Super Junior’s (old) Dorm Stories 2


Kyuhyun told his members to arrive at the dorm by 11am because he will prepare food (spicy grilled chicken w/ vegetables) for them. Turns out he woke up at 11am so he couldn’t cook the food.

+ it seems like members are pretty fond of this menu as this is one of the menu’s that they eat all the time (like their love for japanese ramen)


Ryeowook doesn’t like animals. During his dorm years, he put all his efforts to not have Heechul’s cat entering his room.


Exo members visited Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk’s dorm and were surprised by an unpleasant (foot) odor in the house.


Donghae and Ryeowook who lived in 12th floor went down to 11th floor and told Eunhyuk to leave while they were arguing. Eunhyuk had no where to go for a whole 30 minutes.


Donghae wanted manly, tough hands so he slammed his hands against the wall (???why tho). But he didn’t want his hands to become rough, so he put on hand cream afterwards.


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It’s Kyu voice I hear ? 😉
Hehehe really Kyu, I think this is a one time only when he wakes his manager. This is the work manager to wake Kyu 😆😆😆
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Music Tag Game

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You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your MP3-player, Spotify or iTunes on shuffle and listen to the first ten songs - And then tag people! Have fun~!

  1. All THEY WAY  by Schmoyoho
  2. Die Trying By Art of dying
  3. My Love, My Kiss, MY Heat by KRY~ Super Junior
  4. BOOM BOOM By Super Junior
  5. Infection By Chihiro Onitsuka
  6. Midnight Blues By Super Junior
  7. Elements By Lindsay Stirling
  8. A Million Pieces By Kyuhyun
  9. Sexy Girl BY Fahrenheit
  10. Step By Kara

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