kyu jong

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생일 축하해, 김규종! ♡ #Happy28thKyuJong

❝ Dear Kyu Jong,

Happy Birthday!

27 or 28 years old already, you’re such an oldie. I actually don’t know what to say since i’ve said pretty everything in the past letters i wrote to you.

I’m so happy to have you back this year. I missed you so much those past two years, i missed seeing fantaken of you, i missed seeing fancams of you, i missed seeing you performing on stage, i missed hearing your voice singing. Even though you went to some events to reunite with your brothers, with our boys, i still miss you so much and even more since you deleted your twitter account. I hope you’ve been alright and that you’ve served your country well. 

It’s weird to say this, but I really feel like I know you. Maybe because we’re both pisces since our birthdays are only two days apart? lol. I can feel how pure and kind you are, i can feel how genuine your are and all you love you want to share to everyone around you. For all those years with SS501, for all those years with us, your Pretties, your Green Peas; you’ve been bringing peace and balance, and that’s why you’re our eternal center.

All Triple S will be there to welcome you, those who will directly be at your place, but also those all around the world who’ve been waiting for 2 years for your comeback. We will be thinking of you, and July 22nd will be a happy day to celebrate. I can’t wait! It’s like you come back home. That’s it, actually. You’re coming back to your real family as well as your Triple S family, as our president

How many times am i going to say how much I admire you and that you’re like the model of the brother i’ve always wished to have? How many times am i going to say how much your family and friends are blessed and lucky to have you? Even though i’ve known you for only 3 years, it feels like i’ve followed your path and saw you changing, struggle, always going further to reach your dream and achieve them one by one. I feel proud to be your fan. I feel proud to admire someone like you because you’re more than an idol to me.

I wish you a wonderful birthday. As always and until the end, I wish you all the happiness you deserve and all the success in anything you can do.
You’re really precious to me. 사랑해요  ❤︎