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Every Aight Uttered by Park Kyung as of 2016
Park Kyung
Every Aight Uttered by Park Kyung as of 2016

Because I’m Park Kyung trash, I set out on a mission to find every instance in a song where he does his signature “Aight”. I looked through pre-debut songs, group songs, and solo song, and came up with a disappointing 13 times (I was convinced he did it in like, every song lmao).
List of Aights:
1. “Strong”- P.O and Park Kyung pre-debut song
2. “LOL”-Block B
3. “100% Synchronization”- Block B
4. “Nillili Mambo”- Block B
5. “Mental Breaker”- Block B
6. “No Joke”- Block B
7. “Very Good”- Block B
8. “When, Where, What, How”- Park Kyung Solo Song
9. “Nice Day”- Block B
10. “Jackpot”- Block B
11. “Unordinary Girl”- Block B
12. “Inferiority Complex”- Park Kyung (ft. Eunha of GFRIEND)
13. “Ordinary Love”- Park Kyung (ft. Park Boram)