being with kyuhyun would include...

Slow progress is better than no progress. 8D

  • Kyuhyun probably being that guy who likes to sass you
  • Cause he’s annoying like that
  • But you start to notice he doesn’t like it when anyone else talks like that to you
  • And then you notice he’s actually being nice to you
  • And kind of awkward
  • Which you take advantage of obviously
  • Soon it becomes obviously that he likes you and then you decide he’s your boyfriend now okay
  • He doesn’t argue because now he doesn’t need to do the awkward asking out bit
  • The two of you hanging out together whenever you have free time
  • And probably tag team sassing people cause that’s how you roll
  • Kyuhyun being embarrassed about public skinship so you insist upon holding hands and hugging him because awkward Kyuhyun is the cutest Kyuhyun
  • He probably really likes playing with your hair
  • He won’t admit it tho
  • Which will lead to a lot of smack talk from both of you and him pouting whenever he loses
  • But he’ll eventually get over it if you admit it was a fluke though we all know the truth
  • You getting to watch him at his singing rehearsal since he always wants to have your opinion on every song
  • You probably having to be the one who drives most places for certain reasons
  • Kyuhyun attempting to make a big deal out of proposing to you
  • It’ll mostly go haywire, but that just makes it all the more memorable
  • Probably a small traditional wedding
  • The kind that goes by fast because Kyuhyun just really wants to get spend time with just the two of you
  • When the two of you make love you’re probably one top more often than not
  • Kyuhyun just really likes looking up at you
  • When you sleep he’s not much of a cuddler but he always sleep with his hand touching you in some way like resting on your stomach or something like that
  • Him not being the type to contact you when he’s away because he’s so focused on his job
  • And then he comes home to the house rearranged and he can’t find anything
  • Maybe he should have frickin’ called huh
  • You probably only have one kid
  • Your kid’s spoiled cause you know Kyuhyun’s not going to be the disciplinary parent because he needs to be the favorite
  • Just growing old together where he’ll spontaneously decide to serenade you
  • Even during all your old folks shows like shut the fuck up Kyuhyun
  • But he’s not going to because even as an old fart he‘s not gonna listen very well

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Super Junior Reaction: You pushed him playfully against the wall but then it suddenly gets heated

Request:Can I have a super Junior reaction where you push him playfully up against a wall but then it sort of gets heated? thnks xx

None of these gifs are mine full credit to the owners


He just smiled at you and gave you an all too familiar look

“Maybe we should move this somewhere else…

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He got really quiet and glanced down at your lips

You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you"

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He grabbed your hips and pulled you closer while throwing you a smirk

“Well well…"

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He winked at you knew exactly where this was going

“Don’t be a tease”

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*highkey confused at first since you guys were messing around but tries to roll with it*

“I don’t know what just happened but….okay”Originally posted by thegreatmingdynasty


He went from laughing and messing around to completely serious 0 to 100 real quick

“It’s gotten a little hot in here”

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He gave you an intense look and turned serious before pushing you up against the wall

“Things just got a little more interesting”

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He kept the tension high and pulled you in for a kiss

“How about we do something else now”

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He chuckled and looked down at the floor before addressing the situation

“(Y/N) don’t start something unless you plan on finishing it”

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He looked into your eyes deeply and smiled at you letting you subtly know what he wanted

“You’re really gorgeous you know that?”

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He just gave you a knowing look

“Enough with the games (Y/N)”ignore the coffee cup lol

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It's hurts until now.[u know.] :{> (its kinda fanfic)

*deep breath*

does it hurt?


oppa you have a bruise are you alright?

need a rest? 


KYUHYUN: No, thanks. i have my PA.

NAh!!! jeez… LUCKY P.A! >.<

POOR MAKNAE!!! if i can just go there and care for you all day long!!!