kyu kyun

a-shrieking-cloud-of-bats said: yeah on this subject I think DvD initially was only supposed to have mado/uro and it blew up and eventually died? I forget the specifics but I feel like there was definitely a point where they just started adding characters, maybe that was planned all along though

from certain concept art Mado and Uro were planned to be on yume nikki’s sky garden (which by the way was drawn in skullgirls-like style, which was cool) and they only managed to add Mado and Sabi before the team had problems and eventually left the project. They were planning to add most characters from Yume nikki like masada, kyu kyun, mafurako and poniko and others from fangames like masutaa, the shadow lady, smile, usotsuki and even the gray man from LSD

the project died after they added sabitsuki and started ruby scripting, and it’s a shame because the new special effects and urotsuki’s sprites were looking really cool