Hi peeps...

So I read smth that a fan kissed Kyuhyun on his cheeks ( I am talking about mubank event yesterday) and seriously I don’t give any fuck for it anymore lmao unlike what happened last January because I was there. Okay?

Anyways, sideways…. I wasn’t here yesterday because I was at Super Junior Convention with my wifeey. I got so tired when I got home that’s why I didn’t posted anything here since the day before yesterday. I hope you got what I mean by that teehee.

Many things happened orz and the highlight was, unexpectedly, I cried in the crowd. (Screw this) wanna know why? ehehehe Because when it is already the video which is for Kyuhyun, they showed a clip about Kyuhyun’s accident last 2007 and I hate it. All the pain is still in me. That’s why I cried. I ugly sobbed. I think that’s quite embarrassing but it is good to know that I am not the only one who cried hohoho

So people, tomorrow is already Monday isn’t it?

It means that was my last day to be on my full free day here in tumblr because school will start on Tuesday and I would definitely be on semi-hiatus again.

kkkkk thank you for still being here hoho and thank you new followers!!!

saranghaeyooo  <333