The 10 most played songs in my kpop playlist released in the first half of 2017.

Granted. There’s still a week and a half until the first half of the year ends but I’m here to talk about the songs I’ve obsessed with this past few months.

Honorable Mentions:

Kyuhyun- The Parting. Sadly Super junior’s Kyuhyun enlisted a month ago but not before giving us Goodbye For Now. This song is part of that mini album and I have to say it really got me because the lyrics were so in sync with my feelings of seeing someone who I truely love began his military service.

Henry-Real Love. This single is so purely a love song and so hopeful that I just can’t get enough of it.

10. Junggigo ft Chanyeol- Let me love you. In a rare collaboration between r&b singer Junggigo and EXO’s Chanyeol. This ballad puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it.

9. Seohyun- Don’t say no. This fun song threw me for a loop when it came out because I wasn’t expecting something like that from SNSD’s Seohyun but I really enjoy it.

8. BTOB-Movie. A dance song with a very BTOB MV and by that I mean crazy funny. 

7. IU-Palette ft G-Dragon. Folllowing her song Twenty three, I truely identified with this song since it talks about being 25 and being myself close to that age it just resonated with me. The artsy MV is worth watching.

6. Baekhyun-Take you home. I really like when Baekhyun does mid tempo ballads I think they really suit him. The cutesy MV and melody contrats with the melancholic lyrics and all together warm my heart. When I hear this song I really can’t listen to it just once.

5. Zion T- The Song. To tell you the truth I used to only like a couple of Zion T songs but his last album was different I loved every song and I think I really have learned to appreciate his eclectic sound. A big part of that was this song.

4. Winner- Really really. This funky song was another big eye openner. I’d only heard a couple of Winner’s songs and they weren’t my kind of thing. Then I became a huge Mino supporter after I watched New Journey to th West 3. So when this song came out I checked it out and I loved it. I specially like Kang Seung Yoon’s voice whom by the way wrote this song. With kpop groups tenor voices seem to always be the main vocals so it was refreshing this wasn’t the case. I know it didn’t used to be quite like that but now that it is I think this Winner is my kind of thing.

3. Jonghyun-Let me out. When Jonghyun released Lonely for his Collection part 2 I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting that kind of ballad after his album She is. It’s good but a bit predictable. The rest of the album is different. It feels like the songs don’t belong together but when you remember the album is about stories told in his radio show it makes perfect sense. Let me out is my favorite of the album. It takes you in a ride with high notes and a very interesting beat.

2. Zico-She’s a baby. This song is such a feel good song that reminds you just how good Zico is as a producer. The MV is just avant garde art. 

1. G-DRAGON- Untitled, 2014. This song is a heartbreaking ballad and that’s even before you read the lyrics. So beautiful that G-Dragon just standing around in the MV is enough to tell a story. His vocals are so on point in this one.