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Being Fortunate

My photoset is about SS501 being in Mexico since 2013:

Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng 2013

Park Jung Min 2014

Kim Hyung Jun 2015

Kim Kyu Jong 2015

Double S 301 2017

In my life I never though I’ll meet them, I mean they are SS501, fuckin’ 2nd k-pop generation, a legends, how I, a simple girl from Mexico, could meet them? Then boom! They starting coming one after another and until now I couldn’t believe it. And let me tell you firsthand they are the most humble, beautiful, accessible, attentive, passionate, respectable and dedicated humans being I ever knew, really, I’m not lying or being exaggerated they are always so thankful to their fans. That’s why my title of this post, I feel very lucky to be able to meet them and share beautiful moments with them and my friends, because not only I meet my only idols around the world, also made great and last-long friends. Although I still have to meet Kim Hyun Joong, I’ll always be thankful to know the other beautiful four souls. Did you know? They are the second Korean idols to come to Mexico and first with more concerts in Mexico. I know a lot of people think they are extinct, hell in Korea their fans are divided and SS501 still don’t have the support they deserve, but let me show you it’s not that way, we are here, we are strong, they are celebrating their 12th anniversary, although not all together but active and always remember they are one, always together, for us, their fans, Triple S, triple support. I’ve being with them 7 years still counting no matter what, always with them.

With all my love,