I finally make one of these. To be honest, every time I hit a follower goal I’d say “oh I should make a follow forever or you know show how grateful I am somehow” and then being the lazy potato that I am I just put it off until I eventually hit the next one and *cycle repeats*

So now that we are passed all that and I finally found the motivation to do this I’m making my first follow forever.

Warning: I get sort of emo in this next part and if you don’t want to see that skip ahead

I’d really just like to thank all the people who thought my blog was interesting enough for them to want to see my shitty posts all over their dash. Never in a thousand years did I expect to get as far as I have or to receive the love that I have on here. Just last year I was just a little multi-fandom blogger that silently died inside at the sight of my bias but never had anyone to talk to about it. But now I have friends irl and online that I can connect with and… yeah it just feels good.

Mutuals - Bolded

Lil Nuggets (aka we’ve talked or you’re a hoe or let me eat you)  - Italicized

Faves - ♥

First I’d like to thank my two bestfriends that I dragged down with me into kpop hell pingki15and akulinaagnessa

Now I need to thank a few more hoes who I feel so lucky to have met on here even though I’m so sucky at staying in contact   cumgodkaij0ngsin♥  jonginencejonginpleasethighfuckingsoo♥  otakusexualkai  kaisdonutspreciousjongin hornykaisootrash kaizzzi thirstyforkimjonginjunmyeoncekyungsoolutionjxngin


2-7-yehets-plus-1-galaxy 305heaux♥ absolute-overdose acebytaemin alexis-san aoidaisy atlasofescapes awesome-kai-jin baekbitchyeol baekingkai♥ baekmeapie baeksgrannyhouse baeksic-bitch♥ baeksqueen baekthatyehet ballerinini bangtan-blossoms blingblingkpop blondejonginnie brbcrawlingtokorea♥ buddhistsuho byunpupbaek candykpopper ceokaisoo chan-y-o-l-o chanyeols-common-sense chanyoels-dimples chenrrerorocher chenshit♥ chenstesticles chensturbation chickenmaniajongin churchofzhangyixing chytaosoo cinnamon-roll-jongin creepylu-ge cutaekai cutekyungsoo cypherslut♥ daddyparkchanyeol daebakashell dancerkai darklordkyungsoo datkaidoe dazzlingkai♥ deerbaobei deerluded deerxun divinescum do-me-kris♥ doksoo♥


el-kyungsoorado ethereal-baek exo-lmfao exo-ran-out-of-lube♥ exo-rated-fics exodus-kai exoisruiningmyeducation exolightly exovines♥ extrasmallchanyeol fanserviced♥ fated-universe feistyjongin flowerboygang fluffysekai fuckhaja fullmetalhokage getlayd♥ godkyungsoo golfdadsuho2001 got-0-jams grapejongin♥ guccizitaoheartstrings11 hisehunnie huang-shit-tao♥ i-have-a-kawaii-unicorn ichibxn id-tap-sehuns-ass ikyungsooexo illegalkai♥

J-K (don’t laugh at all the jongin blogs i follow)

j-holy j0ngined jellysocean jim-kunmyeon jjangah-monggu-jjanggu jongdaes-jawline jongimja jongin-my-bed jongin-nuendo jongin-relatable jongin-the-devildancer jongini88 jonginism-s jonginjebal jonginorjongout jonginkai-ah♥ jonginmybutt jongins-cherry-lips jonginsblackandproud-goddess jonginsbody jonginschickenbutt jonginsexo jonginsfabulousballs jonginsflatass jonginssoo♥ jongintxt jongxuns♥ junmonkey justmebeingafangirl kai-ryptonite kai-smirked-and kai-soon kaibility♥ kaiblu kaid-oh kaidotkr♥ kaillustrious♥ kaimint♥ kaiptivated♥ kairamelo♥ kairora♥ kais-nuts kais-ride-or-die kaisasshole kaisbabygirl kaishewnuts kaiskisses kaisoh kaisoo-brownies kaisooficrec♥ kaisoopizza kaisoopuppy kaistrated kaiternity♥ kaittens kaiyanoonaya katingles kim-jong-daeyum kim-jongin88 kimjonginah kimjonginly kimkaaaiii krisinsanity♥ krismemore krooong♥ ksoosthighs kuroi-pearl kuronekoneko-chan kvungsu kyungdick kyungisoo kyungpie kyungshits kyungsi kyungsocial kyungsooatemycat kyungsoobootycheeks kyungsooinapocket kyungsoos-eyebrows-on-fleek kyungtagious kyvngsoosthighs kyvnsu


lalalafool lovinghatingjongin lucianaw luhan-is-one-fine-piece-of-china luhan-vevo♥ luheir ma-kyungsoo mageofexoplanet magiclitchii memejongin miskonceptions mysehoney nabahat neli-park nerdsuho♥ newbacon-ings ninethdream nini-soo niniception ninicrxsh nomubogoshipo noxarcanax♥ ohfucking-sehun ohkimjongin94 ohmaknaeoh ohsohsehun ohthethun ohyaahkkaebsong♥ okasianal-orca-ninja omgfishy♥ oohsehun-ah♥ perfect-prince-kai♥ pimp-daddy-suho playboykai pocketsuga pororonini♥ pregnantjongin pregnantkyungsoo princejongnini princesquishysoo pseulgi pyro-owl qtkris


reallyspicyasianramen recherchexo rememberwhenkaisniffedhisnuts♥ round-ass-of-freedom se-breezy sehoppa sehun-gasm sehunsbubbleteabooty sehunseyeliner sehunsfuckgirl selutty senoodle sexologywithkai♥ sincerelyariane sinfulsoo♥ skip-to-my-luhan softjongins soocakes soocrxsh sookuishy soolover sugadaddysuhoe sugarplum-nini sweatykaisoo taoinc taouzi tendersoo the-king-soo thebaesehunnie thefaultinjonginssmile thickdicksehun toosassyforexo tutorxiu twerkingsenpai twinkysoo undeadporn♥


wannatouchmayehet♥ wetjongin wetsekai whenyoucantfuckingchooseabias where-the-kyung-is-kai whyamiafool wuyaoifan wuyifancy wuyifanxing♥ xiao-exo xiu-time xiuchenthecatboys xiulay xiuppa xiusperkynips xo-exooooo yehet-bitches-ohorat yehet-me-harder yehet-to-my-ohorat yeolache yifansgf you-go-chencoco youaremycupoftae yourbiaslikesitrough zitaohun

Thank you to all my followers for supporting me and being lovely

Thank you to all the blogs I follow/mutuals for making my dash beautiful

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made for making this whole ..whatever this is *vaguely waves hands around* a fun experience for me.

I love you all ♥

Hey guys! Hope y’all like the crappy edit. Anyways, I’ve been on here for some time now and it’s been a REALLY great experience! Recently I’ve hit 1K followers! I never thought that 1,000 people would enjoy my trashy and dirty minded blog. That makes me very happy that I have all these people that I can talk to and enjoy my hobbies with.

So without further ado, I’ll introduce you to some amazing blogs! (Mutuals are bolded, “*” are friends I know IRL) 

A - C

askparkbyun | ai-akemi | aegyo-shinee | asksuchen | bootyful-jams | babejongdae​ | baekhyun-for-president | bangtan-sonye0ndan | byun-baekyung | baekstreetbyun | blondechanyeol | churchofzhangyixing | creepy-luhan | cinnamonbyun | can-dicee *

D - F

dohdoro | daenso | doritoxbutt | dyosaurus | dropletsofcolor | doksoo | exobts-snaps | exovines | exhoedus | extrasmallchanyeol | exohasruinedme | eggyeol-loves-baekon | fuckyeah-wuyifan | fuxkkamiisama | fang-url | fybaekyeol 

G - I 

galaxyfeels | galaxymajesty | gaarawantcookie | galaxy-toptop | glitteringlygayzitao | got7 | glittersoo | gayyaoibl | hunmonia | homoromanticjongin |  hegabrielmecastihell | hedgihogi | hello-again-mysecretuniverse | huggingluhan | haterasianlover * | imma-lick-sehun-all-over | influentyeol | icklon

J - L

 jongsooxing | jongdaethehotpackfairy | jong-in-and-out | jxkd | kaillusive | kai-smirked-and |  kyungsmooth | kkaebsongkaisoo | kyungpie | kaineun | kyungsoosgirlfriend | kaisoo-is-ruining-my-life | kkaebsong-andrew | krisinsanity | kiwisses | kailemac | kaifuckinsoo | luhanblowinsehun | luhans-tight-vagina | luhangoestohollywood | larknes 

M - P

mainexing | meltedicecubes | nerdsuho | nancythao123 * | ohships | otakusexualkai | ohsehunimnida | oh-sehuns-ass | oh-luhans |  pledisseventeen | purple-eyed-monster | pewdie | preciousjongdae 

Q - S

 sassy-taekaisoo | se-breezy | sehlestial | sehun-got-baeked | sehunotinme | sehuns-ass-cheeks​ | sekairis | seouldier | show-me-the-xiu-booty | squeeze-the-xiu-ass | stripperbaozi | sumintyfresh | sweetbaekbunns | sweettsource 

T - #

taochingmyself | theexoera | vernofftrash | what-is-a-baekhyun​ | where-the-kyung-is-kai | xiuhanempire | xiuminster | xiumins-buttcrack | xiuminty-icecream * | xoxo1788 * | yeolpeach | yessirchantar | yoongi-mp3 | yuifo | zaikaisoo | zelos-wifey | zikwxn | ztaohs | 00duizhang

Finally, a shoutout to all my followers once again. Thanks for dealing with me and I hope to make your dash a fun place. :) 

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