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[LONG POST] SJ loves Hyukkie; Everyone loves Hyukkie.

Okay, for your sake, I hope you got it down that everyone loves hyukkie no matter what the haters say. (what haters? I know lol) This boy is too adorable, gorgeous, sweet and did I mention adorable? to deal with all that shit. So I’d like to pin this in people’s heads that everyone loves hyukkie and you know you do too even if you say you don’t. If you hate him because he’s interfering with your ship or something then you need to grow the flip up please and thank you.

It’s just ridiculous when some “fan” would be like “I hate him and the members also hate him” - especially when they wanna argue that “Hae also secretly hates him”. 

Like no.

I’m not saying there are any anti-fans but Hyuk fans know the 2-3 we’ve dealt with, even if it might have been the same person, and it’s stupid. Don’t hate him just because you don’t like your bias hugging him. WTF… =.=

Throw all your ships out the window because that’s not the point of this post but you are welcome to spazz over the moments if you’d like. Just keep it mind, I didn’t make this post to prove any shipping point. you can ship whatever you want. 

Anyway, here we go!
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Let’s start at the top with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and how much teukie cares about SJ’s precious jewel. He and Hyukkie are partners in crime and therefore, he’s always got hyukkie’s back. And he’s always there when Hyukkie needs comfort and love.

He’s an angel for the whole group, always looking over them to make sure they’re all okay and that they’re all happy. Leeteuk adores Hyukkie and takes care of him. He is like a mother figure.

You know…when he’s not teasing the poor boy.

Remember when Hyukkie couldn’t stop crying on his last day at Sukira and teukie hugged him? I don’t know about you but that’s when it really hit me that yeah sure they’re alike at something and always fooling around and partners in crime but hyukkie is still younger than teukie and he’s a crybaby, cute and precious so teukie still has to look after him and comfort him.

Next one, Heechul and Hyukkie…

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kyuhyun's enlistment date is here

our devil maknae is finally going off to the army!! 

his enlistment date is may 25th 2016

however … because of the suju acciendent in 2007 , kyuhyun was originally not supposed to go to the army. but because  kyuhyun still wanted to serve, he will be going to the public services branch ( a branch for people who are not physically able to serve in the army) 

the public services last from 24 months to 36 months, depending which serivce you do…. meaning that we might not see him for 3 years TAT

however there has been news of kyuhyun’s discharge date will be may 24th 2019, meaning only 2 years/ 24 months!! but those are only rumors though… 

public service branch get more breaks in between service than army, navy, airforce branch does ( that is why public services last longer, as army is 21 months) but this may be good news. because if kyuhyun gets breaks, he might be able to participate in album recording. 


im done…… 

im going to go cry in a corner now … 

can u do a spam of kyuhyun with the other members ? thank you for your hard work again 


Admin Aldebaran:

Thank you for your message! I was shocked when I read the news, omg. T_T I thought he’ll go somewhere around autumn. … ….

But, he has to do this, so what ELF can do is SUPPORT HIM.

I think the 24 months relevant info, however greatly depends the kind of job he will do. For example (and these are just from SJ) look how Yeye wasn’t visible (I remember only one photo when he was in his military workplace), but could make sns posts, and on the other hand Heenim had a dj job at the army radio station and we could see him, so we will see, but what I know the 36 months service for special squads like air force pilots. 

We can do this together how we’ve waited (and still waiting) the other members.

Of course I’ll do a spam, I’m going to do it tomorrow! :) 

See you later, everyone!


the sweetest couple i’ve ever seen