Baekhyun nicknames
  • bacon
  • sogogi
  • rapbyun
  • Sun Gun
  • baekhyunnie (백현이)
  • baekhyun-ah (백현아)
  • baekhyun-ssi (백현씨)
  • baekyung (배귱)
  • kyungkyung (귱귱)
  • baekgu (백구)
  • light (빛)
  • puppy (강아지)
  • biàn bái (边白)
  • báibái (白白)
[Canada/USA] B’SPECTRA “3rd Spectrum” Group Order

Hey everyone! This is a Canada/USA group order for B’Spectra’s “3rd Spectrum” Photobook! Please show lots of love! Please check out some of the details below! 

⇨ A4 SIZE / ALL COLOR / about 200P / 2014 TLP1~ 2015 TLP2 

⇨ 2CDs
⇨ 1st pack – 3rd Spectrum
⇨ 2nd pack – Raining Heart

⇨ Day gift / KyungKyung doll (our group is able to get this!) *Preview:
⇨ All buyers - Fan, L-holder / A2 Poster / A3 poster / Photocard set / Postcard set / Dust bag / Electromagnetic waves-blocking sticker / B it Born special card set

This group closes on July 9th! For all the details or if you’re interested, please check everything out here!

For my other group orders, please check that out here

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you!!