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Kyu winning one for his Mafia team. [x]

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Requested by me because we all know it’s bound to happen eventually the doofus loves that game


He was still thrown off my the fact that a pink haired fairy in underwear that only he could see was standing right next to him, wiggling her brows suggestively as she pointed at a girl drinking coffee at her table. Was this some kind of fucked up dream from playing too much Huniepop? Probably, but how real the sun felt on his skin, or how tasty the bakery goods smelled confused and frightened him. His deep brown irises shot to the clock – it wasn’t dysmorphed, then for the umpteenth time he counted his fingers – five on each pair, normal.

If this was a dream…Fuck was it realistic.

“Well, stop standing around here like an idiot!” Kyu started getting impatient, punching his shoulder lightly, “Go on, talk to her!” He wanted to snap at her and blurr something like ‘No fucking way’, but talking to himself in public was the last thing he needed. With a glare sent the pink fairy’s way – did he really just do that?? - he inhaled a breath of air for courage and staggered to the lonely female checking her phone.

It took a while for her to notice him, leaving him awkwardly standing there for nearly a whole minute. Her eyes rolled up from her phone to look at him, (colour) irises twinkling with interest as a timid smile lit up her lips along with a crease of her confused brows. Mark felt his breath hitch in his throat – who…who were you, exactly? He remembered the other girls, but you…He had never seen you before.

“May I help you?” You said politely. Mark felt a vibration in his pocket, and clearing his throat he gave you a lame wave and a goofy smile, his hand roaming to his pocket and taking out his phone.

-Nice tits doll face.

-I’m new here, and I wanted to say hi.

-Why a pretty thang like you sittin’ 'ere all alone, aye?

What the fuck is this?, he gaped, his irises shooting from you to the phone and back, No, don’t tell me that these are–

“Conversation starters!” Kyu exclaimed happily, latching onto his arm, “I’d pick the first one if I were you,” she finished with a wink.  

“Hi,” He finally managed to squeeze out, “I-I’m Mark. I just moved here and uhm, thought I could meet some new people, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, not at all.” You replied sweetly, “Have a seat if you like. I’m (Name).”

His phone buzzed again as he sat down.

-So, what dem size?

-Do you crossfit?

-A magical fairy is that only I can see is forcing me to talk to you, can we please just get this over with?

What the fuck is with these questions?!

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