kyu's army

170520 Kyuhyun Fanmeeting

kyu said 110k for his fm is too expensive he wanted to do 29k…😂

kyu said there is not much on the stage… bc the price is 33k HAHAHAH

kyu says his army enlistment takes up most of his mind now (theres a photo of his brain) then he read out his packing list (eg: skin lotion)

2nd place in his mind is ‘ELF (wearing) rubber shoes’

kyu said he sent his friend to army b4 and that friend broke up with his gf so he is worried about his own enlistment too

3rd: plans for two years! kyu wants to learn piano and singing

kyu also wants to learn languages and cooking 😂

4th: drink healthily.
5th: afreeca TV kyu says he watches it alot

kyu said he did alot of things these days, some things(activities/shows) we dk abt but he cant say.

kyu said after like 12 years he finally sleeps in the dorm’s masterbed room! *victory pose* he says SD doesnt come back often so he’s happy

kyu said sj’s 8jib is coming but to not let everyone be bored, he might or might not have participation in it 👀

kyu is asking questions like “will i master piano?” then he open the book of answers

kyu is doing song req section! but not from fans. its songs that kyu wants kyu to sing

song req: #5 Still

there is only piano and acoustic guitar and not background vocals 😭 his voice is soooo clear

song req #4: ATG

song req 3: 혜성

혜성 = comet, kyu’s jap song

song req 2: love in time!

song req first place: 좋은사람 from his 1jib

kyu said the composer of this song wrote this thinking kyu was enlisting cos gura kept saying on RS in 2014

kyu: i see some empty seats? isit bc the premium sellers failed? ;)

vcr of kyu’s history came out and dont don came out so kyu started dancing😂

next segment is song request from fans!

first song: i dont sing this much ‘the day we felt the distance’

2nd song: u always pick the song i dont sing much! 조연히 안녕!

after singing: i dont like singing this its so hard

3rd song: kyu: Ahhhh!! 🙈 he whispered the song title to the band

i forgot the song title but 😍😍😍 he doesnt ever sing this

kyu saays aside from the recordingg studio, this is the first time he sang this song

its 'smile’!!

next segment: fans msgs to kyu

fan: why dont u make insta?
kyu: when everyone started using it i had this feeling “why must i do everything that every1 does?”

fan: whats ur shoe size
kyu: 265

fan: whats ur foundation no?
kyu: 23 sometimes 21
fans dont believe
kyu went to ask his coordi LMAO its about 21

fan: whys is your expression the same in all album cover?
kyu: thats cos my training period is short

fan: wich member u miss the most?
kyu: …donghae since i missed him out just now

next segment: fans song req of other singers

1st song: its a song i listen to so its a relief “너의 모든 순간 - 성시경

kyu talked about not being able to guest at SSK’s concert next week

2nd song: 만아줘 kyu says its a song he knows but not familiar so he search it on his phone

3rd song: globin ost: Beautiful!!!!!!

messages from RS mcs, NJTTW, SJ members were llayed in a vcr!

new song: 이젠 안녕

kyu believes fans didnt secretly record he doesnt want it to be leaked before the new song is released!!

kyu ask if he should sing another song and we chose Dorothy!!!

he’s imitating ryeoowook and yesung lmao

kyu said its interesting he shall do one more! 雪花! he cant rmb the chinese lyrics so he switch to jpn!

kyu did a photo time with us 😘

new song: 다시 만나는 날

pls dont leak any video or audio of the new songs!

kyu said after he enlist he will greet everyone thru sns once a month on saturday, maybe he will sing….


- 17.04.24 - ENG - Kyuhyun is enlisting on May 25th. Kyuhyun is going to have his military training at Nonsan Chungcheong province. Kyuhyun is going to enter Nonsan military training center on 5/25 and expected to serve as public service officer until May 24, 2019. SM confirmed Kyu’s army news and said they’re now arranging Kyu’s TV broadcast schedules (Radio Star and prolly NJTTW). RS PD said they’re still discussing when will be Kyu’s last filming schedule because he still have many parts left to record. Radio Star is currently looking for a new MC but PD said we might still see Kyuhyun in few episodes even after he enlisted ©tinyyhae -


- 17.04.24 - ESP - Kyuhyun entrará al ejército el 25 de Mayo. Su entrenamiento militar lo tendrá en Nonsan, Chungcheong. El 25 de Mayo entrará al centro de entrenamiento militar de Nonsan y se espera que sirva como empleado público hasta el 19 de Mayo del 2019. SM confirmó la noticia de su alistamiento y dijo que ellos están organizando la agenda de Kyuhyun en programas (Radio Star y probablemente NJTTW). Radio Star PD dijo que ellos están analizando cuándo será la última filmación de Kyuhyun, porque aún tienen muchas partes que faltan por ser filmadas. Actualmente, Radio Star busca un nuevo MC, pero el PD dijo que puede que aún veamos a Kyuhyun en algunos episodios incluso después de que esté en el ejército ^^  -


- 17.04.24 - PT - Kyuhyun se alistará no dia 25 de Maio. O Treinamento Militar de Kyuhyun será feito em Nonsan Chungcheong, No dia 25 de Maio ele irá para o centro de treinamento de Nonsan é esperado que  sirva como oficial de serviço público até o dia 24 de Maio de 2019. SM confirmou a noticia sobre o alistamento de Kyu e disse que eles estão organizando a agenda de Kyuhyun nos programas como Radio e provavelmente NJJTW). O PD do Radio disse que eles estão analisando quando será a última gravação de Kyuhyun, porque ainda há muitas partes que faltam ser gravadas. Atualmente, Radio Star procura um novo MC para substituir Kyu, mas o PD disse que ainda poderemos ver Kyuhyun em alguns episódios, inclusive depois de estar no exército. - 

Cred: IAASJS &  tinyyhae


Super Junior’s Tarot reading at Super Camp

  • Tarot master said SJ’s hands were all shaking when they were picking the cards, they were very nervous.
  • Tarot says Heechul is a workaholic, he will be successful in his career, he helps people around him but he has to careful of his health.
  • And that heechul can get injured easily and the old ailments might come back if he is not careful. But the tarot master said heechul will have a chance to date in 2017, and the girl is likely to have a good figure.
  • For Yesung, the card he picked is not about his album sales. but about him being too perfectionist, he gives himself a lot of stress.
  • Yesung thinks too much and he probably won’t be happy even if his album sells well. And that he should trust the other members to help him.
  • Kangin asked if he will have solo album. The card he picked… tells that he should lose weight, the tarot master didn’t tell him this tho. But Kangin is a very adaptive person so he can adapt to the entertainment line well
  • And Kangin likes girls who look pitiful, he will become the superman to protect the girl. But he has a soft heart, he can get cheated easily.
  • The tarot master said SJ really cares about these tarot readings but she didn’t have time to tell them. so hope we can send the message.
  • Ryeowook asked about love. Tarot says his question is fake, he doesn’t have interest to fall in love at all. Ryeowook doesn’t want to get a relationship but asked that question so… the tarot master said the question was fake.
  • Kyuhyun’s card says he is very hardworking and doesn’t dream too high. He will have very good fortune when comes back from army.
  • Kyu will have lots of connections and he will become more handsome when he comes back.
  • The card leeteuk picked says that he is a wounded man, but the master didn’t say this on stage.  Tarot master said ‘was leeteuk wounded badly before like something big happened?
  • Tarot master said Teuk needs a soul partner to help him heal his wounds and his partner should understand him well.
  • The card members chose together for the comeback when members are all back shows a compass with the 4 elements. The card means when SJ comeback together, they will find a new power, a new direction and if they do well they will be kings again. 
  • Besides readings, the master said Teuk always take care of people around him and bring laughter to others despite that he is a wounded man ©
Kyuhyun: Before the award ceremony started, members in army called me. Siwon, Eunhyuk. Members are cold and are going through a lot, I'm anticipating the day they finish army well and return coolly to the stage as Super Junior. I dedicate this award to members, ELF and everyone who gave my song love.

160120 Kyuhyun at Golden Disk Awards (c)