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Hiya can i get a scenario with Donghae you have been dating for 3yrs and the other members know your secret, the secret is that you LOVE Donghae's torso and the boys tease you about it then Donghae overhears it and teases you also. Sorry if this makes no sense at all kinda rushed it anyway thank you , and take your time on this.

This was my inspiration for this snippet.

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Raspberry (Kyuhyun X Reader)

I laid on the floor with my eyes glued to my DS. I was in an intense battle with the Hoenn Gym Leader, Steven, and both of us were down to our last Pokemon-my Metagross against his Metagross. I was so engrossed in my game that I didn’t hear Kyuhyun enter the room. “Whatcha doing?” he asked; laying down on the floor next to me.

I jumped slightly and glanced at him. “Nothing really. Just battle the Hoenn Champion.”

“You still haven’t beat him?” Kyuhyun asked with a smirk.

“Shouldn’t you be playing StarCraft or something?” I said; ignoring his question.

“I don’t always play StarCraft! I came out here to spend time with my girlfriend, thank you very much,” Kyuhyun defended with a frown.

“You’re girlfriend is busy,” I said; using a full restore on my Metagross.

“Oh really,” Kyuhyun scoffed.

Before I could respond Kyuhyun shut my DS and started tickling my sides. I erupted into giggles; squirming to get away from him. I rolled over onto my back to push Kyuhyun’s hands away, but he grabbed both my wrists with one hand-pinning them above my head. “Kyu,” I laughed, “st-stop ticking m-e!”

“Alright,” Kyuhyun said; a devious smirk on his face. He stopped tickling me, but kept my hands above my head. Kyuhyun lifted my shirt just far enough to expose my tummy.


I could feel his breath on my bare skin. “If you’ll be good, I’ll let go of your wrists.”

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Will you be a good girl?” Kyuhyun asked; completely disregarding my question. I couldn’t find my words, so I just nodded-anticipation building in my stomach.

Kyuhyun placed a soft kiss on my tummy. My breath caught in my throat. He let go on my wrists as he began placing butterfly kisses all over my stomach.

Once again, I was a giggling mess. Kyuhyun held me down as I thrashed slightly. Suddenly, Kyuhyun blew a raspberry on the bare skin of my tummy. “Kyu!” I squealed. I could feel him grin against my skin as he kissed the already fading red spot. Kyuhyun blew another raspberry on my stoamch-earning another squeal from me as I kicked my legs in the air like a small child.

Kyuhyun continued to blow raspberries-kissing them as they faded.

“KyuKyuKyu!” I giggled. “Stoooop!” Kyuhyun blew one last raspberry before letting me go; a huge grin on his face.

I playfully punched his arm. “You’re so going to pay for that,” I said; a smile on my face.

“Oh really?” Kyuhyun asked teasingly. He leaned in close to my face-his lips brushing against mine. “Catch me if you can!” he said before quickly getting up and darting out of the room.

“Cho Kyuhyun!” I yelled; scrambling to my feet and chasing after him. My DS laid on the floor-completely forgotten.


Writing this scenario was a stress reliever. Well, until I got interrupted halfway through it. Anyway, thanks for reading and SEND ME REQUESTS! -Payt

140225 Sukira :
  • Listener said that he/she was hurt after talking with friends about each others bad points ~
  • Wook: We members did that too in Germany. Hyuk, kyu, hae and me, we brought red wine to drink and talked about each others bad points, played games like "Truth or Dare"~ Then the atmosphere got a bit cold as we played ... But in the end it became good again ~~
  • (via: 金圣诞是理想型)

Kyuhyun was sick that day.

And apparently he was also alone in the dorms too. He groaned, waking up from a nap to realize he fell asleep in the middle of watching a movie on his IPod. Oh well, he couldn’t understand most of the scenes anyway because of the slight headache he had from his colds. He looked around his room; of course everything was a little messy because he never bothered to clean up after himself. His stomach growled suddenly and the maknae remembered he hasn’t anything at all that day (since he didn’t at all get up ever since he woke up that morning).

But he was too lazy to get up and check the fridge if they left him some food. He wouldn’t dare use the kitchen in fear of causing fire and accidentally killing himself, then he’d have to face Ryeowook’s wrath after death.

He sighed and snuggled around his blanket more. Why did he have to get sick on a day off of all days? While everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves, he was here stuck on his bed with a slight headache and sneezing every now and then. He huffed, bored.

He opened his twitter, deciding he was too bored he was going to tweet. At first he opted for a selca of his face, but after several attempts to get a picture that would make him look a little more ‘alive’ but failed, he took a picture of his foot instead. He posted it soon afterwards.

Kyuhyun was actually planning to check into his mentions after that, but after closing his eyes to rest he didn’t realize he fell asleep again.

To wake up to the smell of delicious smelling soup drifting through his room. The maknae almost jumped from the bed, thinking it was a hallucination and he had to get it before it disappears. “Soup!” he yelled, ready to dive for the steaming bowl at the foot of his bed.

He grabbed the bowl quickly, ready to down it all in one gulp but a hand stopped him. He looked up to find a very concerned looking Sungmin, shaking his head. “Easy Kyuhyun, you’re going to make yourself sicker. Eat slowly” he said.

Kyuhyun coughed, slightly dazed. Was he dreaming? But it didn’t felt like a dream “Min?” he said, voice hoarse from the sore throat. “You’re home?”

The aegyo King nodded, he looked a little angry too…or maybe he was just imagining it. “Yes Kyu, I’m home…” he watched as the younger ate the soup, and feel a little better than he had been all day. “How are you feeling now?” he asked when Kyuhyun finally put down the bowl, sighing happily.

“Better, thanks Min. First and best meal of the day” he grinned happily. But blinked when Sungmin frowned at his words. “What is it?”

Sungmin sighed “How can the others leave you alone when you’re sick?” he blurted out, obviously unhappy.

“Oh, you saw my tweet?”

He shook his head. “Shindong told me, I asked him to check up on you since you were sick this morning. I had no idea they left you all alone” he touched the maknae’s forehead with the back of his hand and looked relieved “At least your cold isn’t getting worse”

Kyuhyun smirked “Aww, were you that worried Min?”

“Of course I was worried! You were sick! Aish this maknae—-” Sungmin yelped when Kyuhyun suddenly tackled and hugged him. “Kyu?”

“Thanks Ming”

That got him to smile; running his fingers through the maknae’s soft locks slightly drenched in sweat “Sorry I had to leave today…”

“Well, you’re here now right?” Kyuhyun smiled sheepishly.

A while later and Kyuhyun was snuggled in his pink blanket (in which if anyone was wondering, a gift from Sungmin), contented and very much sated. He was even almost falling asleep again when something caught his eye and he blinked, realizing another foot was sticking out of the blanket next to his. He chuckled in amusement and Sungmin smiled next to him.

“You really have a thing for foot selcas don’t you?” the older mused when Kyuhyun whipped out his phone to take a picture of their feet.

“Just as fond you are of weird socks Min…”

“They are cute, right?”

“Not as cute as you though”

(unfisnished draft because I fell asleep based on EnchantedKM15’s pic <3)