kyumin suju

I still remember when Kyuhyun first joined, he wasn’t familiar with anybody, but Sungmin had his back from the very beginning. Their relationship was really like brothers, their friendship has only increased through all these years, like they could be friends for a lifetime and they would cheer each other on outside of performances, we are always touched when we see them!
—  Choi Siwon
Lo que Kyuhyun muestra:

En lo que yo me fijo:

Lo que yo imagino que es en realidad:

Lo que pienso que sucedió más tarde: 

Lo que pienso que sucedió mucho más tarde:

…Ay no, mejor eso no lo muestro e///e ♥ 

Ok, estoy loca, pero yo sé que Kyuhyun emborracha a Ming en sus salidas para aprovecharse  è____é ♥ jgfkrhrkij *Huye*