kyumin is real!


KyuMin is real & official now!!

Mnet wide listing idol couple who like annoy to each other (in a nice way of course hehe). KyuMin is on their number one list, the JOY Couple ^^ Mnet called them love-fight couple based on Radio Star cuts. but Mnet also said they act like that because they’re close to each other^^

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uhmm… seriously??


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I was really so happy and so ready to party but-

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Some ELFs didn’t like the news…

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But why??

Don’t you want this kiddo to be happy cuz he finally found the person he could spend with the rest of his life?

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He already did a LOT for us to be happy

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like srsly, even this

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haha we all know how he would always remind heechul abt that sounding like he really regrets doing it XD

I am a KYUMIN shipper. THEY ARE MY TOP 2 MOST FAVORITE OTP!!!! I really screamed my poor kyumin heart when Sungmin hugged Kyu durring SS5 in Taiwan TO TEASE US! YES! I AM PRETTY SURE ABOUT THAT!

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Look at his eyes and smile. Seem like saying, “Are you happy now ELF?” That is one of my favorite KyuMin moments. IT’S NOT REAL. I accept that but I am still happy cuz Sungmin did it FOR US. For our crazy KyuMin cravings XD He can be that selfless :P

So I am really sad about some ELFs reaction tho.


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I really wish him to have a happy married life ♥

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And the other dorks as well. I really want them to be happy! They deserve it!

I feel secured despite the news cuz I don’t think they’d forget about us, ELF. We our their FIRST LOVE ya kno.

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Hugs to every ELF~

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Whether you’re happy or not ♥

PS. eunhaelthy​: BB HENRY LAU RAAA~~ Sharing this awesome moment with youuuuu! Our stupid bbys support our bby bunny ^^

And where the hell are youuuu??


Kyumin Face Reading According To Someone Who Can Read Face Expression

Aiko (km shipper): so you think KyuMin is real?

Putra (face expression reader): KyuMin huh? You understand about face reading, right? Its not telling a fortune. Like reading character or feeling of someone from face expression. This is my thesis about ‘homosexual’. At that time someone gave me KyuMin video. 
From what i read from their face expression. Kyuhun has a conceited characteristic, doesnt care toward something that he thinks unimportant according to his jaw. He has calm expression and wise but he will show his childish face when he’s gathering with members. From what i see, kyu’s face when he’s conceited, cool, angry expression, happy and also jealous can be different when he’s with sungmin, donghae and also eunhyuk that people he close with. His happy expression more dominant when kyuhyun with donghae, while when he’s with eunhyuk, his happy expression is increasing twice. And it is different when he’s with sungmin. His happy expression, anxiety, worry, jealous, doubt, even their skinship look different like holding hand, the way kyuhyun hug sungmin or his hand that around sungmin’s shoulder. Its more dominant to sungmin like an usual best friend.

Aiko: oh my God. Is it true? I’m so happy to read your analysis. So you think kyuhyun has “a feeling” for sungmin, right? So how about sungmin? Because he is smart to hide his feeling, so sometimes we cant really read what he feels.

Putra: at that time i concluded that kyuhyun is the gay one, but gradually i saw sungmin’s expression once again. I’m sure sungmin also has a feeling that more than a best friend. Sungmin has a sensitive characteristic from his eyes that a little wistful, if he has said something or do a intimate contact with kyuhyun. You can see their moments, when sungmin and kyuhyun doing something intimate. Sungmin will turn his head to the other side and see the changing gaze, he looks like doesnt want to hurt anyone.
From sungmin’s smile, he’s someone who always has a positive thinking, always good thinking to everyone, and also someone who will keep his promise. Sungmin’s eyes cant hide anything when he’s sad or happy we can see from his eyes.
Although sungmin looks a little feminine but he doesnt have a melancholy soul from himself, it could be seen from his eyesbrows that show he’s someone who firm for his live. 
In conclusion i think there’s something between kyuhyun and sungmin. The love, jealous, anxiety, and doubt feelings. The feeling more than a best friend or a brother. But however the feeling more dominant to Kyuhyun. The comparison is about Kyuhyun 70: 30 Sungmin. I still learn in face reading world, so if i have a mistake from telling their characteristics please forgive me, i just knew them too. 

Aiko: /nodding/ i feel nervous to read your analysis. I’m so happy! Maybe sungmin will be more open to tell his feeling when he’s just with kyuhyun alone. In my opinion, kyuhyun is a magnae in SJ,and he was the last to join SJ. So the first time he joined SJ, not all members accept his existence. Only sungmin that supported him from the first. Sungmin is a lovely person, so he showed that habit to kyu. And kyu looks enjoying and start to depend himself with sungmin. And after a long time, the love feelings appeared. Its just my analysis. Forgive me if i’m mistaken. I have a dream to be a physiologist, but i didnt reach it.

Putra: Exactly! In physiology world to like a same gender is still under controversy. Because from the habit of same gender enthusiasts lead to a mental disorders, or because of promiscuity. I came to a seminar with a physiciater and there are pros and contras. Throught KyuMin, i start a thesis that homosexual is not a deviat or mental disorders. Sungmin and Kyuhyun are the korean artists that have a great image, great attitude, and they was bron from a respected family. They dont have a deviat hormone from their body gesture. I concluded that homosexual is not a part of mental disorders, and because this thesis i can graduate from my college.

Indonesia to English: @ittibaniel

i’m a kyumin shipper and i agree with this statement. 
No offence. Just an opinion from someone who can read a face expression. 
I just translate them. 
Sorry for grammar mistakes. 
I wrote this in a hurry :]