{Reaction} Block B Finding Out You Like Them Back

Can you do a Block B reaction to them finding out you like them and the feelings are mutual please 😘

Ahn Jaehyo 

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Jaehyo: “Well of course you like me back, I am the hottest man on the planet” *joking*  

{y/n}: “Well, that’s very debatable.” 

Jaehyo: *Pulls you in for a hug* 

Woo Jiho/ Zico

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Zico: “I guess all that song writing and composing really did pay off then” 

Park Kyung

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Kyung: “I’m glad you feel that way, I missed you so much while I was away on tour. Now we never had to be apart.” 

Pyo Jihoon/ P.O

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P.O: “You’re joking! wait.. you’re not? this is amazing news jagiya!”

Lee Taeil 

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Taeil: “Awh, I like you too!”

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: *blushes* “I wasn’t expecting this. I really like you as well.” 

Kim Yukwon/ U-Kwon

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U-Kwon: “I knew you’d fall into my arms one of these days” *winks”

Block B reaction: He thinks you're cheating only to find out you aren't


A/N:This is complete and utter trash but I’m not about to break my pinky promise so here’s my post for today, I’m tired so I’ll edit tomorrow


He stormed into the house and threw a magazine in front of you that had a picture of you walking with some guy. He was so mad he couldn’t even look at you.

“I know you were with him so who is he?”he said as he glared daggers into the floor

You gave him a confused look and checked to see what he was talking about. You started laughing which of course only made him angrier

“Oh so you think cheating’s funny?”he scoffed while beginning to walk away from you

“JIHO LOOK CLOSER THAT’S MY BROTHER I’M WITH”you yelled after him causing him to freeze in his place

He had never felt like a bigger idiot

“Wait what?”

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You had gone to the bathroom and he had grabbed your phone to play games while you were gone.

Everything was good until you got a message from someone that you labeled with a cutesy nickname asking when you could meet up later.

You came back and asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat.

“No thanks why don’t you go with that guy that’s texting you he seems to be waiting for you.“ he said obviously annoyed

You were surprised by his attitude and grabbed your phone to see who he was talking about.

“Taeil that’s my cousins phone number, his flight barely landed and I wanted to introduce him to you later, I can’t believe you don’t trust me” you said as you stormed off

He watched you walk off and tried to figure out how to fix what he did

“Damn I really messed up this time ”

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He walked into you apartment since practice ended early and noticed there was a jacket on your couch that wasn’t his and was definitely to big to be yours

His jealousy got the best of him and he called out your name, not wanting to believe that there could be some other guy here.

You ran down the steps and looked at him with a worried expression

“Jae what’s wrong?“

“I’ll tell you what’s WRONG is there someone else here that I should know about?” He said as he gestured to the jacket.

You gave him a look and grabbed the jacket from him.

“Jae this is my brothers jacket do you not remember…”

“What? How am I supposed to kno-“


His face slowly started to come to realization as he felt a little embarrassed at himself

“I did?….”

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He was on his way to get some take out when he noticed you from outside a cafe window. He stared at you confused as to what you’d be doing here alone  until he saw you hug some guy and sit down with him in a booth.

A look of anger flashed across his face and he walked in a found your table to confront you immediately. You had canceled on him all week and he finally knew why.

He didn’t even give either of you the chance to speak

“So you’ve been going out to meet this guy all this time?” he said as he gestured to the guy with anger in his voice 

“Ukwon what are you doing here? This is my-” 

“Did you know she has a boyfriend” he said as he glared at the boy 

“UKWON THIS IS MY COUSIN” you yelled at him while looking around embarrassed at all the customers that began staring at your table.

Ukwon backed up a bit as he was thrown off by your statement. “What?”

“Don’t you remember? I told you last week he was coming to visit and we might not be able to hang out as much because i wanted to catch up with him..”

A look of realization crossed his face and he started apologizing immediately.

“Oh you’re…..the cousin i was hearing about…” 

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Kyung looked over at you for what seemed the billionth time today. You were giggling to yourself as you answered yet another text message from someone.

This is how it’s been all week

He would try talking to you and you’d either completely ignore him or give him short answers before returning to your phone

It was okay at first but now it got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and he peeked over slightly at your screen and reading a male name at the top.

“You’re texting a guy“ he stated

You looked over at him to see his serious expression and the first thing you noticed was that it more of a statement then a question but you decided to ignore t

“Yeah” you laughed again at the message on your screen

“oh” was all he told you

“Is there something wrong?” you asked him sincerely

“No I just find it weird that you’d rather talk to another guy then your own boyfriend, is there something else going on?”he asked

“What do you me– wait are you seriously thinking that in cheating on you or something?” you said, finally putting two and two together

He looked you in the eyes and tried to remain as calm as possible

“Well you’ve been ignoring me all week for some other guy, what am I supposed to think?“he said somewhat snappy, his jealousy was getting the best of him and he felt it

You put your phone down, clearly there was a misunderstanding, but you also felt bad at the way you have been ignoring him

“I’m not cheating on you jagi, I’m texting my sisters husband because he has no idea what to get her for her birthday second of all we’re thinking of what to get her for her birthday and he’s recommended some pretty hilarious stuff look”

you said as you handed him the phone

Kyung gave you an apologetic look and he felt like the biggest idiot on the planet

“oh well that explains everything doesn’t it?” 

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He noticed you had been working a lot more recently and you wouldn’t be home until really late at night. he found it a little strange at first but he decided to shake it off

It wasn’t until you were less frequent in return if his calls and messages that he started to worry a bit

He wondered if work was really where you were going to but decided not to ask you about it

One day before you were headed of to work you popped in the shower and left your phone on the dresser

He debated on whether or not he should but he decided just to check just to be sure

He unlocked your phone and saw that you had a message from some guy named Brian talking about how he can show up around 4

He noticed that you had loads of messages from him about meeting you at different times and he threw your phone on the floor angrily as he got up and paced around the room.

You came out of the shower and noticed his distressed state

Minhyuk are you alright?“

“No I’m not ALRIGHT, let me ask you something (Y/N) are you cheating on me?”

he said in disgust as he gestured to the phone he had thrown on the floor

“What are you talking about?”

you asked genuinely confused as you reached for your phone from the floor

“oh you and Brian know exactly what I’m talking about, staying out later than usual (Y/N) how could you do this? he scoffed

It immediately clicked in your head what he was taking about and your eyes watered a little at the fact that he thought you would actually cheat on him

“Minhyuk I’ve been coming home late because I’ve been working more hours so that I could have the week off next week like you do and we could spend some time together, Brian is the new intern and I’m trying to fit him into the schedule that’s all

You sniffled a little and he felt like a complete jerk. He came closer to you and tried his best to say how sorry he was

“You know I love you right?

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He noticed how much more you were dressing up and he thought it was a little weird since it was so different from what you normally wear.

Don’t get him wrong he absolutely loved how pretty you were dressing but he wanted to find out the reason.

He didn’t really want to question it that much but he also noticed you were also going out a lot more than normal.

He started to get thoughts he shouldn’t have and he got a little frustrated not really knowing what to think

The possibility of you dressing up and going out more to meet someone else made him extremely jealous

He stopped you before you were leaving one night and his curiosity got the best of him and he asked you outright.

“Jagi where are you going?

The question threw you off seeing as you weren’t expecting him to ask

“I’ll be back in a few don’t wait up for me” you said as you threw him a warm smile

You were almost out the door when he shouted after you

“Who is he?”

you turned to look at him incredulously, you had absolutely no ideas who he was talking about.

“What are you talking about?

“You’re always leaving all dressed up and you never tell me where you’re going, I just want to know what’s going on” he said

“So the first thing you assume I’m doing is cheating?” you said angrily, you tried calming yourself by admitting that you haven’t been completely honest with him

“Look jagi, in trying to get a new promotion at work so I’ve been trying extra hard to get it, me and my boss meet up and she’s interviewing me for the position, I didn’t tell you about it cause I was gonna be embarrassed if I didn’t get it..” you said shyly

He stared at you and wished he hadn’t said anything. He felt like an idiot for not trusting you.

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Sometimes I see pictures of Kyung smiling and I think he's doing it only as a reflex. Other times, when it looks like it comes straight from the heart, my own heart soars and I want to do anything it would take to keep him looking so happy.

*writes him poem on his smile* I actually wrote him a poem on his beauty for birthday this year but was too shy to post so I draft then delete it hours later

Genuine Smiley Kyung

Can we talk about those gums? His gummy smile makes me feel….guys it’s not even after 10 pm here, my fluffy side is not allowed out until after 10 pm.

And this photo this one right here is my favorite photo of him

Really any photo that shows his bottom jaw is my favorite. (my father just caught me talking to myself about my love for Kyung). But back on track any photo or gif that shows his bottom jaw is my favorite.

My favorite things in this world is

Kyung smile w/ jaw and gums

Kyung’s jaw

Kyung smile w/ gums

19 year old Kyung

Kyung touching his right ear lobe

Kyung piercings 

Kyung’s lips

Kyung’s ears turning red (you can’t really see it but if you watch the ep they turn really red)

Kyung in a skirt

REMASTERING Kyung with his DAMN black nail like DAMN

and his DAMN face like DAMN boy

Kyung hands

which I bet he lotions! I wouldn’t say any names…naco

Kyung arm veins !!!!

Sleepy Kyung baby 

His height/him being tiny

Shorts short day

Glasses Kyung

Middle part Kyung

Fun size Kyung

Medium size Kyung

When Zikyung went through that long hair phase

The only time we will ever get facial hair Kyung

Wait whats this? A WILD RANDOM TEENAGE KYUNG HAS SHOWED UP *Pokemon battle music plays*

Kyung’s car

Warm cute jacket Kyung

$$$$$$$ Kyung (I see BLUE LIGHT @w-daisies I SEE THE BLUE LIGHTS)

Hide-and-go-seek Kyung


This too

Forehead Kyung

Okay I’m done. I have more but I’m done for now. My main goal is to make you guys fall for him. I’m going to make you all Kyung stans and you’ll all make him your shining star

Baekhyun nicknames
  • bacon
  • sogogi
  • rapbyun
  • Sun Gun
  • baekhyunnie (백현이)
  • baekhyun-ah (백현아)
  • baekhyun-ssi (백현씨)
  • baekyung (배귱)
  • kyungkyung (귱귱)
  • baekgu (백구)
  • light (빛)
  • puppy (강아지)
  • biàn bái (边白)
  • báibái (白白)