Coach Choi’s team Gangwon FC had a match against Seoul E-Land on 13th at Seoul.
It was 1-1 until Minho came to watch the game and during the second half, FC scored 3 more goals and ended with a sweeping victory.
Coach Choi interviewed and said “My son will have a concert soon and he is preparing for it. So I don’t know if he will come and see. The result should be good to be honorable father to my son.”
But Minho even visited the locker room to congratulate his father and had a pretty long conversation with him and left.
Coach Choi said his two sons, Minseok and Minho loved to play soccer since they were little. Especially Minho, he wanted to be a soccer player so he had to stop him from it.
The happy father and son were asked for the photo and Minho hesitated for few seconds for ‘his perfectly no make-up face’ but posed with his father with a big smile. 

translation credit: @thaluuu

[Yugyeom] Call you mine


Yugyeom was never the jealous type, nor possessive. However, the way he had been acting around you ever since you agreed to go out with your good friend, Bambam, told you otherwise.

And he wasn’t even your boyfriend. Well, yet. This ‘some’ relationship had been driving you nuts. Nice to know it was getting to somebody else, too.

“Yugyeom-ah, hurry up!” You turned around, just fast enough to catch a glimpse of an annoyed Yugyeom before he beamed at you.

“I’m coming!” He said, stepping in between you and Bambam, casually putting an arm over your shoulders while pushing Bambam away a little

The Thai boy smirked. “I thought you didn’t like street food.”

Yugyeom shook his head. “Just not much.” Then he turned his head to you to look into your eyes, his fingers subconsciously playing with the ends of your hair. “But since Y/N wants, I’ll go with her.”

“I didn’t say you have to come along, Yugyeom-ah. Just me and Bambam is okay,” you shrugged as the brown-haired-boy pouted at you and the other guy snickered.

“What are you talking about? Absolutely not okay, Y/N-ah! This guy can’t protect you like I do! There’s a huge difference, you know!”, Yugyeom explained rather flustered as Bambam rolled his eyes somewhat dramatically. You pursed your lips to hold back a chuckle, nudging his side to create a small space between you two. You were in public after all.

“Anyway, guys, I’m hungry!” you announced, your stomach growled.

“Kimbap!” Yugyeom said cheerfully and at the same time, Bambam yelled. “Spicy rice cake!”

“Ooooh, just what I’ve been thinking!”, you grinned, reaching your hand pass Yugyeom to high five Bambam.

The tall boy seemed un-amused. He shrugged with his usual as-long-as-you-want attitude. It was true though, Yugyeom would grant all of your wishes, as long as you were happy. Even if sometimes it was as unreasonable as buying chicken and coke for you in the middle of the night or coming to your house the other night just because your parents were out of town. All you needed was one cute whiny call.

“Y/N-ah, aaah~”. After managing to move to your other side, mostly to piss Yugyeom off, Bambam fed you with a slice of spicy rice cake as you stuffed yourself with some more slices, causing Yugyeom to chuckle. He shot a quick glare to his best friend before wrapping an arm around your shoulders again to pull you closer to him. The close proximity where the tips of your noses almost touched made your heart leap a hundred mile. Yugyeom smiled softly at you, using his other hand to wipe the red chili sauce off of the corner of your lips. You grinned at him sheepishly before feeding the boy with a slice of the spicy treat. Then you turned to the other side to feed your Thai friend but Yugyeom had beaten you to it. Shoving a slice into Bambam’s mouth, he immediately had a mouthful of your treat, making you squish his cheeks. His smile eyes shifted from yours to your shirt. Instantly they darkened as if the owner noticed something unpleasant.

Yugyeom cleared his throat. “Your shirts, you two, hey, are you wearing couple shirts right now?” A slight hurt tone clouded his voice.

“Yup! Bambam got it for me when he won a game at a fair, right Bam?” you explained as Bambam nodded, obviously pleased with the I-act-like-I-don’t-care-but-I-do-freaking-care look from Yugyeom.

“You insisted on practicing that night, dude! I told you I was going to the fair.”

“You definitely dropped  the ‘with Y/N’ part”, he mumbled before exclaiming. “Right, Bam-ah, didn’t you said you have practice today? You should probably GO now!”

“Riiight,” the boy smiled knowingly. “Bye, Y/N!”


There was a peaceful silence between you and Yugyeom. He walked close to you, his jacket, which was full of his scent, was now on you, shielding you from the autumn breeze. You glanced at him several times. He was here with you but his mind seemed to have a trance of its own, as if he was struggling whether to tell you something or not. He was a mix of nervousness and anxiety, yet, cute and handsome as always.

“Is there something bothering you. Gyeom-ah? You didn’t seem happy,” you started.

“Y/N-ah… Don’t wear that couple shirt with Bambam again. Always wear this jacket instead. Don’t go anywhere with just a guy, not only Bambam but other boys as well. Go with me, just me, only me instead. Don’t text with him at night. Talk to me instead. Call me whenever you want. Mess with me. Bother me. It’s okay, as long as it’s you.” As you widen your eyes at him, Yugyeom suddenly became a stuttering mess. “I mean, Y/N-ah, it’s not that you are messing or bothering me at all. I mean, even if you do, I won’t feel upset or anything. I mean, I mean I just really want you. I want to be by your side all the time. I-”

“Okay. I will.” Encircling his waist to stop his rantings, you whispered against his chest while listening to his irrationally fast heartbeats. You sensed him exhaling with relief before resting his chin on top of your head and hugging you tight. So that was what he’d been thinking about. His confession.

After a while, Yugyeom cupped your face with his hands. “I know I’m being unreasonable for making you do such silly things but I… I, um, I like you, like a lot, Y/N-ah. I want to be your best friend who you can count on. But I also want to be your boyfriend so I can kiss you whenever I want, cuddle with you and hug you. Y/N-ah, if we continue this ‘some’ relationship like now, I’m afraid I might lose my mind sooner or later if the guys keep hanging around you. I just want you for my own. Can you… can I call you mine?”

“If so… Will you be mine?” You managed to get the words out of your currently fuzzy mind. Finally, the boy of your dream was pouring his heart out to you. This day, you had been waiting for too long.

Just when you thought he was going to reply, he instead erased the tiny gap left between the two of you to place his lips on yours. The touch instantly sent you overdrive as millions of butterflies appeared in your stomach and your skin tingled. He kissed you softly, a bit hesitantly but you were soon addicted, legs wobbled like jelly. You clutched his shirt as he pressed your bodies against each other, his warmth enveloped you in a loving cocoon.

“Yes. 100 percent yes,” he muttered against your lips, his sudden husky voice made you blush like crazy.

“I’m all yours,” you hid your face in his shirt while saying out loud. No one could ever smack that overjoyed, way too satisfied smile off that handsome face of your boyfriend’s. It sounded so nice to say the word - YOUR boyfriend.

Yugyeom slipped his fingers among yours then held them tightly. He nuzzled his hair against your temple before leaning in to peck your lips, which was something he constantly did after every three minutes or so until he got you home. Not that you would mind anyway.


Did a blind couple design with perfectlypony/ kyumeskrap of lesbian pones!! ;w;

Basically we each designed a pony knowing they would be shipped but not seeing the designs until now lol

Meet Bones! Or otherwise known as Skeleton Key! She runs a small business and is a locksmith! Locked outta your house? Need a copy of your key? Need to create a new one? She can do all that stuff!! She’s pretty gothic in fashion, loves false eyelashes and makeup, horror movies, and eating homecooked meals because she can’t cook for crap! She’s sort of a dork when it comes to having a crush, in that she is totally awkward and cringeworthy if she finds a pony cute, probably making a fool of herself in the process. 

Her cutiemark is a skull key, you know..skeleton key like a key that can open every door in video games and all that jazz. Yeah I’m original.