Han Geng/Kyuhyun. I Miss You.

It was a freak accident that the two of them ran into each other. Kyuhyun was on his way out of his dressing room in the photography studio in Beijing, and Hankyung was early to his photoshoot in the same building but a different studio. If there was a ten second difference in either of their days, Kyuhyun would have never known that Hangeng was even there.

Hangeng, on the other hand, was actually misdirected where to go by a staff member, and instead of being sent to studio fifteen, he was sent to studio five, where Kyuhyun was supposed to be shooting. Hangeng realized he was in the wrong place and promptly turned to make his way back down the corridor with his manager, Kyuhyun emerged from his dressing room to call for someone to help him with his outfit, and almost hit Hangeng with the opening of the door.

Hangeng stopped abruptly, not to get hit, and looked up to see…Kyuhyun. His face was thinner. he looked a little taller too. His hair was all over the place and he was only wearing half of a shirt, the other half was…he didn’t know where. Kyuhyun stared up at Hangeng was almost didn’t recognize him at first. Bleach blonde hair, but the same eyes.

“Hangeng,” Kyuhyun said in surprise. Hangeng’s breath hitched as he heard that smooth and almost painfully familiar sound of his old maknae’s voice.

“Kyuhyun!” Hangeng gasped. And although neither of them had the time to say it before they were pulled apart by managers and makeup artists, both men really wanted to say the words that would never have the chance to be said.

‘I miss you.’