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Vio: Why do you wanna look like a boring old Pikachu? I wanna see the real Kyu!

Kyu: “Ah..okay, I see that you’re a ghost type and would probably be okay with seeing the real me, but I’m a little insecure about it. But, my Trainer did make a picture of a description for what I’d look like, so here you go.”

“Hope this fits to your satisfaction.”

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Sylvester turns his head to see you and wags his tail excitedly, "Oh! You look just like me, but you're a Mimikyu. Now I gotta ask Kyu to make a Sylveon costume; that would be grand! You made an excellent choice in choosing my breed as a disguise. You look, fabulous!"~

“Ah! Thank you! I’ve worked very hard to make it, finding the right fur to make it is difficult.” Pimi made his disguise smile at Sylvester, doing his best to wink as well. “I can make one for your friend, I work as a tailor you see. I’m quite used to making disguises for other Mimikyus. I must say you look quite fabulous yourself, fur of high quality isn’t something you see everyday.”

OiHina Week: Day 7 - Free Prompt

The idea of Oikawa humming to Hinata while they dance together in their pj’s in the kitchen literally turns me into a giggly blushing mess. So of course I had to draw it for the final prompt! :D