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Hiya can i get a scenario with Donghae you have been dating for 3yrs and the other members know your secret, the secret is that you LOVE Donghae's torso and the boys tease you about it then Donghae overhears it and teases you also. Sorry if this makes no sense at all kinda rushed it anyway thank you , and take your time on this.

This was my inspiration for this snippet.

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A/N: To the lovely anon who requested a jealous Kyuhyun fic ending with smut. I’m so sorry that first of all this is not what you wanted at all, and second that this is out so late. I tried making this the best one but I seriously had to rewrite this about 5 times because nothing seemed right and of course Kyuhyun never let’s me take control of the smut I write. I apologize. Let me know if you like this or not, if not it’s cool just let me know if you want a rewrite though. Happy reading and enjoy. ^^ WARNING: This story has curse words and smut and some tying up, sort of, so if you do not like then DO NOT READ. Enjoy! ^^ P.S. Gifs don’t match at all.


“Let me get this straight. You’re mad at me for hanging out with your members?”

“Damn right I am.”

“Are you sure you’re not just jealous instead of mad?” You asked removing your jacket and hanging it on a hook as you slipped your shoes off. Kyuhyun was doing the same thing but had his back turned towards you, not wanting to look at you at all as he fumed in anger, but when you asked if he was jealous he slowly turned around to give you a glaring dagger look.

“Why would I be jealous? And of my own members?” He asked, quickly walking towards the kitchen as you followed after him. He was looking through the cabinets no doubt looking for something to drink and use it as an excuse to not answer you.

“I don’t know Kyuhyun. You tell me. Why are you jealous of your members?”

“I’m not fucking jealous of my members.” He answered after he took a drink of water and continued to glare at you. You laughed a little as you were amused. He was indeed jealous and him throwing lies at you of him not being jealous at all amused you.

“There’s nothing to be jealous about though. You have something that they don’t have.”

“And what is that?” He asked looking at you with an unamused expression. He was beginning to calm down so you took the chance to step forward and wrap your arms around his waist giving him a smile.

“You have me.” He rolled his eyes a little but you laughed anyway. “I’m serious. You have someone to hold and kiss and love while they’re stuck doing that to each other.”

Kyuhyun looked away as you continued to look up at him and coax him trying to get him to smile or at least look down at you, but when he wouldn’t even hug you back, you pulled away with a scoff and walked away from the kitchen.

“You can be around girl members all day but I can’t be jealous for a single second, but if I so much wave at a guy, you blow up on me. Fine. Then I guess I’ll go. I’ll go cuddle with Eunhyuk. Or maybe Donghae. I hear he’s a great cuddler anyway. I should bring wine too and maybe-” you immediately let out a small yell as Kyuhyun suddenly pinned you down on the coffee table making sure that you didn’t hurt yourself against it. It all happened so fast but before you could push him off of you Kyuhyun was already pressing his body on yours and ravishing your neck.

You moaned as he sucked on your neck and trailed his hands all over your body trying to undress you without removing his mouth away from yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and spread your legs to let him settle between them but instead he kneeled down on the floor and smirked as he hiked your skirt up and pulled your panties off. You watched him bite his bottom lip giving you a seductive look and move forward as he pressed his tongue flatly against your core causing you to let out a loud gasp.

You were arching your back, grabbing a handful of his hair and withering against his touch as he pressed his lips against you and sucked. You were gasping and growing louder as he inserted his fingers in you and rocked you against them knowing very well that Kyuhyun was loving the fact that you were growing louder by the second.

You arched your back again gripping the sides of the table and crying out as you felt the climax coming when Kyuhyun hovered over you and harshly pressed his lips to yours, locking lips with you and licking your bottom lip to let him in. When he bit your lip and you moaned he smirked and used the opportunity to enter your mouth and explore every inch of it. You felt his tongue run over the roof of your mouth when he grabbed a handful of your hair and sat you up, still working his fingers in and out of you and curling them up, pressing them against your spot.

“Look at me.” He ordered against your lips as you had your eyes clenched. He smirked again as soon as you opened them and looked directly into his eyes. He really had a thing for looking into your eyes whenever he pleasured you. You were breathing heavy and moaning against his lips just looking into his eyes when your hand went to his chest and you gripped his shirt.

“Kyuhyun I-”

“Do it babe.” He whispered huskily as you arched your back tearing your gaze away from him but he didn’t like that so he gripped your hair again and told you to only look at him. You nodded and gulped just looking at him when your orgasm finally reached and you cried out, Kyuhyun quickly taking your moans all to himself as he kissed you hard and rode out your orgasm.

You collapsed back trying to catch your breath but you couldn’t even take a second in as Kyuhyun was standing up and making you stand up with him as he gripped your wrist and lead you into the bedroom. He pulled you into the room and slightly shoved you to the bed as he walked towards the closet looking for something, making you grow curious as to what he was looking for.

“Strip.” He ordered making you feel aroused. He didn’t even turn to look at you but the authority in his voice was a turn on, that you did what he said. He turned around and smirked once again arching his eyebrow at you and licking his lip as he strode forward. He grabbed your hair again and tugged your head back as he leaned down to kiss you while his free hand stroked your cheek.

“You know you’re mine right.” He mumbled against your lips as he continued to stroke your cheek. You didn’t know if you should answer him or not but you were immersed into the show to even give him an answer.

Your eyes were wide staring up at him almost innocently, it made him smirk. His hand that was stroking your cheek, now went down to your chest as he used his fingers to trace every line and curve of your body somehow getting you to relax. It made you sigh as his cool fingers left a trail against your heated skin when he reached for your hand and lifted it up to put it against his shirt.
He never lost eye contact with you and when he made you tug on his shirt he smiled and kissed your fingertips, quickly moving your arm back and leaning forward to tie your wrist against the bed post.

“Are you tying me up?” You asked and he laughed a little.

“You catch on very quick, babe.” He teased as he patted your head and quickly moved to your other wrist to tie it up as well before you could move to start untying yourself. You gave him an annoyed look but the fact that you couldn’t touch him when you really wanted to, turned you on some more. You were willing to stay tied up for him if it meant him getting pleasured and pleasuring you back.

He straddled your legs and looked down at you as you looked up at him. He was smirking and arching his eyebrow up when he asked you to pull on your wrists. You pulled on one of them letting out a small groan as it was tight and he smirked some more. He then moved his face right in front of yours and cocked his head to the side not loosing eye contact with you at all. He wasn’t even touching you, yet you wanted him now as his gaze said it all.

He then got off the bed and walked towards the closet losing his shirt along the way and throwing it somewhere in the room when he looked back to look at you. “Should I blindfold you?”

“No.” You immediately let out and he laughed.

“You’re right you’ll miss the show.”

“What show?” You asked when his hands moved to his jeans and slowly removed the button from it’s hole. You continued to watch, arching your eyebrow at him when he groaned as his hand rubbed against his erection to unzip his pants, making you widen your eyes and want to hear it again as the sound itself was erotic. He was unzipping his zipper down slowly, taking his time and making you whine as you wanted him now.


He smirked as he heard the want in your voice but he wasn’t finished yet. When he finally took his pants off, your mouth practically watered as you saw the bulge in his boxers wanting it in you now but you knew this was only happening because Kyuhyun was jealous and wanted to prove a point. You didn’t mind it, you just wanted the point to be made already and make you tell him that you were wrong and he was right.

“Kyuhyun…” you whined again moving your legs a little, feeling yourself get wetter but nothing or no one touching you was making you impatient. “Don’t blindfold me. Just get over here and touch me.”

“Whatever you want.” He said as he finally moved forward and got on the bed, straddling your legs and threading his fingers in your hair as he roughly pressed his lips against yours and kissed you hard. You moaned as his hand cupped your breast hard and bit your bottom lip as the kiss turned heated. You were arching towards him wanting to feel more but he smirked and pulled away.

“Oh my God Kyuhyun!” You said loudly and annoyed as he laughed. You pulled on your wrists wanting to break free but you groaned as he tied both your wrists up really tightly. “Let me go if all you’re going to do is tease me.”

“Yup that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” He said as he ran his fingers down your chest and to your navel and to the waistband of your panties where he hooked his fingers and snapped the elastic against you. “Now. Tell me why were you with my members?”

“Admit that you’re jealous and I’ll tell you.” You said back and he smirked. He leaned forward brushing his lips against yours and smirked once again.

“You and I both know that if I don’t you’ll just stay tied up like this and not get any. Now tell me, if you want me to touch you.” He said as he cupped your core and you moaned as he rubbed against you feeling how wet you really were. He let out a moan against your lips and bit his lip. He wanted to be inside you as well but he was having a good time teasing you. “Tell me.” He whispered as you mewled at his touch.


“OK fine don’t tell me.” He said and leaned forward to kiss your temple and your cheek. “I’ll just continue doing this.” He mumbled huskily against your ear and bit your earlobe as he inserted his fingers hard in you once again, making you moan loud and cover your mouth against his shoulder.

You were cursing against him wanting more but Kyuhyun wasn’t giving it to you. He moaned at the erotic sounds escaping your lips and watched as your face contorted into pleasure. Kyuhyun gained nothing but confidence watching you get pleasured because it was all him and nothing else.

It was only him who made you weak and made you want to beg for more so whenever you were out with his members he would always grow jealous because his members had that kind of power on stage while he only had it behind the scenes. He didn’t mind sharing that power to you only but something in him feared that if his members could make the fans weak then they could definitely do it to you too.

“Kyuhyun, fuck, please.” You breathed out as he started to slow down not wanting you to reach your climax just yet. He was teasing you really badly and it was driving you crazy. He kissed your lips then trailed down to your jaw and to your neck as his hands cupped both your breasts and squeezed. His hand tangled into your hair and tugged your head back as he sucked and bit and kissed your neck and chest making you whimper as you wanted more.

You tugged at your wrists wanting to touch him but you knew you were only going to end up getting marked instead of getting free any time soon. He kissed down your chest where he stopped to pay attention to both your nipples then went back to leaving a trail down your belly and towards your belly button. He kissed the top of your waistband of your panties and smiled as he hooked his fingers on them and finally pulled them down.

You watched as he removed his boxers as well giving his length a stroke or two and lifting you up a little so he could line himself up at your entrance. You felt him tease your core with his tip making you whine and grow impatient.

“Say that you’re mine and I’ll fuck you. Hard.” He cursed making you quickly blurt out that you were his and only his. He smiled at the sound of those words but it wasn’t enough apparently as he shook his head at you. “I won’t untie you until you say it right.”

“What do you want me to say?” You asked growing impatient. “You want me to scream it to the world on how it’s only you I fucking want? Or what?”

He leaned forward feeling his lips brush against yours as he whispered “I want you to beg for it.”

You rolled your eyes a little but you were getting tired of being tied up so you sighed and cleared your throat letting out whatever was in your head. “It’s only you I want and it’s only you who I belong to. It’s only you I want tying me on the bed post and teasing the hell out of me and fucking me nonstop after. I’m yours Kyuhyun and no one else’s. I promise you that.” He smiled but quickly pushed it aside.

“That’s not begging but Oh well it will do.” He said with a shrug and you groaned as he laughed a little. He kissed your forehead and sat up and leaned forward to untie you. You smiled a little and kissed his torso feeling the tie loosen around you. When you were free you pouted as he kissed your wrists and he pouted a little as well not meaning to hurt you. As soon as you were free and both wrists were kissed he laid you back and hovered over you making sure to kiss every inch of you.

His mouth closed on one of your breasts using it as a distraction to spread your legs apart and wrap one around his waist as he suddenly entered you hard making the two of you simultaneously moan out. He smiled at the moan that escaped you and quickly moved down to press a sweet kiss on your lips, but his hips slamming against yours was a different story. He was moving hard and fast getting satisfaction at your pleasured features and watching you grip the bed sheets underneath you. He smiled and once again leaned down to peck you on the lips.

You wrapped your arms around his neck holding him down on you as you kissed him or buried your face against him letting out hot breaths, curse words or moans, or little demands for him to go faster or harder. He heard each and every one of your demands and actually got them done feeling good about doing it and feeling more aroused as you were being vocal.

Usually it would be him as you knew the right spots or the right moves to do on him to get him to be a moaning mess but watching you come undone drove him crazy and super confident on getting you to climax all the way.

“Baby look at me. Don’t hold back.” He mumbled as your eyes were clenched feeling your body shiver at the pleasure you were receiving. When you opened your eyes and looked up at him Kyuhyun groaned and moved his thumb to pull on your bottom lip mumbling things on how you were “sexy as fuck” and what not but most of all calling you his “beautiful girl”.

“You’re my girl. I don’t want you for somebody else I want you all for me. I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Kyuhyun.” You said back then letting out a gasp as you were close now. Kyuhyun had his lips parted letting out groans watching as he practically pounded into you and watching you wither underneath him when he stopped a little to push both your legs towards you and find a good angle to enter you and hit that spot that made you come undone any second now.

“Ah, Kyuhyun.” You moaned out and he shivered at the moan of his name. He looked down at you and smiled asking you to do it again and you smiled back concentrating on his thrusts hitting your spot. A couple of thrusts in and you gasped as your orgasm hit making you still as you felt the ecstasy travel all over your body, making g your toes curl and your back arch up.

“Oh God, Kyuhyun!” You moaned out as Kyuhyun stilled as well as you clenched around his lenght, contorting his face into nothing but pure pleasure as he groaned and moaned out your name.

“Oh fuck, Y/N.” He said after he rode out both your orgasms and collapsed on your chest letting out a small laugh, making you laugh with him as soon as your breathing somewhat returned to normal. “I’m sorry I tied you up and hurt you baby. Are you OK?” He asked and you nodded leaning down to kiss his head.

He lifted his head up to look at you but his tired face and hair sticking onto his forehead made you smile, so you ran your fingers through his hair and moved the sweat matted hair away from his face. He smiled back at you and kissed your collarbones setting his head down against your chest lightly so he won’t hurt you.

“I’m sorry I got jealous. It’s just you’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and you’re so beautiful and amazing and knowing my members I feel like there’s a huge chance that they’ll steal you away from me, and I don’t want that at all. And I realize now that tying you up is maybe not a good thing at all. I’m sorry.”

You smiled again pressing another kiss at his head as you ran your fingers through his hair. Somehow his confession made you somewhat giddy and it made you confident on telling him what you were about to him.

“There’s nothing to worry about though. You have me and only me and that’s how it’s going to be. I don’t want any of your members, I want you. I love you so much Kyuhyun and honestly I don’t know how to show you that. Yeah your members can be hot on stage and what not but do they know that you like tying your girlfriend up and teasing the hell out of her and making her beg? Because seriously that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. And you’re hot on stage too. You can seduce the fans with your voice and your hip thrusts, trust me. But don’t actually seduce any of your fans or I’ll get jealous.”

Kyuhyun looked up at you and laughed pressing a peck on your lips then pressing two more as he smiled. “Maybe getting jealous isn’t so bad. I mean look at us. We’re both pretty beat.”

“I guess you’re right. Maybe next time I’ll tie you up.” You admitted and he snorted.

“In your dreams. But OK that will be sexy as hell. Want to come with me tomorrow to SM and watch me talk to all the girl SM artists?”

You looked at Kyuhyun unamused then turned to the side pulling the cover over yourself as Kyuhyun laughed against you and wrapped his arms around you only to pull you on top of him as he rolled onto his back.

“I love you, baby.” He said pressing a kiss to your head and pressing you tight against him as you groaned.

“Well I don’t. Let me go so I can cuddle Donghae.”

“Nope. Mine.” He said continuing to hold you and pressing small kisses at your head, eventually waiting for sleep to take over the two of you.

140225 Sukira :
  • Listener said that he/she was hurt after talking with friends about each others bad points ~
  • Wook: We members did that too in Germany. Hyuk, kyu, hae and me, we brought red wine to drink and talked about each others bad points, played games like "Truth or Dare"~ Then the atmosphere got a bit cold as we played ... But in the end it became good again ~~
  • (via: 金圣诞是理想型)

Kyuhyun was sick that day.

And apparently he was also alone in the dorms too. He groaned, waking up from a nap to realize he fell asleep in the middle of watching a movie on his IPod. Oh well, he couldn’t understand most of the scenes anyway because of the slight headache he had from his colds. He looked around his room; of course everything was a little messy because he never bothered to clean up after himself. His stomach growled suddenly and the maknae remembered he hasn’t anything at all that day (since he didn’t at all get up ever since he woke up that morning).

But he was too lazy to get up and check the fridge if they left him some food. He wouldn’t dare use the kitchen in fear of causing fire and accidentally killing himself, then he’d have to face Ryeowook’s wrath after death.

He sighed and snuggled around his blanket more. Why did he have to get sick on a day off of all days? While everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves, he was here stuck on his bed with a slight headache and sneezing every now and then. He huffed, bored.

He opened his twitter, deciding he was too bored he was going to tweet. At first he opted for a selca of his face, but after several attempts to get a picture that would make him look a little more ‘alive’ but failed, he took a picture of his foot instead. He posted it soon afterwards.

Kyuhyun was actually planning to check into his mentions after that, but after closing his eyes to rest he didn’t realize he fell asleep again.

To wake up to the smell of delicious smelling soup drifting through his room. The maknae almost jumped from the bed, thinking it was a hallucination and he had to get it before it disappears. “Soup!” he yelled, ready to dive for the steaming bowl at the foot of his bed.

He grabbed the bowl quickly, ready to down it all in one gulp but a hand stopped him. He looked up to find a very concerned looking Sungmin, shaking his head. “Easy Kyuhyun, you’re going to make yourself sicker. Eat slowly” he said.

Kyuhyun coughed, slightly dazed. Was he dreaming? But it didn’t felt like a dream “Min?” he said, voice hoarse from the sore throat. “You’re home?”

The aegyo King nodded, he looked a little angry too…or maybe he was just imagining it. “Yes Kyu, I’m home…” he watched as the younger ate the soup, and feel a little better than he had been all day. “How are you feeling now?” he asked when Kyuhyun finally put down the bowl, sighing happily.

“Better, thanks Min. First and best meal of the day” he grinned happily. But blinked when Sungmin frowned at his words. “What is it?”

Sungmin sighed “How can the others leave you alone when you’re sick?” he blurted out, obviously unhappy.

“Oh, you saw my tweet?”

He shook his head. “Shindong told me, I asked him to check up on you since you were sick this morning. I had no idea they left you all alone” he touched the maknae’s forehead with the back of his hand and looked relieved “At least your cold isn’t getting worse”

Kyuhyun smirked “Aww, were you that worried Min?”

“Of course I was worried! You were sick! Aish this maknae—-” Sungmin yelped when Kyuhyun suddenly tackled and hugged him. “Kyu?”

“Thanks Ming”

That got him to smile; running his fingers through the maknae’s soft locks slightly drenched in sweat “Sorry I had to leave today…”

“Well, you’re here now right?” Kyuhyun smiled sheepishly.

A while later and Kyuhyun was snuggled in his pink blanket (in which if anyone was wondering, a gift from Sungmin), contented and very much sated. He was even almost falling asleep again when something caught his eye and he blinked, realizing another foot was sticking out of the blanket next to his. He chuckled in amusement and Sungmin smiled next to him.

“You really have a thing for foot selcas don’t you?” the older mused when Kyuhyun whipped out his phone to take a picture of their feet.

“Just as fond you are of weird socks Min…”

“They are cute, right?”

“Not as cute as you though”

(unfisnished draft because I fell asleep based on EnchantedKM15’s pic <3)