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suju talking about leeteuk’s weird habits (eng sub)

[ENG] Our Angel Leader and his Elder Sister

Strong Heart - Sadness of Kyuhyun & with Leeteuk’s relationship (Eng Sub)

strong heart with super junior (shared their funny stories)

Kyuhyun sufferings of the maknae! (Eng/Esp)

Yesung bullied by Heechul & Shindong! (Eng/Esp)

Here's a memory for ELFs to laugh at...

Remember that one time when Donghae got almost half of the members of Super Junior pissed at each other, punished for no reason in one way or another, and indirectly caused Kyuhyun and Leeteuk to cry, and indirectly caused Shindong and Yesung to almost fight, but still somehow managed to get away with it and was the only one unharmed even though HE STARTED THE ENTIRE FREAKING THING?

Because I do.


140911 kimheenim: During <Sukira>, there were many questions asking if the part “We as one, forever~” in ‘Islands’ was really sang by me. After we recorded, we would gather to listen to it. And that part in 'Islands’ appeared!! and everyone asked, “Who is this?”. The funnier thing was, even I was curious about it kekekeke Then, Donghae passed a remark. “Heechul-ee hyung has always been great at high pitch”. Kya~ This kid has great taste. Just then, the one beside me, Ryeowook-ee said.. Ah but I need to go get my makeup done now so I’ll continue writing the rest later keke This photo was taken with KimGyu KimGyu Cho Kyuhyun, the one who made me feel touched by saving the 'Jasmine Flower’ which I sang on <YoungStreet> 8 years ago in an MP3 and carrying it around. #Islands (cr)

  • Fans: SM is ruined, their stocks dropped, and there's nothing they can do to save the company!
  • SM: Is there?
  • Fans: ...
  • SM: Solo. Give them all solo's.
  • Fans: ...
  • SM: ...
  • Fans: ... *dies*

{SUPER JUNIOR} Arirang TV Special: Real Story ‘I AM’ | 150804

Kyuhyun will be having another series of solo concerts held from 29-30 Oct at Ewha Women’s Umi at Busan Bexco Auditorium. Titled “Memories like Auntumn; An Author’s Story”, this is a solo concert that follows ‘The AGIT’ solo concert series from November last year, and it will be bringing even more musical charms to fans~

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