kyuhyun ssi

- 17.05.19 - ENG -  신동의 예감자들 - Shindong: Nuestros miembros son adictos a la TV. Heechul-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi y yo también somos así. Kyuhyun-ssi y yo estamos viviendo juntos en el dormitorio ahora y (casi) siempre estamos viendo TV juntos en la sala. Nos estamos monitoreando a nosotros mismos en los (programas) que hemos hecho. -


- 17.05.19 - PT -  신동의 예감자들 - Shindong: Nossos membros são viciados em TV. Heechul-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi- e eu também somos assim. 

Kyuhyun-ssi e eu estamos morando juntos no mesmo dormitório agora e (quase) sempre vemos TV juntos na sala. Assistimos a nós mesmos no programas que fizemos. 

Cred:  MoonsLounge [ENG] & IAASJS  [ESP]

160723 SUKIRA (KTR): Leeteuk talks about their accident in ‘07


Leeteuk: Since ***ssi talked about a tough story, do I also need to bring up a painful memory? Haha Before, when I was doing radio broadcast with Eunhyuk~ssi, we had a very big accident. To be precise, it was on April 19th. I can’t forget it. That time, me and Eunhyuk~ssi are the DJs and Shindong~ssi and Kyuhyun~ssi came out as guests. We had a corner “Find the 13th Member of Super Junior” that time. After that corner, we have another filming schedule so we decided to move and go out quickly. Usually, when the managers come, they sit in front and I sit at the back but that day, there were so many fans so the manager sat in the back and I had to sit in front. We were feeling good when we rode the car; it wasn’t the car we have always been using but Kangta hyung’s. That time, Kangta hyung has a different schedule so we got to borrow the car. 

We got into the car feeling good saying, “Let’s go to the next schedule~” but then that time our manager was not good at driving. He was also a new comer to the company. We were passing by Olympic blvd. and there were some slippery parts. And then when we got to the slippery part, (he) missed the handle and on the left…was it called a guard rail? We got on to that. The car could’ve twisted to the right but the manager got nervous so the handle was hwak! The car spinned and it suddenly screeched to the right. And then again he suddenly turned the handle to the left!! It spinned and I saw everything that happened because I was sitting in front. The car went to the right, and then left, big vans could tumble easily. 

That moment, I thought crazily like “Ah…it has only been few years since we’re doing activities. I want to succeed!”; “I want to live!” I suddenly remembered the moments when we debuted and our lives as trainees and that time I was thinking I wanted to live. I really held onto the bottom of my seat with all my power! I was holding onto it then the car when right and left. Then my face hit the window on the right side ppak! When I bumped into it, I screamed “Aaaaack!!!!” When the car turned over, I passed out. 

When I passed out, I thought like what you see in movies, “Ah, I’m dead now”. I was like that but I opened my eyes. In movies, you see the soul come out of the body when there’s an accident, right? I felt that way. That feeling. That’s why I was like “Oh? Where am I? Where am I?” then looking back, I realized that my body got hammed in the window of the car which turned over. My other eyes couldn’t see that time because my upper right eyelid got ripped and it was bleeding. 

When I (moved) my body like this, I had thought “Ah, I’m alive” then that moment I remembered the members. “Ya!! Are you guys okay??” then they replied “Yes, hyung, I’m okay~” “I’m okay”. I was thinking “What to do? What to do?” then suddenly Junjin~ssi’s manager was passing by Olympic blvd and saw us. He wasn’t sure if that was us but since the van got tumbled, he wanted to help so he went to our way. Shindong~ssi, Eunhyuk~ssi and I got off the car. I asked Shindong~ssi and Eunhyuk~ssi “You guys are fine, right” but then that time I didn’t see Kyuhyun~ssi. Then I asked Eunhyukkie, “Eunhyuk~ah, go quickly and try to find Kyuhyun” when we saw him thrown out of the window like that;Kyuhyun was sitting at the far back while listening to music when the car got swayed…yes, everything’s still fresh. 

An ambulance came and since I was bleeding, I was the first one they attended to but I told them it would be better if they could assist Kyuhyun first. I was waiting with Sinhdong and Eunhyuk when another ambulance came and then we left. First, we went to a hospital to be checked immediately and then we moved to a bigger hospital to have surgery for my waist and eyes. Shindong and Eunhyuk had to do an x-ray. Then suddenly the doctor was chasing Shindong after he saw the x-ray results. “Shindong~ssi!! You can’t move like this now!!” “Why? Why??” “We found a fracture. A fracture!!” Then he said “A fracture?” then the doctor showed the x-ray. “There’s a fracture on your right hand. Can you give me your hand?”

Then Shindong showed his hands to the doctor kkk Shindong placed his hands in front of the doctor’s face saying “But…my fingers are fine??? They are fine” kkkkkk Then the doctor asked again if he’s really fine.They found out that there was a mistake in the x-ray and the doctor asked in he’s feeling pain in other parts. Shindong’s back was slightly scraped. Then the doctor asked him how was it scraped then Shindong answered because the back door of the van was small. Me and Eunhyuk were quite slim and we were able to get out but that time, Shindong was quite fat so when he was coming out, he got scraped. kkk Now, I talk about this while laughing but then that time it was really…It was really difficult. Seeing the members are actively doing projects, most especially our Kyuhyunnie who does jokes well, drinks alcohol well and does broadcasts well, I feel very happy.

korean text credit to: 56fabiola58, english translation by tinyyhae

160109 Ryeowook banning Kyuhyun’s song from KTR

Listener said Ryeokdi is cool but she requested Kyuhyun’s A Million Pieces.

RW: … DDAENG! What is this? Why are you doing this to me now? kkk Why do you request KH’s song? Are you making fun of me? But it’s okay since I’m in the mood kk … Actually Kyuhyun-ssi’s song cannot be played on Sukira. I randomly cut the song. Recently Kyuhyun-ssi is treating me badly, so the more I wanted the cut his song kkk Why he treats me bad? Next time I’ll explain it to you~ (©)

160913 KTR - Teuk said that Ryeowook will enlist next month (October), no confirmed date.

Leeteuk: Do you know who’s our team maknae now?

Taecyeon: Who?

Leeteuk: Yesung-ssi is the maknae.


Leeteuk: Next month Ryeowook-ssi will enlist. If Kyuhyun enlists too, Yesung-ssi will be the maknae. 33 years old maknae~ (c)

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[Full]140602 Sukira- Ryeowook & the rest of Super Junior Member Callouts! 

Ryeowook sang 마주치지 말자 (Let’s Not) at sukira today 

Today, Wook DJ will test if SJ members are listening to Sukira today, and how much they love Sukira

He will call the members today, and ask 10 questions about Sukira and Wook DJ.
Siwon is the first one up for phone call!

1. Who is the 1.5 Gen Sukira DJ?
Siwon: Yesung
2. Sukira’s frequency?
Siwon: pass
3. (didn’t get the question sorry)
Siwon: pass
4. what’s sukira’s last ment?
Siwon: pass

Siwon only got one question right xD

(while calling Siwon) Ryeowook: Will he answer his phone? he said he was going to sleep earlier…
Siwon said he ate pizza, and was resting.

Siwon thinks the first DJ (Eunhyuk) will place first place, and that 2nd DJ (Sungmin) will be last

RW: Siwon-ssi, I miss you~
SW: RW-ssi is really two faced… during the broadcast, he’s really nice and good to be around.. i miss that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Siwon requested for 너는 나의 봄이다 to be played ^^

Second phone call is to Shindong!

RW: Who is the 1.5 Gen DJ?
Shindong: Ai~ there’s none
RW: None? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Shindong: None~~~

SD: Yesung hyung keeps insisting that he’s 1.5 Gen DJ, and I don’t think he is. If you go by his logic, I would also be a .5 DJ

RW: Sukira closing ment? “tomorrow, let’s ___ more”
SD: …. Kiss… more?

Shindong said his voice is a bit weird because he just woke up ^^

Wook: You’re now in first place. Siwon-ssi only got 1 right
SD: He wouldn’t know ㅋㅋ Why did you call Siwon anyways.

Shindong asked for 삭제 – 이승기 to be played ㅋㅋ he sang one of the lines with broken voice

When RW asked SD to say something about ELF’s 8th anniv, SD said “well it’s only 8th anniv~” and RW said “oh I like that ment”

Third phone call is to Kyuhyun!

Kyuhyun almost got Ryeowook’s birthday question wrong ㅋㅋ

He got it mixed with Kibum’s birthdayㅋㅋ
Q. who is 1.5 Sukira DJ?
KH: Isn’t… that… not right.. I guess Yesung-ee hyung?

RW: I watched Kyuhyun-ssi practice tap dancing during Swing promotions, and he was already doing it with very good skills

Kyuhyun said he’ll have to review it more carefully next time if the musical offered has dancing involved ㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun said Ryeowook always sends messages on their group chatroom, announcing his musical days and telling members to come

Ryeowook said there aren’t many performances left, and Kyuhyun said he will go watch it ^^

Kyuhyun requested for 윤창건 – 얼마나 내가 to be played~

Many fans asked if Ryeowook will not participate in the 3rd round of performances (because of what he said to Kyuhyun,) and Ryeowook said

He liked to Kyuhyun so Kyuhyun would come soon ㅋㅋ

Fourth phone call is to Donghae!

Donghae got 5 questions correct.
Donghae: You talked too slowly. I could have gotten more correct

RW: The broadcast started yesterday!
DH: Yes, God’s Quiz 4. Ah and you dissed me yesterday on SNS
RW: Not a diss ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

DH: I saw the article ㅋㅋ
RW: What news reporter wrote an article on it? ㅋㅋ I meant my ‘foot’ + your ‘acting’ ㅋㅋ

DH: I’m first place right now? Is there a prize?
RW: Prize to the listeners (who got it right)
DH: ah~
RW: We can give a One-Day-DJ coupon

to the winning member if you want
DH: No… I’m fine ㅋㅋㅋ

Donghae said he did jacket shooting today!! for Japan album

RW: Can you talk about this??
DH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ well I’ve already said it ㅋㅋ

Donghae requested Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson to be played ^^

next phone call is Kangin! They will call in the second half~

What did you do today?
-DH: Jacket shooting! For Eunhyuk Donghae, Japan album. and MV (filming) ended well yesterday

Can you talk about this?
-DH: I don’t knowㅋIt’s going to come out anyways,I’m just talking about it earlier. It’s not like I played the song

Kangin knew the questions before Ryeowook read them ㅋㅋㅋ Kangin complained that it’s Ryeowook’s fault he didnt get to answer many more

RW: I often eat with Sukira staffs. I ate with them again today. Why is it that I do this?
Kangin: because you have no friends! ㅋㅋㅋ

Ryeowook: ding dong dang (correct)
Kangin: you had that one friend, Dalma, but she seems to be doing something these days ㅋㅋ

RW: what are you doing right now?
KI: I’m getting the water ready for a half-bath.ㅋㅋㅋJust kidding, I’m at home,catching up on dramas &movies and by chance, I was listening to Sukira already.

Kangin said his favorite Sukira segment is “Letter reading man”. Sukira staffs asked him to then write a letter to Sukira.

Kangin said he will write one soon ㅋㅋ

Kangin: and it’s now my turn to ask for a song right?
RW: oh yess
KI: I know how broadcasts work ㅋㅋ unlike those like Donghae ㅋㅋ

RW: Donghae-ssi said something he wasn’t suppose to say yet ㅋㅋ
KI: I know. ㅋㅋ talking about new songs randomly

Kangin: I feel that as time pass, (the fans’ love) grows stronger. I’m thankful for them supporting us like a reliable ‘back’ (support), and our relationship is beyond the relationship between fan/artist, and more like a ‘soul mate’. I’m thankful, and we’ll work hard and greet you guys with good music. Thank you.

Kangin asked for Fly To the Sky – 전화하지 말아요 to be played

Calling tone is Love Disease! Next phone call is with Heechul!

Who is the 1.5 DJ?
-HC: I think you called the wrong person. I’ll hang up now

RW: Hurryyy
HC: I dont think there’s any between the first and second ㅋㅋ

What’s Sukira’s frequency?
-HC: 91.9!

(It’s 89.1)

Opening Song title!
-HC: Opening? Sukira with Ryeowook-ee~~ jjan~

Closing Ment “Let’s ___ more tomorrow~”
- HC: Let’s love more tomorrow?

Heechul: Ya, hang up and call me again, or I’ll look stupid for not getting any right ㅋㅋ

Sungmin next!

Sukira’s 1.5 DJ?
-SM:ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ai, do I really need to get this right? Ah Yesung ㅋㅋ

Sungmin said he was reading ^^ he said it’s rude to call him at this hour ㅋㅋ

Sungmin: I’m lying down to go to sleep soon. I (sound) sexy right?

RW: Talk about SJ activities to come~?
SM: I don’t know if i can talk specifically about it, but within few months~ we can meet again~

RW: Donghae-hyung already dropped a bomb earlier.
SM: Ah really?
RW: Yeah, we might have to call the boss to apologize about it ㅋㅋ

What are you doing these days?
-Sungmin: hiding~

Ryeowook forgot to ask Heechul for his song request so he called Sungmin right away. He almost forgot to ask Sungmin ㅋㅋ

Sungmin asked for Super Junior- Marry U ^^

Ryeowook: We’ll wrap up our phone calls no-… oh right we got one more left ㅋㅋ why are there so many (members)!!?

phonecall with Eunhyuk now~

EH: It’s already finished? what? what is this?

RW: What are you doing now?
EH: I was reading poems
RW: Is that a concept?
EH: NO~ I usually read poems at this hour

RW: What did you do today?
EH: filming~
RW: for what?
EH: I can’t say yet.
RW: Earlier, Donghae-ssi..
EH: HE said it!???

RW: Yes
EH: Whatttt why is he like that?
RW: He said everything
EH: What… what is he?

RW: and it seems we’ll be able to meet you again soon
EH: eh?
RW: Soon..with Donghae Eunhyuk-ssi
EH: for what?
RW: You know..
EH: for what?

RW: I thought you’d come today
EH: I’m not a person that goes so easily~

EH: I only go for special occasions
RW: Isn’t today special?
EH: No, you’ve been doing phone calls all day today!

EH: Our 7jib will come out soon. I hope they will be well prepared!

EH: (talking) -
RW: And for his music request
EH: Are you not listening to me?

Eunhyuk requested for 아직도 난 (Still You) ~

our fan club.. ELF.. faries… our fairy friends.. I heard it’s their 8th anniversary. I posted on SNS to congratulate them and… I feel that the relationship between us is beyond fan/artist.. sometimes it feels like we’re family, sometimes they feel like mom, sometimes they feel like a friend. We have that close bond.. I wanted to say thank you so much. and Our 7jib will come out soon. I hope they will be well prepared!

First place: Donghae, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kangin
Last: Heechul

real reason why I eat together with staffs so often? I don’t know.. because I’m the one hungry? mm… Because I have no girlfriend? maybe those reasons? ㅋㅋ | transed by:@NKsubs · 

Ryeowook: If you are all not listening, I will change the show’s name to Ryeowook KTR

Oooo it’s shindong!!

Is Ryeowook asking the same questions? Hahahahaha then those listening now will get them right later

Ooo Ryeowook said bye to shindong alr~~~

Shindong’s message for ELF’s 8th year anni: ELF is already having its 8th anniversary… We are almost 10 years… (ELF) only 8 years~ we have to walk together forever~ I don’t really know how to say words like I love you… My true feelings is that as long as we can always be together, it’s fine, this is the best… Actually I have many things I am apologetic for, I feel sorry to fans…


His voice is so easily recognized! And his laugh!!!

His “hahaha” is so unique……how not to recognize

Talking about singing in the rain ~~~

He sang a line…. His voiceeeee

3rd member~ Kyuhyun!! Ryeowook: When is my birthday?
Kyuhyun: ….. Eh…. 21 August~
Ryeowook: what??
Kyuhyun: 21 June~
Ryeowook: what? August? What’s that? Hahahahaha
In the end Ryeowook asked again: whose birthday is 21 August? Ah~ kibum ssi’s birthday

Kyuhyun said PIONG PIONG before hanging up?? So cuteee


He went like “an niong” and “PIONG PIONG” ~~~

Whose ringtone sounds like water flowing


Ryeowook did not make a next call… Just get donghae to pass the phone to Eunhyuk … They r practicing right hahah

Listener: so there’s really no third round for the musical?
Ryeowook: eh… I lied to make Kyuhyun come sooner… Scared he won’t come and watch~ actually there’s 3rd round but not many shows…

Listener: so there’s really no third round for the musical?
Ryeowook: eh… I lied to make Kyuhyun come sooner… Scared he won’t come and watch~ actually there’s 3rd round but not many shows…

Shooting for japan album… So fast releasing another album already? Gosh

Donghae and Ryeowook told each other I love you before hanging up

I meant to say Ryeowook need not make a next call… Typooooo

Donghae said they did photoshoot for Eunhae album today and filmed the MV yesterday

What … Is the listener called lee Sungmin ssi….

Hahaha everyone asking about Eunhyuk and Sungmin?

Is he leaving hyukmin for the last

What about Heechul… Bet he will be hilarious

Donghae is first now~
Hae: so is there a prize?
Ryeowook: wait till when 7jib comes out, the person who gets first gets to be DJ for a day~ how about that?
Donghae: I be the DJ?!
Ryeowook: right~ 2 hours of DJ
Donghae: ah no it’s ok.. I get very stressed about this, you know that…


Woo Kangin even stated the year for Ryeowook’s birthday

Kangin and Ryeowook said I love you to each other too ~~

Left Heechul Eunhyuk Sungmin right…..

What if there’s a surprise and hyuk or min appears in the studio… Adjbfajsbgweiuweijbfage


Love Disease as ringtone and most of the singing parts for the ringtone was Ryeowook’s voice right??? Lol

I have no idea what he is saying but I laugh Everytime Heechul speaks… I think it’s his tone hahah

Heechul got all questions wrong. Heechul: call again! It’s too embarrassing getting all wrong

Heechul’s call is so short


Omg he picked upppp

His voice sounds like he just woke up omgggg

He got yesung correcttttt

He was hesitating with “miracle” .. Like… “Mi..racle?”

His kisssssss ahhhh

And so Ryeowook leaves his favorite hyung of the moment for the last… Lol

He introduced himself as Min DJ

What is he reading


So sorry for all the spazzing but…. It’s so good to hear from the missing boyyyyy

Lol Ryeowook said bye already but Sungmin continued talking hahahahaha
Minwook saying I love you to each otherrrrr

They r playing marry u with elf chantssss

Kyuhyun’s voice singing marry u is <3
Sungmin knew he could dedicate a song… So he was listening?
Whole tlist suddenly so active when Sungmin came on hahahaha
Eunhyuk answered the call with ‘nae!!!’
Eunhyuk sounds like he’s mumbling haha
L-per … Elf…
U can tell how much Ryeowook loves Eunhyuk judging by the length of the phone call XD
Because Sungmin’s voice sounds really deep so listener asked if he had a cold, and said really haven’t seen him for a long time.
Sungmin: I don’t have a cold, recently I am in hiding so I have disappeared, don’t look for me. Am preparing for comeback so everyone please wait awhile more, will comeback with a better image^^
RW: DH said things he shouldn’t say just now, so now he is calling the boss to apologize
SM: DH.. Is sometimes like that

Eunhyuk asked Ryeowook if he went KTR without makeup today but Wook ignored the question hahaha | transed by:@elf_ninida

@ryeong9: 지금 라면 땡기네 ~ 맛있니? 규규

[Trans]@ryeong9: The ramyeon seems appealing now ~ Is it delicious? KyuKyu

The story behind this pic: (lol)

151214 Sukira Transcript - Ramyeon

Wook: We rode the evening plane from Thailand yesterday and it was a plane arriving in the morning. Then Yesung-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi, me, the 3 of us were sitting in one line like this. That midnight, Kyuhyun asked to cook him ramyeon and he flight attendant cooked it for him. Yesung hyung was like “Wait, ramyeon at this time? I think it’s not right…”

I was so tired and i already brushed my teeth and so ready to sleep but the smell was so aromatic. So as soon as i woke up in the morning, I asked the flight attendant “Please boil one ramyeon for me~” I ate full breakfast in that way. I took a photo of that. Soon, when the time comes, I will reveal the photo of how Kyuhyun eats ramyeon.

(Korean text credits to: @58fabiola58 / Translated by: @tinyyhae)

[151026] Sukira Transcript - Wook, Hyuk, Kyu went to “nude beach”

Ryeowook: I went and saw “nude beach”. I went to Germany with Eunhyuk-ssi and Kyuhyun-ssi and there was a beach where you can go undressed if you like. There are place where it is illegal when you go undressed like that, in some places even the police will come .But there, it was freedom. I’ve seen much of the top part. But there were not much men ©

140427 - SJM Yin Yue Tai
  • Question for Sungmin: As a girl, I would really like to ask oppa this. How do you manage to wear heels of 10+ cm? Don't your feet hurt?
  • Kyuhyun: Ah.. You mean when hyung dressed up as a girl before..
  • Eunhyuk: Nah, your usual shoes are like that too
  • Ryeowook: Sungmin-ssi normally wears high heels to bed
  • Kyuhyun: Ryeowook-ssi, don't you do that too? And what about your habit of collecting high heels?
  • Ryeowook: *stands up* Yah, you all better stop laughing!
  • Sungmin: Of course I have to practice wearing heels
  • Henry: How do you practice?
  • Sungmin: Because I usually stuff about 10cm of insoles into my usual shoes... So the feeling is about the same
  • Ryeowook: Yes, in Super Junior Sungmin's the shortest
  • Sungmin: *smacks Ryeowook's head* Yah! How can you of all people say such a thing!
  • Kyuhyun: Both of you are about the same...
  • Eunhyuk: Both of you are the same height..
  • Sungmin: No, I'm still taller than Ryeowook!
  • Ryeowook: The shortest is Sungmin-hyung!
  • Sungmin: Yah! I'm taller than you!
  • Zhou Mi: Hang on, is Sungmin-hyung really the shortest?
  • Eunhyuk: For those two, the weakest parts of their bodies are their ankles. Their ankles practically can't be used anymore (because of insoles)
  • Kyuhyun: Isn't it bad for the back like this?
  • Sungmin: My back has always been sturdy
  • Ryeowook: I didn't even know heels can cause back problems, I just stack the insoles. My back has no problems
  • cr: ryeonggu
How Kyu Acts to His Nephews and Cousins

140119 Sukira- RW: There’s something Kyuhyun-ssi said. “You don’t have to do anything till they are 6 years old. Because they cannot remember (anything before that age)” kkkk he says he takes care of his nephews and cousins well when they reach the age of 6, but (he) doesn’t take care of them before that age kkk (he does that) because he (says) did good things for (someone), but they (said) they don’t remember it at all. ‘Ah~ this is useless’. But you could just leave evidence (of being nice to them) hehe

[140119 KTR](4) RW: 규현씨가 한 얘기가 있어요. “6살까지는 아무것도 안해줘도 된다. 기억하나도 안나기 때문에” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ자기는 자기 조카나 사촌 동생이나 뭐 6살 이후로는 잘해주는데 그 전에는 거들떠보지도 않는데요ㅋㅋㅋ 왜냐면 자기가 잘해줬다는데 누가 기억이 하나도 안난다는거에요. '아~이거는 쓸데 없구나’. 근데 뭔가 증거를 남겨놓으면 되긴 해요ㅎㅎ



131230 - Sukira
  • Ryeowook: Kyuhyun-ssi and I prepared “죽일놈” as `Ryeowoonamic Duo` for the concert. (fans said) it was very funny. I worked really hard on preparing it, and hearing that it was `funny` made me feel complicated. I wasnt confident in my rapping, so I had regrets about it `Ah, what should i do. I should have practiced a bit more.’ I did practice hard though. Kyuhyun-ssi performed really well. That friend really has nothing he cannot do kk
  • cr.ELFbelongtoSJ

Siwon interview with Mnet Wide Entertainment News | 140114

Trans:Q. What are the charms of Super Junior members?

Siwon: For Heechul-ssi, I would even think “What would that hyung be doing if he didn’t become a celebrity”
(One flaw of Heechul is) You can’t tell if he’s parodying this guy, or that guy.

I am very jealous of how Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Kyuhyun-ssi, no matter how much they eat, they don’t gain weight on the face. Even if they eat at 2-3AM, their face doesn’t swell.

Q. Are you jealous of Kyuhyun-ssi, who is popular these days with his sharp tongue?
He’s ‘poison’ itself. If you touch him, the poison spreads.

Q. Siwon-ssi’s charm that other members do not have?
You… all know already~ kk how can I say that… kk Just kidding. I don’t really know. I’m sure there isn’t any, we’re all same group members and humans..


140910 KTR:
  • ➥Siwon called DBSK Changmin
  • ➥Members: What are you doing?
  • Changmin: I just took a shower
  • Members: are you not going on a stroll??
  • Changmin: I will go on it too
  • Members: ooooooooh~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • ➥LT: You are close with KH-ssi, who do you like more, Siwon-ssi or Kyuhyun-ssi?
  • Changmin: ah... Siwon-ee hyung? ah....
  • members: ah kyuhyun-ee
  • Changmin: I like Siwon-ee hyung because he has lots of money~
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140407 Sukira With SJM [Full Show Translation]
  • Donghae to Eunhyuk "You have really pretty toes~"
  • members asked if that is his fetish lol
  • Henry: Hello everyone~ *pant pant*
  • Eunhyuk: Don't pretend you ran here ㅋㅋ
  • Fan: Kyuhyun-ssi's shoulders look really wide on bora. I want to go hug him
  • Kyuhyun: Come to me~♬
  • Q.who would even skip schedules for their girlfriend?
  • Kyu : was suppose to answer
  • Kyu: Donghae!
  • Donghae: Eunhyuk!
  • Q. who are you most awkward with when you are just with him?:
  • Sungmin: ... Donghae!
  • Q. Who has the hardest time after breaking up with their girlfriend?:
  • Donghae: .. Donghae
  • Hyuk: Donghae doesn't have schedules to skip for his girlfriend
  • Q. Who gets most angry at the managers?:
  • Donghae: Ryeowook!
  • Q. Who keeps a "concept" while doing shows?
  • Ryeowook: Kyuhyun!
  • Donghae ordering chicken and the employee asked for his phone number. Members now saying his number "010-..."
  • Kyuhyun said Donghae loves doing events, so he might miss schedules preparing for them if he has a girlfriend
  • At star king recording, sunbaes told ZhouMi that he looks like Leeteuk.
  • reporter kept calling for Siwon,&it was@ airport day w/o SW so members asked manager if SW came, turns out reporter mistook zhoumi for siwon
  • fans kept talking about Eunhyuk's hair being weird up, and Hyuk said stop talking about hairstyle ㅋㅋ Zhoumi said it suits him well
  • Kyuhyun said he went to Sokcho-> GyeongJu -> Busan with Changmin in their food tour
  • Hyuk said he hates Ryeowook's 5: 5 divided hair. Said it's a hairstyle his mom would often do in past
  • Members talking about how Sungmin made a lot of money recently from doing many musicals xD
  • Kyuhyun had another plans so he didn't go to the meat party yesterday. Sungmin paid for the meat party yesterday~
  • Ryeowook: I thought he wasn't wearing anything. When he came in and said "I'm here", I was surprised
  • Fan: ZhouMi, are you nervous? It's your 1st time on sukira
  • ZhouMi: I'm not nervous.Since members are here with me.I think it'll be fun today
  • Henry will join Sukira in about 20 minutes. He's not at Sukira yet because of another filming
  • Ryeowook: The man with the sexiest singing voice...
  • Kyuhyun: mnya mnya cough cough ..
  • Sungmin said he's actually not that awkward with Donghae, & that he recently ate with just donghae at the same meat place they ate yesterday
  • KH: Sungmin hyung is like this when girls are around... "(high tone)Ai mini mi~~" >< then when manager calls, "(low tone) Oh hyung."
  • Henry is recording Real Man tomorrow so he got a haircut ~
  • Why did you do that..." talk segment~ first is ZhouMi to Kyuhyun~
  • "Ya! Why do you keep copying the way I speak in Korean!" -ZhouMi.
  • Hyuk: Kyuhyun-ssi really did it the entire time today
  • Today, Kyuhyun Sungmin Eunhyuk went to watch a movie. Then they came, and ZhouMi asked "Was it fun? (very informal)"
  • Kyuhyun saw ZhouMi walking while scratching his head, so Kyu did "ZhouMi is scratching his head : D" while imitating him
  • Wook said he thinks Kyuhyun's toes are pretty, and members asked him to show it and Kyuhyun said he'll show it next time
  • Henry went to sauna last week, and ajusshis came up to him and said "You've worked hard~"
  • Wook asked if ajusshis "scanned" him at sauna and go like "Oh you're really a real man!"
  • Hyuk said Henry&Donghae fought in front of him in the dorm before (Hae said like 7 years ago) ㅋㅋ
  • Hyuk said they were so cute, they were lightly slapping/hitting each other, then it got stronger and stronger
  • Hyuk said he had to stop them ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Wook said ZhouMi is very good at live, he almost cried last time at concert because of ZhouMi. He wants Mi to go on Perfect Singer.
  • Fan asked Henry to sing a line of "I Would", and Henry went "OH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would~"
  • Donghae said Henry lives in the house next to his family's, and that Henry speaks to his (hae's) mom often
  • Members asking Sungmin to do bbuing bbuing with his butt
  • Fan asked EunHae to sing a line from Still You but Donghae started singing another song ㅋㅋ
  • Sungmin did bbuing bbuing with his butt and Kyuhyun asked if Sungmin farted
  • Wook asked listeners to continue to listening to Oktapbang (next radio show) and Eunhyuk said : Do you really think fans will listen to it~?
  • then members saw the next show DJ waiting outside, then they were like "It was Eunhyuk-ee that said that!!"
  • Hyuk said "Siwon-ah, happy birthday!" at the end ~!
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140119 - Sukira
  • Ryeowook: There was a time (in the beginng) when Super Junior members fought. Yesung-ssi once said to me "Why did you unfollow me on (sns)." I didn't unfollow him on purpose. It was really at the beginning, so (there weren't) much concepts of it. (I just) didn't really like (following) many people . And (he wasn't) doing many activities (on sns). Yesung-ssi didn't post much. So I thought 'I should unfollow' and unfollowed, and Yesung-ssi must have checked mine. And at that time, I also unfollowed Siwon-ssi too. So on concert day, Siwon-ssi and Yesung-ssi attacked me. "You are like that~!!!" and they also brought up things from the past kkkk I just remembered (about the fight)... You should be careful when you unfollow people. Your relationship with them can become really bad.
  • Ryeowook: When we were making this logo song, Leeteuk-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi asked me about it. "Can you make a logo song." At the time, I was studying composing, so I said "Sure~ What should it be like?" and they said "I'd like it in school concept. Our program is a young program." "Okay~ We can add bell sounds too~"
  • Sungmin-ssi made the melody, I made the accompanied instruments and added the lyrics. Sungmin-ssi gave me motives. "Lalalala~~ how is that??" We made it over the night, and many people liked it. It's still being played now. (But) the (money for) copyrights isn't coming in. Oh, we forgot to register it hehe
  • Ryeowook: 140119 Sukira- RW: There's something Kyuhyun-ssi said. "You don't have to do anything till they are 6 years old. Because they cannot remember (anything before that age)" kkkk he says he takes care of his nephews and cousins well when they reach the age of 6, but (he) doesn't take care of them before that age kkk (he does that) because he (says) did good things for (someone), but they (said) they don't remember it at all. 'Ah~ this is useless'. But you could just leave evidence (of being nice to them) hehe
  • Ryeowook: There are people that often have dreams when they sleep. Especially our Super Junior Donghae-ssi. I was sleeping, and he suddenly came and slowly opened the door, then said "Ryeowook-ah! I had a dream!!" This morning too. No, not even morning. In the afternoon. I was sleeping well, and he suddenly woke me up, saying "Ryeowook-ah! Ryeowook-ah!!" He said I appeared in his dream, fought with someone, and other weird stuff kkk He told me "Ryeowook-ah, you be careful today~" kkk
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