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The Most Beautiful Boy in the World Pt. 1 (Read Right to Left)

I decided I wanted to create a little comic series based on this post. So, featuring Oikawa’s terrible fashion sense, here’s part one to something that I might make into a little series? Who knows~ ♡


OiHina Monthly: November - Pets

Inspired by this video. (´▽`ʃƪ)♡



Based on this video ♡ Read right to left

Has this been done before?? (,,꒪꒫꒪,,) Oh well, here’s my version, anyway!

@spacegaykj​ brought that video to my attention, so I had to draw a ViktYuuri version of it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE AMAZING JINGLES, THE GENIUS BEHIND @ask-allmight !!! Thank you for bringing all of us joy and smiles in the Plus Ultra way!!

@askshouta-aizawa coordinated and gathered up available mun friends to team up and make this magic happen!! Everyone did an amazing job!! And for those who weren’t able to make it in, they send their birthday wishes in spirit <3

(Left to Right, ascending) @askherointrainingdeku @askshouta-aizawa @ask-eraserhead @ask-principal-nezu @ask-dekuthehero @askhalfandhalf @ask–tododeku @justiceduo (haiku) @a-number-13 @ask-tsuyu-asui @ask-no1hero-deku @asktoshiyagi

gulabijamuns  asked:

I'm so glad I found your blog because oihina is,,,beauTIFUL and now I ship all of seijou with hinata oh god that's so cute I just,,,huge cuddle piles with hinata in the middle and I can't, ,,that's so!!!

Just a huge! cluster of love!! :D

The Three Kingdoms

At long last, I finally finished this picture! Hima’s style is very hard to imitate so this ended up taking forever.

The three kingdoms of Korea existed between about 50 BC to 650-ish AD. Silla was located in the southeast of the peninsula and was known for being very diplomatically cunning and using its relations with its neighbors to its advantage. Baekje was located in the west of the peninsula and was known for being a sea power. Goguryeo was located in the north and was known for being a military power.

Two of them might look a bit familiar. c: