kyuhyun face lol


Zhou Mi’s aegyo and members’ reaction.


bonus: when he repeated the aegyo act that he did on 100% entertainment during breakdown promo… and said to just focus on his face. (probably because he got his hand hit so hard the last time he did it)


[Trans] @special1004:..Happy birthday.. 

[Trans] @donghae861015: Happy birthday to our Heebonggie !! I hope to see you taking care of your dongsaengs more from now on! Stop doing actions that draws attention!! It also seems like you need a more considerate image too !! #heenimloseweight #iloveyou #happybirthday #dyeyourhair happy that we are together !! 

[Trans] @AllRiseSilver: Hehehe it is alright to behave immaturely #happybirthdayheenim #wearesuperjunior 

[Trans] @siwon407: Its been 10 years before we knew it. We went through thick and thin. Even so, being able to be together in birthdays really makes me happy. Happy Birthday heenim^^ #wearesuperjunior 

[Trans] @shfly3424: Heebongie-hyung happy birthday. From now on I’ll cheer on you becoming more like a hyung in the fulture~ I love you #SuperJunior #Devil #supershow