“…I’m barely hanging on, so if I fall, can you let me down easy?” – Let Me Down Easy by Billy Currington

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B- “…Don’t..cry Korra…I will be alright…”

K- “But Bo– You…why–why did you get in the way–?”

B- “…because…I…I love you Korra…”

I was in a depressed mood and this happened. I has this thought of what would happen if the fight with Amon was way more intense and everyone got seriously injured. Bolin would have got in front of Korra to protect her and got a fatal blow to the abdomen, that Korra couldn’t heal because she doesn’t have enough enery/chi to do so.

Did a blind couple design with perfectlypony/ kyumeskrap of lesbian pones!! ;w;

Basically we each designed a pony knowing they would be shipped but not seeing the designs until now lol

Meet Bones! Or otherwise known as Skeleton Key! She runs a small business and is a locksmith! Locked outta your house? Need a copy of your key? Need to create a new one? She can do all that stuff!! She’s pretty gothic in fashion, loves false eyelashes and makeup, horror movies, and eating homecooked meals because she can’t cook for crap! She’s sort of a dork when it comes to having a crush, in that she is totally awkward and cringeworthy if she finds a pony cute, probably making a fool of herself in the process. 

Her cutiemark is a skull key, you know..skeleton key like a key that can open every door in video games and all that jazz. Yeah I’m original.



Coach Choi’s team Gangwon FC had a match against Seoul E-Land on 13th at Seoul.
It was 1-1 until Minho came to watch the game and during the second half, FC scored 3 more goals and ended with a sweeping victory.
Coach Choi interviewed and said “My son will have a concert soon and he is preparing for it. So I don’t know if he will come and see. The result should be good to be honorable father to my son.”
But Minho even visited the locker room to congratulate his father and had a pretty long conversation with him and left.
Coach Choi said his two sons, Minseok and Minho loved to play soccer since they were little. Especially Minho, he wanted to be a soccer player so he had to stop him from it.
The happy father and son were asked for the photo and Minho hesitated for few seconds for ‘his perfectly no make-up face’ but posed with his father with a big smile. 

translation credit: @thaluuu

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I am starting to love these two too much now. I can’t stop. ;w;


If you can’t read what they are saying here is what it says:

K - “I told you I would punch your nose, you think I’m lying?!”

T- “Wo there uh-vatar, you’re moving too fast for me.” (omg I forgot an o ;A;)

K- Sh-shut up!! I’ll punch you!- Idiot!–“

T - "I know you like me Korra, just admit it already. <3”