Clean (M)

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Pairing: Reader x Yugyeom

Genre: Smut | Fluff 

Words: 1.9K

“Are you even looking?” You glance up from your phone and see a sweaty Yugyeom half panting and half pouting at you.

“Looking at what?”

“Y/N I thought you came so you can check out my new dance”

“No, I came because someone promised me a midnight snack in the market”

“I said might” he walks over to you “You’re not really behaving like someone that wants that to happen.”

“That’s not fair. Hurry up and shower.”

“What’s not fair is spending the night going to the market and then you going to the dorm with the guys, when we could be doing something else.”

He reaches on the ground next to you his bottle and comes back up to give you a smirk, putting his hand for support on the mirror behind you. leaning down so close you can see his pupils dilate slightly, you fail to catch his eyes as they travel down towards your lips.

“Don’t move” he presses his lips against yours not hesitating in pulling you toward him causing you to drop your phone. A smile forms on his lips as he pulls back slightly tugging on your lower lip,

“Your phone doesn’t seem so interesting how does it?” He teases

“Shut up.”

Your hand reaches up to touch his cheek and he goes back down taking his time to use his tongue gently on your lips before exploring inside.

His hands tighten around your hips suddenly turning you to face the mirrors and breaking the kiss.

You feel his member hardening press behind you, causing a small moan to escape. ”So needy.” His hand pushes your hair to the side before he slowly traces a line down your neck with his lips.

“Lock the door” you say against the mirror, before all your ability to think vanishes.           

“Would you be mad if I say I always lock it when it’s only us?” He jokes pulling your shirt above your stomach with one a hand and another unbuttoning your shorts

“Is this the only thing you th- m” your ability to make sentences vanish as his fingers go under your panties and automatically find your clit.

“It’s the only thing you make me think about” his cool breath agisnte your neck and the slight pull of your clit with his finger cause your whole body to shiver.

“Yugyeom“ you sigh.

“I might not be the only one thinking about this,” he whispers. One of his fingers go further down to find your entrance to circle his fingers in your juices before spreading towards your clit, “You’re so wet already.”

Your hand grasp the mirror to stabilize yourself and another grabbed his hand, unable to stop your eyes from closing at the pure sensation of his painfully slow fingers going up and down your core.

He resumes attacking your neck, slipping one of his fingers inside, your moan fogs up the mirror in front of you, “You’re so hot.” he takes away his fingers, causing a whimper. “But I’d rather use my cock to please you,” you groan at the loss of connection, “Still want me to go the showers?”

“No” you pant barely being audible.

“Oh wow, y/n where’s you voice?” His grown member presses against you again, reminding you of the pool forming between your legs.

“Yugyeom, ” you say a little louder, “stop teasing, please, if you want I’ll join - Yugyeom!” You yell as he lifts you over his shoulder and starts running.

You see the floor under you as, he runs towards the showers. Thankfully, only a hall separates the showers from his practice room.

“What if someone saw us?” You laugh as he puts you down.

“It’s a Friday night, no ones here. Now stop worrying about how we can get caught and start worrying about our issue at hand” he brings you hands over to his throbbing member. He bits his lips as you put you hands higher to lift up his shirt. You tip toe up to kiss his neck causing a growl to come out of him, making him push your shorts down fully - helping you walk out of them and into the curtained shower.

In one motion his pants are off and thrown outside as you slide down to squat between his legs. “Baby, in this position you can make me agree to go to the market with you everyday” you scoff and take a minute to catch your breath, before you lick around his tip.

You hear him let out a quiet moan encouraging you to take his member fully in your mouth. His hand gently go on your hair gently pushing you to his pace. You hollow your cheeks and makes sure he hits the back of your throat for a couple of seconds before retreating and bobbing you head. the lewd sound combined with Yugyeoms’ restricted moans echoes throughout the empty shower room.

You pull back and pass your moth through the sides of his member, slightly licking. Yugyeom walks back from you and pulls you to your feet, “Baby, stop before I pound you on this floor.”

“Isn’t that the idea?“ you tease

“Let see how wet I can make you before we both get the idea.” He pulls you to kiss him again but accidentally pushing the shower handle down, drenching you both in warm water. “This is not what I had in mind” he laughs, pushing you to a dry side of the shower, not bothering turning the shower off.

“I like this look” he passing his finger down your neck and around your wet shirt stuck to your boobs. “It’s a shame” you scoff at his actual disappointed face as he helps you out of your shirt and then bra.

“This hair, Y/N“ he teases taking it off the front of your body to pull it up with one of his hands.

He kisses your cheek before leaning down to suck one of your nipple into his mouth, letting his hands reach down to your ass. Your back arches in response of his touch as he leaves one nipple for the other gently passing his tongue around them both. He looks up to see your euphoric expression, flicking your nipple once more with his tongue before pulling your to put you raise your head to give him access to travel back up to your neck.

You feel his finger again on your core, more urgently rubbing you for your arousal juices. He leans out still working his fingers to look at the state of you he causes.

A moaning, naked, wet, and sexually frustrated in front of him.

“Tell me how i got so lucky?.” He lets lets go of you and leans down a bit to grab your thighs and bring you up. His lips hovering above your, millimeters away.

“What are you waiting for?“ he licks his lips, intentionally touching yours too.

You smirk reaching down between your legs rubbing and spreading your juices around his member first before aligning him to your entrance. Repositioning you arms around his neck, you kiss his neck, but get your chin pushed up to meet his gaze.

Just as he sink you down he kisses you, swallowing your blissful moan. He pins you in place before taking himself out slowly and thrusting in deeper.

“God, you feel so god around me.” The pace starts off slow and gracefully like always. You turn your hips a bit higher causing him moan out. Wrapping his arms more securely around you, he plunging into you deeper and faster.

“Yu-g“ You can barely get a word out between the pace, panting, moaning, and kissing Yugyeom. He leans over to the other side of the shower causing you to be under the shower head.

Every sensation of water feels enhanced as you continue to be drenched and filled by Yugyeom. As you feel your self getting closer, you hold on to Yugyeom tighter. Getting the idea, he doesn’t fully go out anymore, rather small thrust form causing you to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming out. Your legs close around his hips tighter and your hands push his chest so you can ride out your high.

His pace becomes sloppy and you fight back the urge to scream form overstimulation.

“You’re so tight, are you waiting for my cum to fill you up.”

“Yugyeom“ you sigh as your body begins to build back up rapidly,

“Cum one more time for me” he kisses you temple.

“I can’t anymore”A whimper escapes your lips as your insides begins to turn again

“Your body says you can. Let go-” He stays silent as you tighten again and yell out. His eyes close as he sinks deeper into you holding still. “Y/N“ he says, staying deep within you - milking himself with your contracting core. you let out a loud breath, unable to detach yourself from him.

Yugyeom doesn’t complain as his member softens and falls out of you, He puts you both under the shower head and strokes your back.

“Y/N, baby“ he half pants and whisper “Shhh, your shaking.“

A few minutes pass before you stabilize yourself with your own two feet and start actually cleaning each other.

“I think I need to buy you a bigger shower for your apartment“ he jokes massaging your scalp with shampoo, “With a detachable shower head too, y/n think of the possibilities.“

You raise your eyebrow at him unable to speak or open your eyes because of the shampoo. You get under the shower head and begin washing it out.

“You’re not se-” Yugyeom covers your mouth and puts his finger to his lips.

“I think someone opened the door“

“Hello?“ You hear Bambam outside.

Your eyes widen and push Yugyeom away. “It’s a Friday night, no ones here“ you whisper-yells at him.

"He won’t know it’s me”

“Our clothes!”

“Oh shit” he says louder then expected and opens the curtains slightly to pick up your clothes and place it on the dry surface of the shower.

“Yugyeom? Why are you still here?” You hear Bambam’s voice approaching.

“Uh - Stay in the corner” Yugyeom whispers to you as he sticks his head out of the curtains again. “Um late night practice.”

“Yeah, but you usually take a shower at the dorm”

“Yeah, but I just felt really sticky today" 

"Oh right.” A minute passed before you hear a bag fall

“Are you going to take a shower?“ Yugyeom asks nervously

“Yeah, I don’t want to fight JB for the shower. Did you know y/n’s here?”

“Um who? Y/n? No I haven’t seen her”

“That’s weird, security told me she came here earlier to watch you -” Bambam stops speaking and you can only imagine the face of realization “oh…ohhhhhh”


“Well I’ll just take a shower at home” you hear Bambam start laughing and picking his stuff up. “Y/N! Make sure you and Yugyeom here wash away all your sins. Wait till the guys hear this”



Mark: Grazia Korea Photoshoot
JJP: Preparing for comeback and Jinyoung is shooting for his upcoming drama
Jackson: China, preparing for his solo album
Youngjae: New York (I heard that he’s going to work with Sanjoy and Elliot Yamin)
Bambam: Thailand, he’s going to have a fanmeet for yamaha

And Yugyeom’s missing in action. Where’s our giant baby Kyum?


For a f u l l 12 seconds Yugyeom did not realise Jinyoung had sassed him, again.

got7 if they lived in the hood

jackson: ‘jaquarious’
- ghetto asf
- nearly all his friends are black
- probably would have those corny Instagram captions that uses excessive emojis and some lyrics from a rap song
- wears Jordan’s
- “What’s up bruh.”
- listens to nothing but hip hop & r&b
- white shirts with gucci belts
- is actually really sweet
- doesn’t wanna die so he never says the n word
- gf is most likely not korean
- people make fun of his dreads

jaebum: just 'JB’
- cool with the gangs
- probably keeps a glock with him at all times
- known to be real intimidating in the streets
- wears bucket hats no matter what
- probably likes black girls
- black long sleeve shirts
- probably has one of those square brick houses with those small driveways
- b-boys in the middle of the roads with other people from the block

bambam: 'brandon’
- stays in the house cause he scared af
- is one of those lil bad ass kids that be running around with no shoes on
- said the n word once and almost got jumped
- scared to wear his designer clothes cause he don’t want nobody stealing his stuff
- shitty android
- speaks emojis and slang
- “Do you know how to dab?”
- goes to a predominately black school
- cringe
- lives in the back where’s there’s a dead end
- referred to as the 'Asian boy’

jinyoung: james
- doesn’t actually live in the hood
- knows 5 people that do
- lives in the white folks neighborhoods aka the suburbs
- friends call him a sellout for not living in the hood
- “I don’t associate with you people.”
- zooms through streets starting with numbers or is named 'Goodwin’ or 'Jackson’
- scared to get out his car
- mad and bougie

yugyeom: goes by 'kyum’
- lives in the brick apartment complexes that’ll get shut down one day
- can dance his ass off
- scared of everything
- always in the house before the street lights come on
- plays basketball outside with one of those raggedy basketball goals
- android user
- everybody got his snapchat
- “I’m just Yugyeom.”
- bumps rap music at 10pm
- unknown SoundCloud rapper

mark: 'marcus’
- smokes weed with his friends
- skates at the raggedy vandalized neighborhood park
- rap music & nothing else
- “You wanna play basketball man?”
- tries to stay away from certain snake friends bc they’ll get him hurt
- stays to himself most of the time
- black caps
- wears yeezys outside of the hood cause he’ll get his shit rocked if he wears them while in the hood
- everyone is always at his house

youngjae: 'lorenzo’
- lives near the hood but won’t stay there
- thinks it’s too dangerous
- goes there to visit his friends
- “Oh hello!”
- always smiling even though he know he’s in the wrong environment
- friends of all color
- people always ask him to sing
- scared for life

Title: FaceTime

By: GreasyGyeom

Summary: He’s been away for a while. Yugyeom x Reader. Dirty Talk/Smut/Fluff.

Playlist: 170909

Author’s Note: This is another smut(?) something I wrote instead of the smut that I was supposed to???? I have fallen down a terrible path. I hope you enjoy it and suffer with me <3

It’s a quarter past midnight and you’re sleepless; sleepless because you miss him; sleepless because you want nothing more than to be in his arms and ask him to sing you to sleep. You miss his voice. You miss his laugh. Your head is so heavy with this thoughts you think it might spontaneously combust into the night sky.

Fuck, you miss him so much.

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