kyun! ho gaya na

The signs as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan characters (requested)

Aries: Mala ( Action Replayy)
Taurus: Jodhaa ( Jodhaa Akbar)
Gemini: Umrao ( Umrao Jaan)
Cancer: Sofia (Guzaarish)
Leo: Parvati ( Devdas)
Virgo: Suman ( Hum Tumare Hai Sanam)
Libra: Diya ( Kyun!…Ho Gaya Na)
Scorpio: Sunehri ( Dhoom 2)
Sagittarius: Nandini ( Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam)
Capricorn: Sonia ( Pink Panther 2)
Aquarius: Lalita ( Bride and Prejudice)
Pisces: Megha ( Mohabbatein)

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DAY 2677/8

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 10/11,  2015                   Mon/Tue  2:01 am

On the 11th of August there will be celebrations for Ef Poonam Bhuwalika, and we shall all wish and celebrate in her happiness and joy .. Happy birthday Poonam from us all .. love  !!!

And soon there shall be celebrations for the 40 years of SHOLAY …

As the years pass by one is a bit alarmed at the time that has gone by leaving us with just the thoughts of those moments through pictures and incidents that we shall discover and remember ..

‘Aaj ka Arjun’ was Producer KC Bokadia’s first film as a Director .. quite remarkable for someone who did not know direction at all, never trained or assisted in the vocation, to take on the matter and come out successful. But he knew story telling and drama inputs in film making .. his experience as a Producer serving him well ..

Dedicated and simple in his living and approach, he took on the film at the moment of a grave situation in my bearings. The Bofors controversy, which was falsely and maliciously accusing my family and me was at its prime. We had moved courts in London .. the film was under its making during those days, and much like several other projects that I was involved in, was under severe criticism, revolt and with an attitude of non interest in anything that I was doing .. for the country I was a traitor and it reflected in everything that I was working on .. 

When we won the court case absolving us of any involvement, the first person that met KC Bokadia, was his Distributor to tell him : “ Bokadia ji aap ki picture hit hai “ !

When asked why he said, because your hero has been proved innocent in the scandal. Some times there are peculiar reasons and observations from the trade on the success and failure of films .. but really there has to be some kind of advanced learning or telepathy among the people in the masses or on the streets, that pre determine the box office potential of a to be released film .. strange but true … 

‘Saheb .. no need to pray so hard for the success of your film .. it’s not going to run ..” has been the remark that I have had to face often enough, much before the due film is on release ..

The vice versa happens too .. equally peculiarly … !!

KANK was a riot .. each shooting day .. whether in the studios in Mumbai, or the streets and locations of New York .. simply a riot .. cold as hell in NYC, but a riot still .. and the security detail that the production had given each one of us was a bigger riot .. they were like 7 feet tall and wide bodied hugely muscular, men .. of immense presence and frightening quality .. 

I remember, one of them getting into an argument with an adamant fan wanting to push his way through, being blocked by this mountain of a man .. who when the fan did not relent, provoked the ‘mountain’ to lovingly whisper into his ear :

“ back off Sir, or else I shall EAT you .. !!!”  .. hahahaha .. 

It was such a fun moment .. the fan laughed too and eventually of course he was given audience courtesy moi and we did some autographs and pictures.

‘Toofan’ and ‘Kyun ho gaya Na’ .. were failures .. the former being the last that I did with Man ji and the latter shot up in beautiful Coorg, south of the country… great visuals .. coffee plantation country .. and the region that has been renowned for its warrior tradition .. many of our eminent Generals in the Armed forces came from there .. our first Independent India’s Commander in Chief of the Army, Gen Cariappa and later Gen Thimayya, from the region … and I believe many still come from the same area for the Services.

It is fascinating and most valued information, that one member of the family that dedicates his life for the Forces, finds a traditional connect with the rest of the generations that follow in the same profession .. much like a business house or a film family, or politics ..  

Hmmm ..

And then there is that recently popular hand gesture that signifies a ‘heart’ for love .. which has been wrapped around the family and the children .. for they are the dearest to the heart .. family .. extended family !!!


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