#BestFandomCA2015 Update (04/28/15)
1. Directioners VS. ELF - Directioners are ahead by 563, 064.
2. ELF VS. Beliebers - ELFs are ahead by 291, 796.

We currently have the fastest growing tweet count, but we must not be confident. Let’s keep on voting for ELFs via Twitter: Use the hashtag + ELF, so it turns out like this: “#BestFandomCA2015 ELF (AND) #BestFandomCA2015ELF” or visit the website

This also serves as our congratulatory gift to Yesung for successfully completing his military duties, so let’s win this!


Fluttering India Ep 02 Part 1


Kyuhyuk..😎😎 #kyuhyun #eunhyuk