Au Meme: Hyoyeon/Kyuhyun → Let me love you

She was sitting on his stair case. She was waiting for him. He was the only one she could trust. The only she would show her tears. Her tears were blinding her slightly, but she recognized his silhouette. She could feel his warm hand on her cold cheek. 
“Did he cheat on you again?”, he asked softly. She nodded and new tears were forming in her eyes. He took her hand and helped her to stand up. His apartment was warm and filled her with its warmness. 
“I told you that he would do it again!”, Kyuhyun said and looked at her with a serious expression.
“I know, but I love him too much. Tomorrow I will be in his arms again!”, Hyoyeon responded and sniffed. Kyuhyuns body tensed and his fist hit the table. Hyoyeon backed away slightly.
“That guy is shit. He doesn’t know that he’s breaking your heart. He’s hurting you and you even allow this. I can’t take this anymore Hyoyeon!”, Kyuhyun screamed and scared his best friend.
“You should already know that there’s someone that will treat you so much better”, he continued. Hyoyeon looked at him. Her eyes were teary again.
“Tell me someone who loves me the way I am! Tell me! Nobody loves me the way I am! I’m always trying to fit into something I’m not. I don’t want to loose him, because he gives me the feeling that I’m loved!”, Hyoyeon screamed and tears flowed down her face. Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore. 
“I am loving you the way you are! I’m always by your side! I’m always cheering you up! Why can’t you see that I love you more than anything else!”, Kyuhyun finally said. Hyoyeon wanted to respond something, but she was to shocked by his confession. Kyuhyun took her hand and pulled her against him.
“Let me love you!”, Kyuhyun whispered into her ear and kissed her neck softly. Hyoyeon sighed silently and held his face in her hands. She pressed their lips together. Her stomach was tingeling, but it felt to good. Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around her waist, while she was playing with his nape hair.
They ended in Kyuhyuns bed. Clothes on the floor. Heavy air and moans.