Favorite GIF Interactions: Part 4

It’s been a while, but it’s back. YAY! ^_^ Part 1-3

Onew was asked by the host which woman 1st caught his eye and he (with the seriousness in his face) chose her! and then Onew introduced himself to her afterwards. (my heart can’t even!!)

Zelo took her camera and recorded himself, also at other B.A.P concerts they chose their Black fangirls cameras to record themselves OUT OF ALLLL THE FANS!! <3

Jungkook is so brave to TRY to stare at her while she’s right beside him LOL!

Kyung giving no cares, he also asked her if she has any plans on working for MTV Korea (get it? so he can see her more lol). (that’s why she’s laughing)

When Jackson is around Black women:

(He even held onto her hand during the show xD)